Feb. 1st, 2009

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Better than the first one! Double the emotional gravity and half the religious pretentiousness.

It also had its share of flaws, though...in terms of plot it was riddled with plot holes and wasted opportunities. But I had fun laughing at the plot problems in this movie whereas I was put off by them in the first movie... I think the characters took themselves less seriously this time even while the movie was more serious.

The dwarf character, Trumpkin, was my favorite. Good actor, that guy. I thought Caspian was adorable, if slow in the head. Not going to win any prizes for genius is he. Speaking of which, I was very, very amused by the romance angle that spontaneously appeared halfway into the movie without any build-up. I cracked up.

My overall opinion of Prince Caspian... not high cinema, but it was fun to watch, and much more entertaining all around than The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Enjoyable despite its flaws. Pretty animation, fun characters, and some ridiculous stuff that makes good crack. Makes me wish we were getting a third one, because I'd like to see Caspian and Edmund having their kooky adventures on the high seas.
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Okay, he's not Chinese, but I'll take an Indian Prince Zuko over a blond pop star any day.

(There's huge irony that the one character I thought would be white, Zuko, is going to be the only colored person, but I don't care!....for the record, I'm still pissed about the water sibs, tho.)

Edit 2: I'm also concerned about Katara's actress looking so young. How is she going to be the team's mom/organizer if she looks 12-13?

They'll probably have her verbally worry all the time and say "that's her acting like our mom"
instead of her "acting motherly" equating to "Managing our camp, keeping us on-mission, talking down the super-spirit-weapon Aangzilla, conversing with Earth Kingdom generals, and acting as the Avatar's mentor and first body guard / last line of defense," which is what she did in the show.

The Katara I want, the Katara in my mind...is the Katara who sweeps out her arms and rides a wave of mother fricking FURY across the crystal caves and goes "OH YOU DIDN'T BITCH!" on Zuko and the Dai Li.


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