May. 9th, 2009

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Sarah Haskin's latest Target: Women comedy segment about Michelle Obama is pretty funny, especially the last parts. I have to say, watching TW tonight and giggling made me really annoyed that there aren't more female comedians on The Daily Show. The new correspondent they introduced on Thursday? He wasn't funny. His bit went on too long, his ironically racist impression of illegal Latino immigrants was too racist to be ironic or funny, and I just wasn't feeling' it.

TDS should hire Sarah Haskins. They really, really should! She's hilarious, she's likable, and she delivers smart jokes (that I assume she writes or co-writes) with style and amusing video graphic support. I can just picture her in my head, saying "Yes, Jon. I do take my Cheeze Whiz over lobster. With a side of neo-religious angst," or something. =)

Does anyone else think this would be, like, completely awesome? A match made in Rashaka's brain and in heaven and on your tv!


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