May. 12th, 2009

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It ended on a bit of a slow pace, like Stardust. But it had some interesting villains, and the storyline was quite imaginative. I can see why it won an award; Gaiman is a talented writer who creates beloved, emotionally moving characters in a lushly designed world. I liked the setting the best, with all the talents that the graveyard bestows upon its inhabitants, and how Bod comes to use those talents over the course of the plot.

Nevertheless, I have two complaints.

1. Unspoilery: Neil Gaimon uses the same stock villain in several of his books! I swear I could not tell the difference between the Jack[s] and the two pair of witty murders from Neverwhere. Spider falls into the same mold (for the first half of Anansi Brothers, at least), and some of the electronic gods had the same feel as well. But it was most noticeable with The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere. I am getting tired of this character, Gaiman. Please use that fantastic imagination of yours to think of something new next time, because this crush you have on well-spoken assassins is getting boring. (I did love the goblins, though!)

2. Spoilery: As my journal exists in the warm pudding of fandom, I accept that I'm probably the only person around here who has something negative to say about Neil Gaiman's book. )

But, other than that, I liked it!

*In retrospect, she was a raging liberal who 'poisoned' my childish mind with her leftist anti-establishment thinking. I adore my memory of her. My parents liked her too.
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Oh. My. Gosh.

Steven Brust wrote a Firefly/Serenity fanfic media tie-in novel that is available legally for free on the internet.


Steven Brust! I love Stephen Brust!

This feeling is waking up to find out Steven Brust wrote Firefly fanfic! There is so much delight in my heart!


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