Mar. 19th, 2009

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Have you seen the tv commercials for Afrin Pure Sea? They describe it as the only nasal rince made from pure sea water, in what I can only guess is an attempt to take the 'mountain spring' bottled water concept to its geological neighbor, the big blue wet thing. I feel like there's a strongly worded conversation someone should have given the product development people long before we got to our current situation, which consists of me watching their ads on tv and cackling to myself in derisive laughter.

Look, beautiful half-naked lady on my TV. Just listen for a sec.

Have you ever inhaled sea water?

Pure ocean blue water, as deep and true as something drunk by the god Poseidon himself?


Sea water is just below TOXIC CHEMICALS on the list of "Things I Never Ever Ever Enjoy Snorting Up My Nose". (below sea water: Koolaid; lake water is way down at #18 or something.)

I could give the product the benefit of the doubt and assume they've strained, drained, rinced, and purified the hell out of this ocean water before marketing it ( I hope so...have you been in the ocean? It's pretty but nobody ever called it clean), so that all the painful salt and particles that make your eyes red and give you wretched headaches are reduced to a calming, innocuous saline rinse.

But even if the product is painless, marketing it as snorting sea water directly from the ocean is not a winning concept. I would never, ever buy a nasal rinse that compared itself to sea water, because I have inhaled sea water, AND IT'S HORRIBLE.

Next up: Ketchup that tastes just like human blood and cow urine! Give it a try, we promise you've never experienced anything like it.

On an unrelated note: [ profile] vickiso, you're awesome.


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