Jun. 24th, 2009

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Brief interview with the screenwriter for the upcoming live action Cowboy Bebop film.

Reading the comments from the novelist-turned-screenwriter who's assigned the job of adapting the series to movie status, I'm feeling hopeful. He certainly sounds like he appreciates the spirit of the work, though I haven't read Peter Craig's books so I don't know if his actual writing is something to get crazy over. But enthusiasm is a good start. It also sounds like Watanabe and Studio Sunrise are involved with the development of the film--so far, at least--and that's also a positive sign.

Side note: I'm still ragingly skeptical about Reeves as a casting choice, because even though I actually like the guy he's not how I picture a live action Spike at all. He's ten years too old (movie Spike should be mid-30s, while anime Spike was jaded at 27), and he doesn't project the irreverent charm. Spike's a huge asshole for much of the series, but the reason we love him is that he's got this sarcastic slacker charm to balance it. Something to brighten the shadows and soften the edges of a mob-employed street thug turned self-employed space thug. Reeves is so deadpan serious in most of his movies that it's hard for me to imagine him bitching about bell-peppers-and-beef-without-the-beef one minute and getting into a name-calling exchange with Cowboy Andy the next. That being said, I do appreciate that KR is apparently driving the project with an eye that includes the original production studio, even if its only in consulting. Casting will matter a lot for this movie, because the only way it will ever 'succeed' as a part of CB media canon rather than as any generic spaceship action movie is if the characters have the right chemistry. Bebop was just as much about the pathetic daily lives of its crew as it was about catching bounties and shooting stuff (hence my unshakeable secret belief that CB and Firefly are literally part of the same verse.)

Casting poential blunders aside, I've always thought that Bebop was one of the most--if not still THE most--easily translateable anime series for Western audiences. And deliberately so, thematically and visually. More to the point, the bounty-of-the-week format makes it easily translatable to film, or a franchise of films. The could not have found a better source anime with which to make an Americanized/Westernized live action adaptation. However, Bebop was not without its problems. Pacing is the biggest flaw of the series, and underdeveloped supporting characters is another. A live action film could smooth these problems out, or exacerbate them. In that sense, I think it's better if the original studio is brought on for style choices more than for the actual storywriting.
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I listened to Richard Dawkin's audiobook of The God Delusion the last few days. It's only 5 discs, so I breezed through it. I found that while I generally agreed with most of his opinions and refutations, he has a sanctimonious voice that turned me off. I also get that this was part of his point, but it still sometimes distanced me from his POV.

I don't have any hard hitting comments to make, and except for a few bits of trivia, nothing in it was particularly new. Since I've always been an atheist, I wasn't the target audience and didn't need to be converted. I took it more as a set of examples for how to counter pro-theistic arguments.

One thing that did hit me with a surprise left hook was the chapter about religion and the fear of Hell being imposed on children. In my personal case, I come from a non-church-going mildly Christian father and an agnostic mother. Together, they produced one non-church-going mildly Christian child, and me. I was listening to the book in the car, and when I got home I went into the garden and deliberately thanked my mother for never--in all of my remembered childhood--telling me that I was in danger of going to Hell. I never had the fear of Hell put into me by family, not even a little, and I've come out of that a morally grounded and conscientious person who regularly does community service. So that worked out just fine. Thanks Mom, Dad!
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Title: Wobble
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lilyayl
Spoilers: Is set more or less now, just after Valentine's Day.
Reader: Rashaka
Rating: E for Everyone
Time: 25 min
Text: read it
Summary: Penny and Sheldon go stargazing. Fun times! Sheldon decides to thank Penny with Doctor Who, but ends up showing her the stars. (Pre-Ship)

Podfic Links:
MU - Part 1 | 5:16 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 2 | 4:39 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 3 | 5:48 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 4 | 6:50 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 5 | 2:56 | . . . (MF mirror)

Comments: Here's my first try at a longer fic...this is about 4300 words, and clocks at nearly half an hour. The length of a full episode! I separated them into five tracks for your listening ease. This was a big project for me to edit; it took me several hours. But I'm pleased with the result. I can't quite believe it's done! Comments are always appreciated.
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Title: Breathe That Fire Again . . . (mirror)
Spoilers: Season 2 finale
Rating: G, friendship
Time: 4:10 min
Text: read it @ FF.Net

Summary: [Theme: Homecoming] The hour is late and Dr. Sheldon Cooper cannot sleep.

Comments: This one is up on youtube for easy consumption! This is the first time I'm putting out a podfic that I've recorded and wrote. Not surprisingly, it's easier to record your own stuff! I think it's because I know exactly how a sentence should sound in my head, and I'm not trying to guess like I am with fic by other authors. I'm particularly pleased with this ficlet anyway; I'd say its my favorite one-shot I've done for S/P.

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I'm writing a short apocalypse fanfic for a BBT challenge--unfortunately, not my actual [livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon fic, which I have no idea when I'll be writing--and I'm actually plotting the character's itinerary on GoogleMaps. Because that's how I roll.

On a separate note, I owe [livejournal.com profile] irrel a Spock/Uhura fanfic for her birthday today...


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