May. 28th, 2009

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I'm keeping track of my favorite Star Trex XI fanfics as I read, for a future rec list, but in the mean time, I'd like to point y'all [ profile] mrstater's short but powerful ficlet.

Link: The Cheat
Rating & Warnings: G, post-movie
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 1466 words
Summary: Vulcans do not indulge in what humans term "what-if" scenarios, but Spock is only half-Vulcan, and the aftermath of battle reminds him of how much more he could have lost.

Why you should read it: This is positively my favorite ship ficlet from the movie so far. It's so fitting for the character reactions, so plausible and so right. Captures just the perfect balance in Spock's language between formality and more, and in the other character's as well. Whereas most ship-centric fanfics I've read seek to expand on what wasn't shown, this ficlet seems incredibly close to the tone and presentation of the given relationship in the film.
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In case you think I've suddenly had a brain tumor and foresaken all my other fandoms, take a gander and balk alongside me at this bit of movie remake news.

I don't know what the goal is of such an undertaking, because it seems nothing but a step backward to me. I'm not against the idea of a film remake, but that'd be, like, ten years from now. Fifteen even. Craps, some of the actors of the tv show are still in their 20s! I'd much rather see a new original story set in the same universe: a different Slayer with a new tale to tell.

ETA: Actually, that's exactly what they should do! A new Slayer, a new movie. And then after three new Slayers, we can have a Vampire Slayer team superhero movie! And Buffy, who has arthritis at 36, can preside over them and conquer the first four levels of the Hell dimension and, on the side, acquire her firefighter's certification.

ETA2: I'm kind of surprised that "sleeping on a bed of bones" [Restless, "I don't sleep on a bed of bones."] hasn't been made into an episode of Bones yet!

Just imagine it: they find a mattress stuffed with human bones! Tucked into the springs, waiting like a revolting parody of The Princess & The Pea. It seems like exactly the kind of job for Booth and Brennan.
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from [ profile] manonlechat -

Give me a character/pairing from any fandom I participate in and I'll give you one fanon that I don't agree with.
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Spock is Jim Kirk's best friend. Jim is Spock's really good friend.

This is a distinction that will cause Kirk some anxiety in upcoming sequels, I can tell. He will cling too hard to the captain's chair arm-rest and monopolize the comm to whine about it to Bones (his really good friend), who will in turn complain to Spock, who will calmly inform Kirk that having a friend be arbitrarily set above other friends in a rank of personal value is illogical, and if he'd be hard pressed to do so, he certain that the communications lieutenant's ranking would render the exercise moot by creating a positive outlier that disrupts the entire scale, but Jim Kirk doesn't believe in no-win scenarios.


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