Jun. 2nd, 2009

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I watched the New Moon teaser. I sort of absently drifted through the first minute, but then the trailer gave away the werewolf transformation and I was paying attention again.

Honestly, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I like werewolf movies better than vampire movies. In general, with the obvious Buffy exception, I like werewolf stories better. Although the possibility of me seeing New Moon in theaters is barely 2 cents above complete nil, when it comes out on video I will look forward to the werewolf parts. It's so rare that werewolves look cool in movies. This one looks like an enormous wolf. I'm pretty down with that; in books, that's the way that seems best to me. It's better than the werewolf in Harry Potter 3 or in DW's "Tooth and Claw." I remember the ones in Being Human and American Werewolf in London as properly gross, which is a step above silly.

I'd much rather be a werewolf than a vampire, if I had to choose. Similar powers: heighened vision, hearing, physical strength. You live with the terror of hurting/eating/killing your friends no matter what, but being locked up in a cell for 3 nights a month is about a quadrabillion times better than never seeing the sun again. Plus, werewolves can still eat pasta and ice cream and avacado and salmon and tomatoes and mango smoothies. Um, shut up. I haven't had breakfast this morning.

But back to NM trailer: when Edward says 'this is the last time you'll ever see me' my first thought was "Really? Good to know." Followed immediately then by my movie watcher cynicism and the reminder that there are actually 4 books and future vampire babies somewhere included.
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I am trying to write a fanfic where it involves an epic make-out moment, and... I don't know what to listen to!

Music is VITAL to my writing process. And all I can seem to find to listen to on my comp is break-up songs! ARGH!

I need some quick recs. Something sweeping. Romantic. Swooning. Swooping. Other cleaning & vertical movement metaphors, I don't know. I'm not asking for links, just names I can play from youtube or something. Anything to jolt my brain into the right sphere of sappy romantic thinking! They can be totally mainstream, too. I don't discriminate in my pop.


ETA: The pairing I'm trying to write for is Uhura/Spock, if that helps.

ETA 3: 1. You guys are so thoughtful for responding! 2. I don't think my romantic vernacular matches everyone else's, apparently. I should figure out how to fix that. To clarify my confusing and incomprehensible request above: Not slow songs, because slow songs tend to be sad even if they are romantic and my brain thinks sweeping/swooning/epic = big music and energy. Seventy-six bloody trombones.


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