May. 21st, 2009

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Hi flist. I rarely ask this of you, but this is one of the times when I'm coming to you for help. I'm really, truly concerned about the budget crisis in California right now, and the governor's intention to cut funding for family planning is a devastating stroke for relatively little saving (and in th long time, serious loss) of budget funds. The letter I posted below gives greater detail. But for every 1 dollar the state invests in family planning, it saves $5.33 down the line in health costs.

Here is the sample letter I used. If you live in California, or care about California's budget, I highly encourage you to send this email out to the legislators in your county area. Not just your personal legislator, but the five or ten Assembly Members and Senators that cover your region.

Assembly Members: Contact Directory
Assembly: District Map
State Senators: Email List
State Senate: District Map

Dear (name of legislator),

I'm e-mailing today because I'm concerned that to solve the state's budget crisis, Gov. Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting women's health care by singling out one Medi-Cal program- family planning. This program provides health care to millions of women including cancer screenings, reproductive and basic health care.

90% of family planning is funded by the federal government. California puts up one dollar and the federal government gives us $9 more. So we'd actually be increasing our deficit by cutting this program.

AND 90% of the people served by state family planning programs are women, [80% of whom are women of color].

Surely the women of California are worth 10 cents of state money for a dollar of critical health services.

The Governor has targeted women and we need you to just say no. We're asking you to reject the Governor's proposed cut to family planning! Don't hurt the women of California.

(Your name)
(Your address if you choose)

Here's the list of state legislators for the Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino County areas. )

If you do send out emails because you read this, please comment below and let me know which Senator you emailed, so I can keep track of the numbers I'm encouraging, thanks.
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Are there book clubs on LJ?

Not just book fandom communities, but comms based around the book club idea--where everyone reads the same book and then has discussion?

I'd love to find one. Especially a club that has particular themes or genres. But I don't know how to search for something that specific in the LJ search engine.
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Promo pics are up for the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

1. Wow, Aang looks young. And white. The staff looks kinda cool in that pose, though.

2. WTF)!(@!QA(@#&!!!#*()*()@!!!!!! ZUKO'S SCAR. WHERE IS IT?

3. ETA: I'm hoping I see a faint shadow line. I'm hoping.



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