Jan. 4th, 2009

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"No more Nathan with his bean dip." ... "I can do all your jobs!"

Heeheehee. Do I need to spoiler cut this? Somehow I don't feel like doing so. In fact, I refuse on principle.

The commentary was amusing, though not all of the songs were as entertaining as the actual show. Which is not very surprising, given that it's only a commentary.

I had some trouble understanding the lyrics, and sadly the DVD didn't have subtitles for it, but I liked Groupie #2 and Neil's song best. Especially when he starts singing about tripping over cords and wires in the dark because he scared all the techs away.

I watched the first four ELE applications, which were hilarious. I particularly enjoyed the songs. I was worried they'd be too embarrassing, like watching American Idol rejects, but they're usually talented in one way or another, so it's funny to see.

I caught the number on the Wiccan subtitle, and [livejournal.com profile] irrel told me it had something to do with a Mariah Carey album and I was supposed to press ENTER when Felicia Day mentions the singer in the Musical Making Of video, but I tried and nothing happened. I did catch the yellow highlighted letters in the credits that said "ENTER AT ACT 2" though, so I pushed play for the main show, skipped forward, and pressed ENTER when the words "ACT II" came up.

It took me to this screen with an ELE logo and countdown from 5-4-3-2-1, but after that nothing happened and it just took me back to the main menu. What's the point?

I spent two hours on it, though, and there's time for more later. End story: if you saw DH online six months ago and liked it, then the DVD is totally worth $10.00. If you were iffy, then there's nothing here that's likely to change your mind. Either way, there's not much point in pirating the thing because damn, dude, it's only ten dollars. And sometimes Amazon.com has free shipping.


In completely separate news, I'm determined to finish up my Sheldon/Penny ficlet tonight. It involves making out, which is harder to do with this pairing than most of the pairings I've written, because The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper makes the pre-1990s asexual Doctor Who look like a raging bag of hormones. Sheldon, on the other hand, is just a raging bag.


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