Apr. 3rd, 2009

Cleaning Up

Apr. 3rd, 2009 01:02 am
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I just reduced my LJ communities from 219 to 127. I'm feeling pretty rad about it. Got rid of comms I barely ever look at or post in any more. Still, 127 remains a fairly high amount. And only about half of those are on my watch list.
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CBS presents: Barney + Robin = BRo Love

OMG LOVE LOVE LUFF LOVEY LOOOOOOOOOVE. Thank you CBS promo editing department.

It's so...sappy! And that's the most LOLtastic thing. They didn't just make a video... they made a FULL video, with vid-style end credits, with a sad romantic love song (doubly ironic for this anti-romance pairing), with "BRo Love" as a fan reference to the pairing, with dialogue quotes, with cheesy contrast-heavy effects, and with that last little awesome audio tag at the end. I LOVE CBS's PROMO DEPARTMENT SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

They clearly know their audience. ^___^

Edit 1: I don't know how to do a youtube proxy for non-US folks, sorry! Someone did recommend this to me, but I can't vouch.

Edit 2: On rewatching, this just reminds me how sad it is that no one has yet done a video for the TRUEST of true HIMYM ships: Barney/alcohol. Or whole!cast/alcohol. Seriously, how much do these people drink?
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This is the third episode in a row that is consistently entertaining, interesting, and provocative. While not as good as episode 7, it's better than episode 6, and leaps and bounds better than episodes 1-5. Now that we seem to be off the Misson Of The Week pattern (for the moment) we're seeing more freedom in storytelling in terms of what the basic concept can be stretched to include. This episode also did the most important thing, the thing this show has failed to do right up until tonight: it gave characterization to the actives, and thus made us care about them.

Now that we (the audience) have glimpsed these insights, I think it will be easier to feel connected to the characters in future episodes. The irony is that now I'm more interested in Sierra, Victor, and November than I ever have been in Echo (although I think Eliza Dushku did her best tonight that she has so far.)

Spoiler comments within. Long comments on plot, heroism, and briefly on ships. )

Over all, I'm looking forward to next week! And I'm finally starting to picture this as a long-term project, as something I could watch and enjoy in future seasons.


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