Feb. 27th, 2009

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Does anyone know when the finale of BSG airs?

I've only seen the end of season 3, and I've only had a few major spoilers (sadly, two were HUGE spoilers), so mostly I have no idea what's going on. I was planning to wait until it all finished and marathon it (thus to lay down my 'epic' fan opinion with it all fresh in my brain while my ears are leaking the angst of human misery and my eyes bleeding from squinting at dark cinematography), but lately I've been thinking I should marathon it just in time to watch the final episode with the rest of Livejournal.

It's a show that even though I sometimes hate it and am often mad that more people (approx. 92% of cast) aren't dying, and even though I find the whole way the cylons have been presented in the series to be illogical and highly annoying, I have seen three seasons so far so watching a fourth season won't hurt me. And I can idly enjoy the lush graphics if I get bored, maybe even finish knitting my scarf as I watch it. The energy of fans of the show in LJ is infectious and I would enjoy participating in that last hurrah of WTFery this will probably be. And who knows, maybe the last season will miraculously solve all my plot complaints (haha!) which would at least mean that 60% of my issues with the show would be resolved (as the 40% of my issues are the characters I don't like to actually watch on screen.)

So... when does it end? How long have I got to marathon season 4? I was planning to watch it at some point (even though it keeps hurting me like an abusive significant other every time I take it back) and I might as well watch the end at the same time as everyone else since I imagine it will be impossible not to be spoiled for the ending once the ending airs.


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