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Link: Audiofics 1x02 - Homecoming Queen
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Length: 16 minutes!
Type: *.mp3
Warnings: gen, ensemble, mild swearing, OCs
Category: humor, spoof, character mocking, mocking of Southern California social politics.
Spoilers: none!

Summary: The dreaded High School AU. The characters are inexplicably all in the same grade and all attending the Homecoming Dance with a mind for illegal gambling. Competition! Drama! School angst! Serious crackfic where Raj is part of the secret Indian mafia, Sheldon got kicked out of the geek club, and Penny wants that crown.

How it works: I decided to try composing some on my own, in the car, with no prep work, prior writing attempts, or clear goal. This is, quite literally, how my head sounds if I'm trying to think of fanfic but have no keyboard near by to type on.

As with Episode 1, which was recorded in the same trip, you'll notice the driving because I sometimes interrupt my narrative with comments about where I'm driving, why am I lost, ooh those trees are pretty, etc. etc. etc. In fact, that happens a lot more in this episode. And there's about a minute of preamble where I try to think of what story to tell.

Side note: Although this was written with S/P in mind, it's completely gen, with no pairings at all except a slight one-sided L>P as one might see in the show. It appears I write in ships but I only speak in gen. Weird, I KNOW.
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