Feb. 2nd, 2009

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From the TVtropes.org article on High School AU fics

This troper has heard Merlin described as "The High School AU of the King Arthur legend." Certain changes, including making Merlin and Arthur the same age (late teens, early twenties) and a loose interpretation of history definitely fit the trope.

I am giggling because that is exactly what I said it was when I watched the first two episodes. I still need to watch the finale...
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Has there ever been a Pixar film with a female protagonist?

Edit 1: This article breaks down the film list and cites one of my problems with WALL-E, which aside from the WTF gender bullshit was an entertaining and sweet film:

"Hey, guys, we have this robot with no inherent gender identity. We want to give it an arbitrary gender. Maybe we could make it female. Yeah, no, that would just just be ridiculous."

Daughter of Edit: This Peter Segal article about Horton Hears A Who is also good reading. (not Pixar, but still.)

We got into the car outside the cineplex and I was quite in lather, let me tell you. "How come one of the GIRLs didn't get to save Whoville?" I cried.
"Yeah!" said my daughters.
"And while we're at it, how come a girl doesn't get to blow up the Death Star! Or send ET home? Or defeat Captain Hook! Or Destroy the Ring of Power!"
"That's rotten!" cried my daughters.
"How come Trinity can't be the One who defeats the Matrix!" I yelled.
"What are you talking about?" they said.
"You'll find out later," I said.
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HIMYM 4x14 - "Barney Stinson: That Guy's Awesome / The Possimpible"

This was the funniest episode of the season so far. The big one-liners were funny, the support one-liners were funny, and even the physical acting was hilarious. From Barney's unseen/ignored gesture to Robin's camera expressions to Marshall and Lily awkwardness (I can relate, Marshall!). Every scene in this episode had something to make me laugh, sometimes several things.

...and this Awfesome clip under the cut just topped the episode for me. )


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