Apr. 6th, 2009

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I just realized that the only Jonas Brothers song I've ever heard is their cover of Disney's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid.*

my face at realizing this: >P

a. I hate their cover because they take one of Disney canon's most creepy, sly, and wickedly sung villain ballads... and make it bland.** Not too mention overpowering the melody with over the top drums and guitar. I thought everyone loved these kids for being so awesome?? They have no voice talent! None! I feel kinda let down. Talent: some people have it. Other people don't and should not sing songs that require it.

b. they change the Disney lyrics in the first verse but keep the lyrics in the second. It's pretty uncomfortable to listen to, actually, because the second verse is incredibly sexist, and the argument can be made that because it's being sung by an evil, murderous sea witch in the movie, you know it's words and lies coming from a Bad Person.

Coming from the Jonas Brothers...um, not so much. It just sounds even worse, especially since the thirteen year old fangirls are going to hear words like "It's she who holds her tongue who gets a man" from the famous teen boys they idolize... and not from an evil, murderous sea witch in the context of a movie. Am I wrong in feeling there's a significant difference there?

c. I hereby declare that no one is allowed to professionally remake songs from musicals unless they have a singing voice of equivalent talent levels. BARACK OBAMA, PLEASE MAKE THIS YOUR NEXT PRESIDENTIAL EDICT. THANKS, RASHAKA.

*Since I'm on an FMA kick recently: Dante and her 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'! (major anime spoilers.) Actually, this ATLA video is a much better watch.

**What the hell does the pool music video have to do with the song? And how are "secrets" supposed to help the people who want to lose weight and attract the opposite sex? Magic (and exercise) make a lot more sense. That's the problem with changing the lyrics of a musical without appropriate context update.

***I just realized that Lyra of FMA reminds me a lot of Mai of ATLA. Must be the bangs.


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