Jan. 3rd, 2009

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I read both of them last night, which kept me up till an UNGODLY hour since it was already late when I started. But I couldn't stop! So many things happened. Like, HOLY SHIT DID THINGS HAPPEN.

You have to understand how Furuba works to get why "things happened" is worth of capitalization. Furuba has a plot, but the whole plot is the relationships between the characters. Due to the nature of the curse, how the various characters interact is literally the plot progression. So that means that it's a far cry from action/adventure, and when fundamental changes to a situation--as opposed to changes in personal relationships--occur, they have lasting dramatic effect on everyone. FB is somewhere between a sitcom, a romance, and a family drama. Emotions were running high in these two volumes, even more so than the previous volume (19), and I still can't quite believe what rapidly went down in front of us. Or why these things happened now, and how.

SPOILERS for volume 21, also chapter 125 )
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Casting spoiler for the 11th Doctor Who )

Still, a part of my heart wanted Chiwetel Ejiofor.


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