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Title: Tesseract

Characters: Penny & Sheldon, friendship/gen
Genre: Drama/Angst
Spoilers: very vaguely for Stewart
Challenge: "doomsday scenario"
Rating: PG
Length: 3,700 words, 20 minutes

Summary: The show is canceled. Two friends are caught up in the end of the world as we know it.

Audio Format: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Text Format: read @ the pit of voles

Comments: I poured my heart into this one, folks. I actually recommend the audio version first, because I’m terribly curious to hear someone’s reaction to listening to a fanfic they haven’t previously ‘read’ before. There's sound effects, even! But whichever you elect, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Wikipedia for clear definitions of both the title and origin theory. Also, this would have turned out wildly different if I hadn't had the Donnie Darko soundtrack in the background, so thanks also to composer Michael Andrews.

Cross-posted to sheldon_penny comm and thebbtheory comm.
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Title: Breathe That Fire Again . . . (mirror)
Spoilers: Season 2 finale
Rating: G, friendship
Time: 4:10 min
Text: read it @ FF.Net

Summary: [Theme: Homecoming] The hour is late and Dr. Sheldon Cooper cannot sleep.

Comments: This one is up on youtube for easy consumption! This is the first time I'm putting out a podfic that I've recorded and wrote. Not surprisingly, it's easier to record your own stuff! I think it's because I know exactly how a sentence should sound in my head, and I'm not trying to guess like I am with fic by other authors. I'm particularly pleased with this ficlet anyway; I'd say its my favorite one-shot I've done for S/P.

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Title: Wobble
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lilyayl
Spoilers: Is set more or less now, just after Valentine's Day.
Reader: Rashaka
Rating: E for Everyone
Time: 25 min
Text: read it
Summary: Penny and Sheldon go stargazing. Fun times! Sheldon decides to thank Penny with Doctor Who, but ends up showing her the stars. (Pre-Ship)

Podfic Links:
MU - Part 1 | 5:16 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 2 | 4:39 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 3 | 5:48 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 4 | 6:50 | . . . (MF mirror)
MU - Part 5 | 2:56 | . . . (MF mirror)

Comments: Here's my first try at a longer fic...this is about 4300 words, and clocks at nearly half an hour. The length of a full episode! I separated them into five tracks for your listening ease. This was a big project for me to edit; it took me several hours. But I'm pleased with the result. I can't quite believe it's done! Comments are always appreciated.
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Last Friday [livejournal.com profile] sheldon_penny had a special event for Fiction Friday, where they challenged the comm members to write 50 drabbles in 24 hours. We did it, it was a blast, and many people put out two or three offerings. I did some on page 1 and page 2, personally. The challenge themes were homecoming and future.

Out of that event, I decided to record one of [livejournal.com profile] irrel's very few fanfics onto audio podfic format, after she encouraged me insanely to try recording my own. After I gave it a try, I realized how fun it was, and now I'm kind of addicted. I've made several podfics over the weekend and today, mostly of other people but a couple of my own as well. I've gotten better at reading (you'll notice the differences in the links below), and just tonight I figured out how to remove hiss and have a clean background for the audio files! ...This actually makes me very excited, which shows how geeky I am. Anyway, it's kinda tiring for my voice. I have new respect for voice actors and narrators! ...I'm drinking a lot of tea and sucking on cough drops.

FANDOM: The Big Bang Theory
PAIRING: Penny/Sheldon

Title: "Just Dessert" [abridged]
Author: [livejournal.com profile] patronuscharms
Spoilers: mild post-season 2 finale
Notes: The final 2 parts of Patronus's 4-part fic. | Parts 1-2, text
Rating: PG-13
Time: 06:45 min
Text version: Parts 3-4
Summary: Penny and Sheldon experiment in baking. Fun times!

Title: "Both Perfect and Promising"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sinstralpride
Spoilers: season 2 finale
Rating: G
Time: 02:30 min
Text version: here
Summary: His homecoming was both grand and humble.

Title: "A Blanket and A Purpose"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] irrel
Spoilers: season 2 finale
Rating: G
Time: 02:00 min
Text version: here
Summary: Penny has something she's been holding onto for 3 whole months.

Title: "I'm Your Density"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fujiidom
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Time: 03:30 min
Text version: here
Summary: Sheldon and Penny watch Back to the Future. Fun times!

Title: "Homecoming"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] deludedvision
Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Time: 02:30 min
Text version: here
Summary: The first time Sheldon Cooper finds himself on a ranch in Omaha, Nebraska, it's with Penny's hand in his.

So far I've limited myself to BBT fanfic and have been practicing the voices for those characters. (The ones I'll post tomorrow are probably the best example of impressions.) But after I'm comfortable with these I'll probably experiment with other fandoms!
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Link: Audiofics 1x02 - Homecoming Queen
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Length: 16 minutes!
Type: *.mp3
Warnings: gen, ensemble, mild swearing, OCs
Category: humor, spoof, character mocking, mocking of Southern California social politics.
Spoilers: none!

Summary: The dreaded High School AU. The characters are inexplicably all in the same grade and all attending the Homecoming Dance with a mind for illegal gambling. Competition! Drama! School angst! Serious crackfic where Raj is part of the secret Indian mafia, Sheldon got kicked out of the geek club, and Penny wants that crown.

How it works: I decided to try composing some on my own, in the car, with no prep work, prior writing attempts, or clear goal. This is, quite literally, how my head sounds if I'm trying to think of fanfic but have no keyboard near by to type on.

As with Episode 1, which was recorded in the same trip, you'll notice the driving because I sometimes interrupt my narrative with comments about where I'm driving, why am I lost, ooh those trees are pretty, etc. etc. etc. In fact, that happens a lot more in this episode. And there's about a minute of preamble where I try to think of what story to tell.

Side note: Although this was written with S/P in mind, it's completely gen, with no pairings at all except a slight one-sided L>P as one might see in the show. It appears I write in ships but I only speak in gen. Weird, I KNOW.
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Link: Audiofics 1x01 - Magical Pony
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Length: 6 minutes
Warnings: gen, no pairings, ensemble, mild swearing
Category: humor, spoof
Spoilers: season 2 finale, mild

Summary: The guys arrive back earlier than planned, but there's an unpleasant surprise waiting in their apartment, and it's mostly Penny's fault.

How it works: So! It turns out my Creative Zen mp3 player has a recording feature! In a desire to come up with fanfic for the [livejournal.com profile] sheldon_penny comm, I decided to try composing some on my own, in the car, with no prep work, prior writing attempts, or clear goal.

Neat! It made me nervous at first but then was actually pretty fun. I just let my mouth run in a stream of consciousness, so this is not a formally edited and carefully performed fanfic reading. Far from it!

In fact, if you click on that link, you'll get a nightmarish glimpse into my creative process. This is, quite literally, how my head sounds if I'm trying to think of fanfic but have no keyboard near by to type on. For example, if you were to read my brain in the kitchen while I was thinking about fanfic and doing dishes at the same time, you might overhear this. In short: THIS IS MY CREATIVE PROCESS! RUN AWAY NOW. RUN I SAY!

Or in today's case, driving. You'll notice the driving because I sometimes interrupt my narrative with comments about where I'm driving, why am I lost, ooh those trees are pretty, etc. etc. etc. If you hear a loud and horrible crash, you'll know not to follow my example! I dictated episode 2 in the car this afternoon also, because I had time and it was kind of fun, which I will post after this one.

Side note: Although this was written with S/P in mind, it's completely gen, with no pairings at all except a slight one-sided L>P as one might see in the show. I'll type up a written, edited version to post later, without my random narrator comments and self-editing.

ETA: Here is the fanfic itself, written, without my edits mid-description: Magical Pony
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I've seen some discussion of Emmy nominations on my flist, and I haven't mentioned it, but I do feel I wanted to say something in regards to The Big Bang Theory.

I think Jim Parsons is a hilarious actor and if he gets tapped for best actor in a comedy, that it will be a worthwhile nomination and if he gets it, a solid win.

However. And this is a big HOWEVER.

As much as I love the fandom, and as entertaining as Sheldon is, I do not think The Big Bang Theory is the best comedy on tv. I'm conflicted as to whether I think it should even be nominated. But if it were to get nominated and win over How I Met Your Mother, I will scream my rage across the internet. How I Met Your Mother has had probably the most hilarious season of its run so far, on top of having brilliantly developed characters, continuity so constant and clever it makes me deliriously happy, and genuinely moving storylines. It is six or seven times the show that TBBT is.

Will I be upset if HIMYM loses to Two and a Half Men? A little disgruntled, but I've never watched 2.5Men so I can't judge. But I have seen the entire second season of TBBT, and it doesn't even hold a burning twig, much less a candle, to HIMYM's season. I love writing Sheldon/Penny fanfic and reading it, but in many ways, the TBBT fandom is what I want the show to be. What I imagine the characters could be if they were written better, developed more, given more heart and more wit and if the actors were simply handed better fucking material. On the other hand, I've barely written anything for HIMYM because, honestly, it already is everything I would wish it to be.
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[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: I just had the weirdest thought. A fun way to describe tBBT might be to say...

Read more... )

[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: ...
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: And then they make it a sitcom.
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: That works so well it's almost scary.

So that's my hypothesis on the origin of The Big Bang Theory. True story.
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Title: It's Only Time
Genre: Romance/Drama
Spoilers: AU fic, so none.
Challenge: What would have happened had Sheldon and Penny grown up in the same neighborhood?
For [livejournal.com profile] lilyayl, and you know the auditorium lecture is a shout-out to your future fic. ;D
Rating: PG-15
Wordcount: 3,500
Soundtrack: Everything from The Magnetic Fields. I only listened to them while writing this. Especially "69 Love Songs".

Summary: It’s only time that pulls the stars apart, it’s only time that brings your orbit ‘round.


cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] sheldon_penny here.
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If you want a break from horrible world news like this, I recommend reading fanfic smut.

The master website for fandom's Porn Battle VII is updated! is updated! You can sort by fandom, which saves a headach of trying to browse 50 pages of comments.

I participated this year with a fanfic for The Big Bang Theory, which 16 entries--a lot for a small fandom. Merlin and the Stargate[s] cleaned up as usual with 40-50 entries each.

You can also use the website to review older Porn Battle ficathons, also sorted by fandom or author. It's a huge and useful archive listing that I didn't know existed until recently. Like the Yuletidechallenge, the Porn Battle ficathons allow for tiny fandoms and unconventional pairings to shine as people take 20 minutes to write porn for a fandom where they're normally just tourists.
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If anyone on my flist is sharing in my burgeoning affection for Big Bang Theory fanfic, I heartily recommend "Through Quartz, Sand, and Cellulose", one of the best fics I've read from this fandom. It's a long one-shot, with characterization that makes me gush.

Triple extra points for making Penny and Sheldon feel like real people beyond the cartoonish characterization of the show. Enjoy it!

He took a deep breath and slid the paper into the long, elbow-to-hand length glass before quickly corking it up. He gave a discriminating look over the neck where it had been pushed in slightly and seemed to come to the most basic solution that there could be, to make sure it’d stay in.

He gave it a swift couple of knocks with the heel of his palm.

It was strange, then, to see Sheldon Cooper—Man of Science—using the oldest (okay, probably not oldest, since bottles and corks took a while to figure out, as he’d described in depth earlier, but whatever, you can get the picture) kind of reasoning that there was.
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Pick up to 10 ships.
Describe them in less than 16 words.
Have your flist guess the ship.

1. In the end, we both get left behind, but I got your back no matter what. -- Kakashi/Sakura, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] flibbergibbet

2. I love you even if you're the evil sexy zombie of my sister in law. -- Lust/Scar, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] _nepthys_ and [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja

3. They rescue each other a lot, and they're the best MSR since MSR. -- Brennan/Booth, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] zebeckras

4. We've been friends, enemies, victims/abusers, drinking buddies, lovers, partners, and done courtly romance too. -- Buffy/Spike, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and [livejournal.com profile] zebeckras

5. What happens when the villain accidentally ends up as the epic love interest, cue slow dancing. -- Veronica/Logan, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar

6. She's supposed to fall for quirky guy A, but she's around quirky guy B too much. Oops. -- Penny/Sheldon, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] tapas_girl

7. They work not because they're opposites, but because they're so similar underneath. And so hot. -- Katara/Zuko, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] misora

8. Role-reversal and fictional reincarnation has never had a sweeter love story. -- Ahiru/Fakir, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] zebeckras

9. They backed away from commitment so quickly they bumped into each other. -- Barney/Robin BroTP, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] tapas_girl

10. How long are you going to stay with me? Forever. -- Doctor/Rose guessed by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar
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So, here's the first official collaboration I've ever done! Mostly it involved the two of us bribing each other, which turned out to be a ridiculously circular exercise in coercion. I got the distanced used in the title from this website and divided it by sixty to find the distance the earth moves around the sun per minute. And if I did it improperly, shut up and don't tell me. (I made banners after all.)

Title: "The Earth Moved 1,117.7 Miles In Our Kitchen"
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory [tv]
Written by: [livejournal.com profile] rashaka
Illustrated by: [livejournal.com profile] irrel
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Penny/Sheldon
Spoilers: minor for 2x03 "The Barbarian Sublimation"
Word count: 2,900
Picture count: 3
Summary: Like Wonder Woman, Superman, She-Ra and all those characters her geeky friends cherished, Penny knew in one single, glorious moment what she had to do.

''Don't be alarmed, okay?'' )

P.S. There are now sequel drabbles in the comments below.
P.S.S. And sequel art!!
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Speculating on The Big Bang Theory again:

[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: OMG! YOU KNOW WHAT?
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: WHAT?!
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: Sheldon and Penny could cosplay as the DOCTOR AND ROSE. Wouldn't that be funny?
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: THEY COULD. YESSSSSS.
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: His face and hair is like Nine, though a bit dark. Penny would have to convince him to let her highlight it in exchange for agreeing to participate.
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: The funniest thing is that Sheldon could pull off the Doctor because he'd babble about random scientific things
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: And where would be going dressed like that?
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: ...a convention? ... ... COMIC CON?
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: TOTALLY
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: But how would the guys convince Penny to go?
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: Because some hot actor will be there.
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: They'd tell her she could get into the panel for some famous hot actor... jinx!
[livejournal.com profile] irrel: Hugh Jackman! My vote goes to Wolverine. It's like a THING now.
[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: True. It's a common interest!

[livejournal.com profile] irrel: Howard has to be Captain Jack... LOL a crappy one.

[livejournal.com profile] rashaka: YES. And Raj vehemently refuses to be Mickey--

"We don't look anything alike!" Raj complained.

"So why don't you just wear a gasmask?" said Howard.

"What, because I won't be the one person of color you now want to cover me up entirely? I defy your indiscreet racism."

And, later... )
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"No more Nathan with his bean dip." ... "I can do all your jobs!"

Heeheehee. Do I need to spoiler cut this? Somehow I don't feel like doing so. In fact, I refuse on principle.

The commentary was amusing, though not all of the songs were as entertaining as the actual show. Which is not very surprising, given that it's only a commentary.

I had some trouble understanding the lyrics, and sadly the DVD didn't have subtitles for it, but I liked Groupie #2 and Neil's song best. Especially when he starts singing about tripping over cords and wires in the dark because he scared all the techs away.

I watched the first four ELE applications, which were hilarious. I particularly enjoyed the songs. I was worried they'd be too embarrassing, like watching American Idol rejects, but they're usually talented in one way or another, so it's funny to see.

I caught the number on the Wiccan subtitle, and [livejournal.com profile] irrel told me it had something to do with a Mariah Carey album and I was supposed to press ENTER when Felicia Day mentions the singer in the Musical Making Of video, but I tried and nothing happened. I did catch the yellow highlighted letters in the credits that said "ENTER AT ACT 2" though, so I pushed play for the main show, skipped forward, and pressed ENTER when the words "ACT II" came up.

It took me to this screen with an ELE logo and countdown from 5-4-3-2-1, but after that nothing happened and it just took me back to the main menu. What's the point?

I spent two hours on it, though, and there's time for more later. End story: if you saw DH online six months ago and liked it, then the DVD is totally worth $10.00. If you were iffy, then there's nothing here that's likely to change your mind. Either way, there's not much point in pirating the thing because damn, dude, it's only ten dollars. And sometimes Amazon.com has free shipping.


In completely separate news, I'm determined to finish up my Sheldon/Penny ficlet tonight. It involves making out, which is harder to do with this pairing than most of the pairings I've written, because The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper makes the pre-1990s asexual Doctor Who look like a raging bag of hormones. Sheldon, on the other hand, is just a raging bag.

hey flist

Dec. 28th, 2008 02:52 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] irrel wants to know what kind of songs would make a good Penny/Sheldon video for The Big Bang Theory.

This is a surprisingly difficult question! They need something fun and poppy and quirky. And I am for once totally without any real suggestions.


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