Feb. 28th, 2009

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Watched Dollhouse 1x03. Was entertained for unexpected reasons and bored for the expected reasons. Still feeling amicable toward the show, still squicked in general, haven't made up my mind yet on the whole thing.

In which I go into extreme ranty detail about sexism on the series, the LJ criticisms I've read about its sexism, sexism in comparable movies, my own reactions to various elements, and why I'm still watching. NO EXPLICIT SPOILERS BEYOND EPISODE 01 and THE VERY FIRST PROMO TRAILER. )

E. Or, instead, let's talk about the lack of real funny. THAT IS THE WORST. Sexism? Not new for Joss. Lack of funny? NEW AND SO DISAPPOINTING.

...All that being said, I am oddly looking forward to next week. Messed up, I know. And I did giggle once in episode 3, though for the life of me I can't remember what scene it was.

ETA: this series *does* hit my conspiracy kink. Anyone could be a doll! Trust no one. Hot FBI agent. The truth is out there.
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I have 2 free passes to see Coraline this weekend in 2D, in a theater about 6 miles from my house.

The closest theater to play it in 3D is 25 miles from my house, and will not let me in for free.

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RE: Blackberry Pomegranate


Well played, sirs and ma'ams. Well. played.
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Just when I was starting to wish that dub script writers took a little more freedom with their translations so as to avoid having reasonable statements in Japanese sound ill-worded, dumbed-down, or childishly expressed in English (this happens in almost every dub) because our habits of verbally expressing sentiment are very different than the Japanese, the anime totally changed its tone and, suddenly, people were getting executed, two best friends were bickering in the street, and I was interested at last.

Characters, Plot, Art, etc )

I'll update again after I watch a few eps. [livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk, you gave me this series years ago but it's taken until now for me to start watching it. I can see it has a lot of potential, and it's definitely not boring. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype everyone's given it.
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If you want a break from horrible world news like this, I recommend reading fanfic smut.

The master website for fandom's Porn Battle VII is updated! is updated! You can sort by fandom, which saves a headach of trying to browse 50 pages of comments.

I participated this year with a fanfic for The Big Bang Theory, which 16 entries--a lot for a small fandom. Merlin and the Stargate[s] cleaned up as usual with 40-50 entries each.

You can also use the website to review older Porn Battle ficathons, also sorted by fandom or author. It's a huge and useful archive listing that I didn't know existed until recently. Like the Yuletidechallenge, the Porn Battle ficathons allow for tiny fandoms and unconventional pairings to shine as people take 20 minutes to write porn for a fandom where they're normally just tourists.


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