Apr. 28th, 2009

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For this meme, pick a fictional character and any fandom (excluding the fandom the first fictional character hails from) and I will tell you who is that fictional character's favorite character from that fandom.

For example, if I was given the Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) and Heroes, I would go:

"The Tenth Doctor's favorites would probably be Ando and Claire. Ando because he tries hard, makes up for his mistakes, never gives up, and is loyal to the end. Because he's a bit like Donna, with his attitude and clear thinking. The Doctor would have a soft spot for Claire, though, because she's brave and true (and blond.) He would totally ship Nikki/D.L./Micah as an OT3 family."

I'm good for anime/manga, tv, book, and movie fandoms, though not for comics. gakked from [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja
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I *need* diet coke. I'm trying to wean myself off, and I hate it! I'm such an addict, it's pathetic. I am sitting at my comp at 11:13pm pondering whether I should hop into my car and drive down to the drugstore to feed my addiction.


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