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Link: Audiofics 1x01 - Magical Pony
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Length: 6 minutes
Warnings: gen, no pairings, ensemble, mild swearing
Category: humor, spoof
Spoilers: season 2 finale, mild

Summary: The guys arrive back earlier than planned, but there's an unpleasant surprise waiting in their apartment, and it's mostly Penny's fault.

How it works: So! It turns out my Creative Zen mp3 player has a recording feature! In a desire to come up with fanfic for the [livejournal.com profile] sheldon_penny comm, I decided to try composing some on my own, in the car, with no prep work, prior writing attempts, or clear goal.

Neat! It made me nervous at first but then was actually pretty fun. I just let my mouth run in a stream of consciousness, so this is not a formally edited and carefully performed fanfic reading. Far from it!

In fact, if you click on that link, you'll get a nightmarish glimpse into my creative process. This is, quite literally, how my head sounds if I'm trying to think of fanfic but have no keyboard near by to type on. For example, if you were to read my brain in the kitchen while I was thinking about fanfic and doing dishes at the same time, you might overhear this. In short: THIS IS MY CREATIVE PROCESS! RUN AWAY NOW. RUN I SAY!

Or in today's case, driving. You'll notice the driving because I sometimes interrupt my narrative with comments about where I'm driving, why am I lost, ooh those trees are pretty, etc. etc. etc. If you hear a loud and horrible crash, you'll know not to follow my example! I dictated episode 2 in the car this afternoon also, because I had time and it was kind of fun, which I will post after this one.

Side note: Although this was written with S/P in mind, it's completely gen, with no pairings at all except a slight one-sided L>P as one might see in the show. I'll type up a written, edited version to post later, without my random narrator comments and self-editing.

ETA: Here is the fanfic itself, written, without my edits mid-description: Magical Pony
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