Jun. 10th, 2009

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Jon Stewart was ripping through Monday night's episode of The Daily Show. I'm going to watch last night's over breakfast. Anyway, on Monday's ep he said what I consider to be one of the meanest and funniest insults he's ever said to Fox news, regarding Sean Hannity's insinuations using parts of an Obama speech out of context.

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"Although, in Sean's defense, if the second half of the sentence was that important, wouldn't it be in the front?"

My whole family just about died laughing. It was sooooo mean and sarcastic and good. I mean bad! Oh, it was bad. This is why, as much as I giggle over Colbert, The Daily Show will always be where I come home to. Rock on, o short and silver haired warrior for truth and justice. Rock on with that pen and that microphone!

p.s. the joke about the 90 writers locked in a room was pretty friggin funny, too.
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I want to direct all the peeps on my flist who loved the new movie to read village!verse fic series by [livejournal.com profile] chaletian. Why? Because it's hilarious. It starts with McCoy, then cycles through Chekov, Sulu, Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and minor characters and one-off red shirt officers and it's hilarious.

Everything from Sulu's new role as ship bookie to Chekov's daydreams that turn the crew into Russian melodramas to Spock's inability to get human in-jokes to to the staff competitions for budgetary benefits to Kirk's sad fate at seeing everyone on board allowed to have free love except for him, because of those pesky little fraternization regulations. The series drifts between ridiculously funny and endearingly heartwarming.

Just lick that link and scroll down to the bottom of the tags, to the first story, "It Takes A Village":

Medical Bay is and always has been a clearing room for gossip. McCoy gets it all. Which is sometimes interesting (apparently that kid Chekov’s set up a still in collusion with Scotty; McCoy joins that action pretty damn quickly), sometimes weird (that Bolian ensign in Stellar Cartography tells stories that would make your toes curl) and sometimes downright disturbing (McCoy is still pretending that Uhura never came to see him and that he knows absolutely nothing about her love life).


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