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Jon Stewart was ripping through Monday night's episode of The Daily Show. I'm going to watch last night's over breakfast. Anyway, on Monday's ep he said what I consider to be one of the meanest and funniest insults he's ever said to Fox news, regarding Sean Hannity's insinuations using parts of an Obama speech out of context.

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"Although, in Sean's defense, if the second half of the sentence was that important, wouldn't it be in the front?"

My whole family just about died laughing. It was sooooo mean and sarcastic and good. I mean bad! Oh, it was bad. This is why, as much as I giggle over Colbert, The Daily Show will always be where I come home to. Rock on, o short and silver haired warrior for truth and justice. Rock on with that pen and that microphone!

p.s. the joke about the 90 writers locked in a room was pretty friggin funny, too.
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