May. 10th, 2009

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My family is currently holding an informal competition for the iPod Touch game Flight Control.* This is insanely addictive, and I just tonight came up with the idea of lying on our new sofa chair (renamed the Air Traffic Control Chair) and playing it with the sound turned off and my own MP3 player going with an audiobook. (Christopher Moore on vampires; hilarious!)

So, my dad bought this app for his new iPod about a week ago, and since then, all of us have been hooked. My dad was scoring in the thirties and my mom in the twenties, then they let me try. By my fifth game I got up to 58. Later that night, I got to 60! My parents were both soundly annoyed, as until I had arrived their average score was 13 planes landed, and now my gleaming 60 shone from top corner of the screen. They smelled a challenge. Over the next couple of days, my mom was into the thirties with a personal best of around 45, and my dad had managed to get 63, jumping about 25 points now that someone had given him a goal. I played it a few more times and got stuck in the late 50s, then I got 68. Irritated again, my dad spent a few more days furiously wasting time at it, got to predict the patterns in the game's programming, and scored a 74. He told me I was banned, jokingly.

Today I got hold of it, and beat his score. Mind you, at this point I'd probably played 1/6th the number of games he's played, maybe less. I called him up on his cell:

Rashaka: "Are you driving?"
ShakaDad: "I just stopped."
Rashaka: "Great!"
ShakaDad: "What is it?"
Rashaka: "Seventy seven."
ShakaDad: "Dammit!"
Rashaka: "Love you, bye!" *hangs up*

My mom finally got hers up to 59 this afternoon. I asked to play it just now, for half an hour, before going to bed. He relented and said he needed it back when I was done. So I sat, listened to my audiobook, and trounced the competition in less than 10 more tries.

Rashaka: "You can have this back now."
ShakaDad: *groans*
ShakaDad: *looks at the 90 pt. score*
ShakaDad: "Suck egg dog! ...I wanted to get a hundred."
Rashaka: *hug* "You know I'm just the catalyst to spur you on toward a more challenging future, right?"
ShakaDad: "Go to bed already. You're definitely banned from the Air Traffic Control Chair. There may be a reset in this thing's future."

* Ha! Youtuber says: "I've been playing this for hours, literally. Hours." That guy's high score is 41 after hours and hours? Heh. I've probably spent maybe an hour and a half in total--and that's rounding up--and my score is more than twice his.


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