May. 13th, 2009

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The live action Blood: The Last Vampire movie looks pretty cool! I was delighted by all the female characters, and the multinational cast. I watched 3/4 of the tv anime series and enjoyed it, although this looks more like the 40 minute movie pilot than the tv show. I didn't see any Chevalier hanging around, that's for sure.

The clip of the badass Japanese schoolgirl holding hands with and protecting the frightened European girl in the middle of a mob of bloodsucking vampires was kind of an amusing visual trope reversal. I do love the way Asian movies embrace female action heroes as a solid and reliable way to sell movie tickets. If only that were more embraced over here.

On a separate note, I'm trying to get excited about the new Pixar film Up, but my issues with Pixar and gender keep getting in the way. A buddy adventure with a little boy scout and an old man exploring the planet from a floating house, discovering new scenery and having fun adventure? Whatever. I feel distinctly disinvited, which is a shame, because I wanted all that adventure as a little girl scout. And then, if you see the trailers...There's only three speaking characters introduced in any of these trailers: boy, old man, talking dog.

The dog's voice is heard, and what do you think? Male. We don't even get the freaking pet this time. Not too mention how white they all look.

Anyway, blah blah, yes for the twentieth time this issue is still bothering me. I just hope that when it eventually comes out on video, I'll have moved onto other frustrations and be able to enjoy it. I'm getting really tired of saying "Pixar is so good, but..."

And switching topics again: I can't wait for The Brothers Bloom. After I see ST this weekend, that will be the movie I'm anticipating for the summer! Three actors I love, one new actress who looks fun to watch, and it's an adventure caper movie. I do <3 caper movies!
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Rashaka: "...blah blah depends if they're really into the ho yay...."

ShakaDad: "What's ho yay?"

Rashaka: ..."Um..." *momentarily stumped as to how to explain* "Eh...Homosexuality Yay!"

ShakaDad: "Oh. Okay. That must be some kind of generational slang, never heard it before."

Rashaka: "Um, don't worry. Most people probably haven't heard it."

This is what happens when you allow fandom to bleed into your normal habits; it pops out at unexpected moments. I wish I could remember what prompted the tangent in the first place, but it's already slipped my mind. Probably something to do with movies.


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