Apr. 11th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: I just had the weirdest thought. A fun way to describe tBBT might be to say...

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[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: ...
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: And then they make it a sitcom.
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: That works so well it's almost scary.

So that's my hypothesis on the origin of The Big Bang Theory. True story.
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Okay, I still find the characters hard to bond with, but it feels like the gloves have come off the plot at last. All the wackitude and paranoia and illusions are getting twisted together in almost poetic ways. I love it! I finally love it.

I love it in a way that is completely different from my love from Firefly or Buffy. I love it the way I love movies like Memento and brain-melting anime. I do not want it to get cancelled; I want to see where this is going in the long haul.

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I am disappointed we have to wait a week for a new episode, but this was a pretty intense ep that I'll chew on for a while.


Apr. 11th, 2009 11:26 pm
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I opened an OpenID on Dreamwidth and imported most of my bio from LJ.

Interests: "freedom truth justice reasonably priced love and a hard boiled egg" was too long for their 50-character limit on Interests, so I shortened it to "reasonably priced love and a hard boiled egg" instead.

I plan to grab a free account when DWth starts and double-post there and here. Sort of feel out the situation. Fandom and my wider circle of flist are entrenched in LJ, as am I, but this is a shine new thing to try and it's the first alternate LJ-style journal system I've been attracted to. I am hoping the purpose of openID is to secure usernames before they get snagged. I could think of a new one...but I've put so much work into Rashaka. I've been Rashaka for seven years.

Note- I think DWth is a simple abbreviation to discuss the site without confusing it with Doctor Who (DW), so that's what I'll be using from here on out. Make it a fad!


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