Feb. 18th, 2009

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If anyone on my flist is sharing in my burgeoning affection for Big Bang Theory fanfic, I heartily recommend "Through Quartz, Sand, and Cellulose", one of the best fics I've read from this fandom. It's a long one-shot, with characterization that makes me gush.

Triple extra points for making Penny and Sheldon feel like real people beyond the cartoonish characterization of the show. Enjoy it!

He took a deep breath and slid the paper into the long, elbow-to-hand length glass before quickly corking it up. He gave a discriminating look over the neck where it had been pushed in slightly and seemed to come to the most basic solution that there could be, to make sure it’d stay in.

He gave it a swift couple of knocks with the heel of his palm.

It was strange, then, to see Sheldon Cooper—Man of Science—using the oldest (okay, probably not oldest, since bottles and corks took a while to figure out, as he’d described in depth earlier, but whatever, you can get the picture) kind of reasoning that there was.
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Art that amused me recently:

A Series of Unfortunate Events , non-fandom, just silly fun.

I forgive you Zuko, Avatar:TLA, spoilers for 3x16, hilarious Katara expressions.

Inside The Doctor's Brain... , Doctor Who, Ten.

Cuddlllllllllle, Avatar:TLA, Katara/Zuko, one of the prettiest ATLA fanarts I've seen.

Naruto 431: Team Gai's Homeward Bound, parody, Naruto manga spoilers and its Chapter 434 sequel.

Naruto 435 crack , Naruto manga spoilers.


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