Mar. 9th, 2009

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I just ate 3 boxes of girl scout cookies in a week.


And I want more! And..I have no cash to go two houses down the street and buy more! (also, I'm not sure exactly which house is the cookie-peddling house.)

I miss them already.
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Season premiere! I am not going to go into the dancing, this time, but I do want to mention the gossipy relationship stuff that made me @.@ at the screen.

* Maksim and Karina are engaged! ...I boggled. My first thought was, sadly, "Oh no. Those are two strong-willed people. That's a lot of attitude for one relationship." And then...

* They gave Maks a crier! He does not do well with criers. Maks makes people cry by just being nearby. I watched the flashback training clip of Denise Richards crying and a switch flipped in my brain and I thought "Maybe he should be married to Karina because she's certainly not going to be the one crying if crying happens."

But...but... okay, actually, they are totally cute. I didn't even know they were dating (I so rarely follow celeb anything), but apparently they've known each other as friends for 14 years. This makes me think they probably will be together for a while and know what they're getting into. After watching the clip linked above, I'm starting to understand why Samantha Harris is always cutting Maksim off mid-sentence in the show, because clearly you should never put that boy in front of a camera if you aren't prepared for a spiralling, sprawling BTVS!Anya-style answer. She talks more, but he talks awkwardly but hilariously.

Um, I luff Maks. I want him to win this year, though I think he'll have it tough with Denise Richards. I love Mark Ballas too, but I especially love Maks. He's my favorite. I love watching him dance because he's taller, lean but built, and HOT. Dancing With The Stars is not about dancing, it's about hot people dancing. Sometimes there's a minor celebrity on stage at the same time, but who cares about them?

After watching this show about every other season since season 3, I've come to the point where I am cheering for the professionals way more than the guests. I mean, yeah, I cheered for Kristi Yamaguchi (she was fantastic!, 02:28sec), but mostly I'm cheering for the professional dancers who you can tell have to work so hard to train these people. These melodramatic, ego-driven, camera-loving, only-somewhat-famous people. In a matter of weeks.

Edit: I'm sad that Louis Van Amstel isn't going to be on this season because I always enjoy his choreography; it's excellent stuff and he's put together some of the more beautiful, complicated dance routines the show has seen.


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