Mar. 17th, 2009

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All the folks I first journeyed to Livejournal with (you wonderful, gorgeous, Buffy-fic-writing ladies) and all the folks I've met since who I share past fandoms with and don't even realize it: [ profile] the_royal_anna has written a splendid meta essay about the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Buffy/Spike relationship with all its messy, layered dynamics.

I adored her essay, and it made me want to read B/S fanfic, which I haven't read in ages. Some of the comments go into fantastic detail too: little essays of their own, celebrating the pairing and the shipdom that OTPed it like a juggernaut spanning the entire internet fandom. The end of the show left people with lots of conflicting opinions, with debate and discussion about what level of love is required to make a relationship canon, as if on screen sex and love--any kind of love, all kinds of love, including romantic love but never limited to it--weren't the very definition of a canon relationship. Beginning to end, in all its misery and all its glory. With the weighted words, the emotional support, the flaming linked fingers and one hero's heart shining light into darkness while another climbed up to a new world.

SEE? Even reading about it makes me want to babble again. I need to get out my DVDs and rewatch them. Good night!


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