May. 22nd, 2009

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(And I immediately spent two hours making ATLA icons, then downloading HIMYM icons. From 6 to 37 is quite the jump!)

So here's the sitch: The universe is lame--that's lame I say. After two weekends my 'rents are now canceling on me for the Star Trek viewing tomorrow. This makes the third time that people I know have either gone without me or flaked on going. I COULD HAVE SEEN IT BY MYSELF TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN IT FRELLING CAME OUT, IF I KNEW THE UNIVERSE WOULD SUCK SO MUCH.

So. I won't get to see it on Friday, but my couple-friends might be able to go on Saturday. If the universe doesn't continue to suck and I don't get a phone call telling me they went last night without me, or their kid has the flu, or something.

On a completely separate note, there's a cute 23-year-old on the dating site that I've been talking to briefly for the last week. We exchanged phone numbers but haven't called one another yet.

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