Feb. 10th, 2009

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It premiers in April, 2009.

Holy shit dudes!

The teaser looks like old footage from the series, but I'm not sure. I am amazed at how tightly clamped the anime industry is about spoilers compared to US television industry. It airs in two months and even now nobody knows if it will be a continuation of the movie storyline or a total AU version that follows the manga. I hope it follows the manga, for two reasons.

1) I feel strongly that the story of the Elrics and alchemy was concluded in the movie. The story of their lives is just beginning (gypsies! world war! whee!) but as far as what we need to see in terms of their quest, the journey is done. They have their lives ahead of them, and they don't need alchemy any more.

2) I haven't read the manga, and I'm almost totally unspoiled for it, so it would be a completely new storyline for me. I also get a little squealy at the idea of a totally separate adventure that's got all the characters I love... an AU fanfic version of my favorite anime. Except, of course, that "AU" is a term to be used judiciously when discussing anime canon or things get very confusing very fast, and in a way the original anime series is already more like the AU fanfic of the manga. Sort of? It's confusing. But either way I'd love to have two separate but parallel anime series both featuring my favorite anime cast, with different versions of the same quest. Like giving two authors the same bookjacket paragraph to work from, and the result is two unique novels filled with the same flavors of awesome.
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I had a dream last night and this morning that was pretty weird. I went to a night club and in one of the back rooms there was less music and more people, and my best friend's husband was there (for some reason, the proud new owner of a 10" tall pet mermaid), and he was the only person I knew. But as I was floating around the room, I started talking to this guy who, it turns out, was Keith Olbermann of MSNBC News! And there were all other news and tv production people there, though I don't remember other names or faces

A group of us watched a commercial (or read the script for a commercial, I'm not sure) that Keith Olbermann was producing. Some generic product. For some reason my friend, who IRL is an engineer for a water management company, was fed the commercial job by Olbermann and was in charge of it as head of Art Direction. This is funny because he's an engineer. But when I saw the commercial there was a bit in it that was sexist and insulting to women. I was naturally upset about this, so I started telling my woes to the guy standing next to me--who mid-way into my rant told me he was Keith Olbermann and was producing the commercial. Mind you, he only sort of looked like Olbermann. He looked more like Olbermann at age 30, and I wasn't entirely convinced it was him. I actually pulled over my friend and point-blank asked "Can you identify the person standing beside me?"

My friend said, "Yeah, that's Keith Olbermann," and I was convinced enough for the dream. So I rambled on to him about my problems with his still-in-production commercial, and he wanted me to list them (he was very sincere), but we didn't have any paper. So he handed me his phone: a sort of hybrid that looked like an iPhone but had a keyboard like a Blackberry. He told me to type my review/thoughts onto that. I was having trouble concentrating, almost like I was drunk except I wasn't, so he left the phone with me at the table and went back to wandering around the room socializing.

I spent a while typing my opinion of the exact errors structurally and in terms of script and why the whole thing offended me, which took a while because, as I said, my head was pretty fuzzy. But eventually I was done, and I realized I had lost Keith Olbermann.

Then I realized, aloud, "I have Keith Olbermann's phone."

I had Keith Olbermann's phone! He trusted me with his actual cellphone, the sweet man. And he wanted my opinion on his commercial so it wouldn't alienate female viewers.

I didn't know what to do with the thing. I felt like I was the poor couple in The Pearl who didn't know how to profit from the treasure they had, because it was too big for them to deal with. I knew that a more exciting person, like Veronica Mars, would be snooping around in it, looking up phone numbers of famous people and matching call dates to deduce secret information. Not being a teen sleuth or espionage master, I just stood in the room full of people, in a full body freeze panic, while a voice in my head screamed, I have Keith Olbermann's phone! I HAVE KEITH OLBERMANN'S PHONE!

Such power at my fingertips! But my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to find him and give it back; I suppose this means my parents raised me to have better morals than Veronica Mars. Eventually I located him in the crowd and handed him the iPhone. He thanked me graciously, promised to read my comments, and went back to his conversation, while I tried to find my friend so we could go home.

I wasn't emotionally equipped to deal with overly-trusting famous people. I don't remember what happened after that.


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