Jan. 1st, 2009

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I am really liking this show. I like it more than most SciFi Channel shows--far more than Eureka or SG1 or other series I've seen on this channel recently. It's odd, and Amanda Tapping is so, so much better in a lead role than playing second fiddle to the boys of Stargate. Even when her character reaches almost to cheesy, other moments have her being quite subtle and interesting. Pressure!Depth!Crazy!Magnus of 1x09, which I'm watching now, is particularly entertaining. Shout it up, woman, go for it!

I love how she has a mentor/student dynamic with Will that, while genuinely didactic, has an interesting sexual undertone. Her character is very reserved, but you get the feeling that if she one day decided to jump the poor boy then he wouldn't stand a chance. I don't ship them, but I do find Magnus's deportment entertaining.

If you haven't looked at Sanctuary yet, give it a chance! There's only nine episodes out so far, but it's worth a look. While the CGI is sometimes a little rough, it's good for a tv series budget (about like CGI on Doctor Who), and the actors are doing a fine job. Although lower-budget looking and less "polished" than Fringe, which I could only endure three hours of before quitting, I found the characters more charming and approachable, and the plot more logical by the reliable method of being elegantly simple. For dark, dreary science fiction shows about searching out strange phenomena, one bored me to the teeth and the other was very fun popcorn tv.
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Dear Dictionary.com/Thesaurus.com,

What the fuck happened to you?

Especially you, Thesaurus, you used to be awesome.

Disgruntled and betrayed,


p.s. It's not just the ads, you know, it's how you totally fail to serve your purpose as a thesaurus.


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