May. 23rd, 2009

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My family pulled through, after all, and after I helped with some serious labor-intensive stuff this afternoon we all went out to dinner and saw the movie! It was a nice surprise.

As for the movie...I can tell you many more posts will follow. I adored it. It's one of my favorite sci fi movies in years. Splendid.

And now I can't help but wish that someone would make an all-ages Spock video to the song "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire.
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I started the audiobook for the new Star Trek movie. I am about 7 tracks into the first disc and I am vastly amused by a few things:

1. "in an unremarkable corner of one galactic arm" ... Hitchhiker's Guide! I know it's not a direct quote, but something about this line just screamed out to me as a shout out to the opening lines of HHGttG.

2. uhh.... based on this, Alan Dean Foster isn't a great writer. I mean, he's okay, but he could be better. Cliches in dialogue, double use of the same word in the same sentence, characters who repeat the obvious way too often and too obviously, etc. Actually, this feels very much like an adaptation book. Which aren't usually that good anyway, even if the movie was good. But, anyway, it could be better. I roll my eyes a bit at the military dialogue, and keep listening. "The readings are off the charts, sir!"...."I've never seen anything like it before!" *blah blah* Also apparently addicted to unnecessary -ly adverbs. Ex: "he replied appropriately" and, my favorite: using the phrase "very pregnant" in a completely serious and not-at-all ironic or joking way. Because there are completely serious degrees of being pregnant.
---2b. I swear, disc 1 track 8, appx 1:10, I heard what had to be a type-o. or a sentence fragment? I don't know, but there was a missing conjunction, one required for that sentence to make grammatical sense. I'm a little amused that either Quinto read this literally to the text and skipped it, and that no one noticed how odd it sounded when read aloud, or that he made a mistake in his reading and no one noticed in the production.

3. Zachary Quinto makes an entertaining narrator. I like that he doesn't just change his voice for various characters, but--so far at least--actually adjusts his tone to reflect and cadence whether he's talking about Vulcan characters or human characters.

4. On the other hand, I can't stop giggling whenever I hear him doing a female voice or a Romulan voice, because I picture the actor in a booth, making weird faces to go along with that. Batting his eyes for the female voices, or for the Romulan voices, hunching his shoulders like Jon Stewart doing a George Bush impression.

I'll update again as I get further along.

eta: Oh my god, dude, alliteration is a special tool, not to be abused. With great alliterative power comes real responsibility! I am marking you down from "okay" to "not that good". You have 6 more discs to change my mind.


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