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In case you think I've suddenly had a brain tumor and foresaken all my other fandoms, take a gander and balk alongside me at this bit of movie remake news.

I don't know what the goal is of such an undertaking, because it seems nothing but a step backward to me. I'm not against the idea of a film remake, but that'd be, like, ten years from now. Fifteen even. Craps, some of the actors of the tv show are still in their 20s! I'd much rather see a new original story set in the same universe: a different Slayer with a new tale to tell.

ETA: Actually, that's exactly what they should do! A new Slayer, a new movie. And then after three new Slayers, we can have a Vampire Slayer team superhero movie! And Buffy, who has arthritis at 36, can preside over them and conquer the first four levels of the Hell dimension and, on the side, acquire her firefighter's certification.

ETA2: I'm kind of surprised that "sleeping on a bed of bones" [Restless, "I don't sleep on a bed of bones."] hasn't been made into an episode of Bones yet!

Just imagine it: they find a mattress stuffed with human bones! Tucked into the springs, waiting like a revolting parody of The Princess & The Pea. It seems like exactly the kind of job for Booth and Brennan.
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All the folks I first journeyed to Livejournal with (you wonderful, gorgeous, Buffy-fic-writing ladies) and all the folks I've met since who I share past fandoms with and don't even realize it: [livejournal.com profile] the_royal_anna has written a splendid meta essay about the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Buffy/Spike relationship with all its messy, layered dynamics.

I adored her essay, and it made me want to read B/S fanfic, which I haven't read in ages. Some of the comments go into fantastic detail too: little essays of their own, celebrating the pairing and the shipdom that OTPed it like a juggernaut spanning the entire internet fandom. The end of the show left people with lots of conflicting opinions, with debate and discussion about what level of love is required to make a relationship canon, as if on screen sex and love--any kind of love, all kinds of love, including romantic love but never limited to it--weren't the very definition of a canon relationship. Beginning to end, in all its misery and all its glory. With the weighted words, the emotional support, the flaming linked fingers and one hero's heart shining light into darkness while another climbed up to a new world.

SEE? Even reading about it makes me want to babble again. I need to get out my DVDs and rewatch them. Good night!
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Dear fandom at large and fandom wank and ATLA fandom in particular,

Stop comparing Zutarians to Harmonians. Please stop, for me. I never liked that pairing. And if we're going to be compared to rabid delusional fans, I'd much rather be compared to Spuffy fans. Or Doctor/Rose fans. Because I like those ships better, and I've been called nasty things as a member of those as well.

It's kind of a shallow request, I know, but humor me here. Hell, "SPUFFY" is shorter to type and easier to spell than "HARMONIAN" anyway.


P.S. And really, we Zutarians haven't earned it. Compared to the three fandoms above, we are tiny, and so is our wank. Which I'm okay with. Although we are apparently big enough to get a voice actor to make a little tribute video to us, which is still pretty freaking funny. See previous post.
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Super Spoilers for, like, a ton of fandoms: (Doctor Who, Farscape, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, How I Met Your Mother, etc.)

Top Ten TV Kisses )
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[livejournal.com profile] redbrunja mentioned it in her journal, and I thought I'd just outright ask in mine. For shits and giggles.

Of the people who are either on my flist or follow my journal, raise your hand if you happen to like Katara/Zuko [zutara] shipping for Avatar: The Last Airbender and also like Kakashi/Sakura [kakasaku] for Naruto.*

*with Kakashi/Sakura I generally mean in a future hypothetical sense, since, obviously, pedophilia is not cool.
** Out of curiosity: Dragonball Z ships? Because if a number of you that raise your hands below also shipped the same pairing I did for DBZ, that would be too weird. If you're not sure, think and I'm sure you'll figure it out. I kind of have a pattern.
***I'm also just going to assume everyone who ever comments on my journal liked Spuffy. If that's somehow not the case, don't shatter my bubble of happiness! It's a good bubble.
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How is it that no matter what fandom I join, I can always find a couple people to help turn any conversation into a "Once More With Feeling" sing-off in caps and italics?
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I just finished reading The Last Unicorn (oh why did I wait until my 20s to read this?) and later today I'll read its coda, Two Hearts. But I was browsing the back of my hardcover, which has an index of Peter S. Beagle's published work, and what do I find listed under essays but this?---

"The Good Vampire: Spike and Angel", Peter S. Beagle. Five Seasons of Angel, 2004.

OH MY @$&)*#&$*()#&(@!.

So, not only is the book every bit as amazing as I remember the film being, in fact better times about 10 because the descriptions are just as wonderful as the dialogue, and not only was I reading it the whole time thinking of both my childhood, my dreams of how to write fiction well, and how I know somewhere in my bones that at least one of the people who made Princess Tutu must have watched/read this story, but now all that is topped with the pure and untainted joy of realizing that the author is a BTVS fan.

Who wrote an essay about Spike and Angel character analysis.

That was published in a collection.

That I can hunt down and read in the bookstore.

This is a freaking great morning already! I love discovering fellow fans, even if I don't interact with them personally. Just knowing that someone whose writing I now admire ardently also loved my all-time favorite tv show enough to write an essay about it twists the plaits of my heart. So I will top this joyous entry with an icon that calls to mind another great fantasy story with the words of another great fantasy song: truisms both.

ETA: some of rasielle's comments on Princess Tutu and The Last Unicorn, spoilers for tLU but not its sequel, spoilers for PT, long ramblings on similarities and reincarnated fictional characters and why Schmendrick=Fakir=Peter S. Beagle in my head. )
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Fuck what people say. This movie rocked.

It's a very, very strong execution of an exceedingly simple premise: unknown giant thing attacks a city, and regular people run around for an hour and a half with a camcorder recording their own survival flight.

It feels real. It feels more bare-boned and realistic than pretty much any monster/disaster movie you'll ever see.

This is a disaster movie as much as a monster movie, and while its certainly got its creep factor, it's actually not a horror movie. And while the comparisons to Blair Witch are inevitable, that movie felt a lot more like a horror movie than Cloverfield ever did.

This movie was tense. Intense. There was so much energy and movement and insanity that you could never build up the kind of subtle, ever-deepening fear that a classic horror film evokes. This was far more about disaster. Disaster, sudden violence, and grief. Terrible things happen, one after another, but the characters' reactions feel real and plausible and normal. These people aren't going to save the day. They're barely trying to save themselves. They can't figure out how to beat whatever's attacking the city because the entire event is so far beyond their comprehension that the effort to just keep moving is all they have.

In the movie Signs, the family figures out the alien's weakness is water, and they defeat the ones attacking their homestead. The characters in Cloverfield don't even have time to discover that much. They just run. Run and hide and run and die. If you ever wondered what those little extras in Armageddon, or Godzilla, or Independence Day were feeling... this movie is a look into the little guy's POV. The one who gets knocked off a building, or stomped on, or eaten, or bounced on a titanic propeller, and who never gets to have a last name. They may not be brilliant and they may not make all the right decisions, but they do their best to last the night.

This movie is about them, and about us, because most of the people watching would fare no better---would be lucky to last even as long as these characters do. The characters have a video and record much of their cross-city flight, and there's a moment where one of the main characters takes the camera, looks into it to make some kind of declaration or testimony, and ultimately he can't say anything. He doesn't need to, because it's written on his face.

I liked it. I thought it was worth seeing on the big screen, especially since a matinée in Salt Lake only costs 5 dollars. I recommend you see it, though it is quite jerky. Even so, though, the jerkiness here (rolling camera, dropped camera, swinging camera) felt less disorienting than the action sequences in films like The Borne Ultimatum or Transformers. Even when the view went haywire I could still visually track events, which is more than I can say for certain scenes in those two movies. As for gore... there was some, but considerably less than a lot of other monster movies. It was used sparingly and only when appropriate, for maximum effect.

And at the end of the movie, in the credits, I saw that it was written by Drew Goddard.


How did I not know this going in? That's crazy! I'm Ultimate Drew minion #290, according to his first official fansite! Click on that link and scroll down, seriously, my name is right THERE.

I blinked and pointed at the screen and said to my cousin, "Oh my god! It's written by Drew Goddard! Ultimate Drew Goddard! He wrote some of the best episodes of the last seasons of Buffy!"

My cousin just kinda shrugged me off with "yeah that's him" but I didn't care, because I find this information delightful. Good for him. He's writing movies and he wrote a pretty decent one.
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I just caught 3/4ths of a show called Blood Ties on Lifetime. It's rare that I can snag the only tv with cable in time to watch any show at all, but I'll probably be watching this one again next Sunday. I only saw 45 minutes of it, but I was better hooked by that than by 3 episodes of The Dresden Files. Though to be fair, when I get back to my own computer in two months I'll catch up on DF too.

Blood Ties didn't blow me away, but it interested me. I remember browsing the book covers in the library, but I never actually read the novels. I flipped by tonight, saw the hot guy with high cheek bones and red-orange lighting, and I thought "He looks like a vampire." Sure enough, not 10 minutes later someone calls him one. Weirdly, imdb.com says that the actor is 22. Which means I'm older than him by 4 months. Um... right. Sure. The actor looks about 26. Though that could just be the camera (and hell, three people this week have told me that I look like I'm in high school. Five people in the last two weeks combined; one waitress looked at my ID and literally said "Oh wow!)

I like the female lead character, Vicki, as well. She doesn't annoy me. Since many female characters on tv, especially in supernatural or action-based shows, get annoying stereotypical habits, not annoying me and actually making me like her in 4 minutes is a very good thing. The female cop on The Dresden Files bores me to death. Vicki on Blood Ties, so far, vaguely reminds me of Scully. Very... straight-to-business and efficient. Many of the reviews I just read tonight said the show evoked some of the Buffy vibe. It actually felt more like CSI, to me. Kind of procedural. This lead character isn't as original a character as Buffy Summers and the vampire Henry isn't as exotic and fucked-up-adorable as Spike, but he's definitely sexy. Unfortunately, being a dark-haired sexy mysterious vampire isn't terribly original.

I think on the thing that I so loved about Spike as a vampire character (as opposed to just being a standard male character) was that he was not the dark and mysterious one. He wasn't Angel, or Lestat, or anything. He was annoying and -----

-----oooh, one of my teammates just came by the computer, set a bowl of cut fresh pineapple in front of me, and said "Happy spring break." I have the best NCCC team!----

---and he was exotic vampire handsome but he was also totally a guy. With annoying real-guy habits like tv show addictions, a preference for large black boots, and personal opinions on food. As dating choices go, instead of being "forbidden and out of reach" he was merely "risky and unwise." BTVS made its monsters real not just through the angst, romance, and tragedy they experienced, but through the small details that made them seem more like people than figures of a video game profile.

I don't expect every sci-fi show to do that. But, you know, it'd be nice. Nice for the same reason that Bilbo was a more entertaining protagonist than Frodo.
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I have a new Buffy buddy!

My mom.

Yes, it is a historic moment. Tonight I suggested we watch "Hush" because I have to watch my friend's season 4 DVDs before I move away. My mom watched "Hush" with me, and then it seemed to work out well because she stayed up to watch the prior episode, "Something Blue", as well. As we were turning the tv off I, very shyly for my usual assertive self, asked "If I watch another episode tomorrow... will you watch it with me?"

She said "Sure," and I said "Great!"
Then she asked, "Is it better with someone else?"

Other snippets of the evening's dialogue, as my mother had watched the end of season 7 with me when it aired, but none of the other seasons...

"Willow just got dumped by her boyfriend. He skipped town on her."
"I thought she was a lesbian?"
"Well, that girl you just saw in the other episode, which takes place after this one, is her first girlfriend."

"Recognize that guy? He was on Heroes."

"Blah blah Spike chip in his head blah blah Giles' bathroom blah blah commandos."
"I thought he was always in love with her and helping her fight?"
"Oh, no! That was in later seasons. In season two he was a villain, then he only showed up once in season 3, then in season 4, which we're watching, he comes back to Sunnydale to get a magic ring which will make him invincible in daylight, then Buffy steals the ring when she fights him, and he gets captured by the military guys and they put the chip in his head. For the rest of the season he's half-villain, half-ally, and mostly annoys them. Or helps them for money. Then in season 5 he starts to realize that the reason he's still in Sunnydale and the reason he keeps coming back is because he has a crush on Buffy."
**ShakaMom has a glazed stare**
"He helps her out in season 5, and he also builds a sex-bot."
"A what?"
"A sex bot. It doesn't go over well with Buffy."
"Is that what jumps off the crane?"
"No, Buffy jumps off the crane, but they do reprogram the bot to help them in the fight. And then Buffy dies and is ressurrected in season 6, and thats when their relationship starts, in season 6 and 7."
**ShakaMom getting that look in her eye like she wants to run away**

Still, she did promise to watch more with me. Now I'm thinking I might have to buy season 5 (which I thought about anyway) because jumping from season 4 to season 6 is starting with the worst season, skipping the best season, and then going right into the sexcapades angst season. It'd be a shame.

Anyway.... YAY NEW BUFFY BUDDY. Plus I have all these DVDs I've never really watched consecutively. It's much more motivating to watch with a newbie.

Afterthought: It's pretty ironic watching Something Blue knowing that in the future Buffy and Spike have a major romantic story arc. Every scrap of dialogue seems portent-y, particularly with regard to Buffy's comments about her bad boy fixation.

Further thought: I'm not telling her there's a fifth season of Angel and James Marsters is in it. SHE NEVER NEEDS TO KNOW.
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My all time favorite Buffy fanfic is descant descending, by macha.


Before the World, the Word.

But even before the Word, the First Slayer began in silence, and her power rose with her out of Darkness to exist only in the moment of Death.

And it came to pass that as one died, the next was called, throughout recorded time.

But when the earth beneath wakes hungry, then one will come, and die, and two shall rise, one light, one dark, and the dark one shall covet light, and the light one shall fall into darkness.

The Slayer that was will drown, and the Slayer that is will jump, and the Slayer that shall be will storm the gates of the underworld.

And then in the final days either the Slayer will shatter or she will shatter the walls between dimensions, depending on whom she chooses to stand with her, and in any event this will be known in the demon worlds as the end of days.

Above all fics I might point people too, I encourage people the strongest to read this one. It's so creative and thoroughly presented, it makes me drool.

Close runner-ups:
Spiegel Im Spiegel by Fallowdoe
Daemons Luminati (a.k.a. Radiance), by [livejournal.com profile] lordshiva
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I was skimming the article "Boys' Comics vs Girls' Comics in Japan" on www.sleepisfortheweak.org, one of my favorite anime/manga review websites. While skimming the article, It made me think of both Twelve Kingdoms and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (my first anime), for different reasons.

The article says this on teams/friendship in Shounen manga:
"He almost never goes at anything solo--he may be at the top in the end, but he'll never get there without his best friend/group of friends helping him, and he'd never turn his back on a single one of them (not even on the jerk or the hothead or the coward, because every group has at least one). ... ...but bonds outside of the main two or three people are usually less solid, and a shoujo lead is perfectly able to live her own life with her man and leave her friends to their own devices (or, frankly, out of the story)."

My first thought was for Sailor Moon, the series that was my first exposure to anime and to this day is my initially defining idea of shoujo (though this is probably a poor example, as SM is a superhero story more than what I now define as a shoujo story.) But when I think aobut it, SM actually differs quite a bit from other shoujo I've since read: the team and friendship is all-important to the story of SM. Although SM has a very prominent love story, the show is, in essence, about friendship and teamwork. In some ways it's oddly like Buffy-- the love life of the heroine and her brooding beau may go up or down, but at the end of the day she has her scooby gang and her wise mentor to make everything alright. SM is so into the idea of friendship and teamwork to fight the good fight that it's practically a Care Bears episode at times. Side note: Being fairly femnist-minded, I think I'm weirdly lucky that, for all its many flaws, my first anime was a superhero story where the girl is the hero and her boyfriend is a perpetual sidekick/villain... well, except for the first season where he's a dark rescuer with mysterious loyalties... oh fuck, I shoudl really sit down one day and list the ways Buffy was like Sailor Moon.

The primary focus on friendship/teamwork doesn't make SM any less shoujo (there's a lot of other ways the series defines shoujo cliche, especially in the little things), but it makes me curious to realize that, when I think back on it, I actually can't remember many other shoujo series I've read where teamwork/friendship is a big deal. It's certainly not a big deal in Fushigi Yuugi (teamwork that is, as friendship *is* a big deal but only because the best friend is the antagonist of the series), the only other shoujo series I can think of at the moment that I've seen from start to finish (Princess Tutu doesn't count because that series is its own genre of themes and styles.) Is Paradise Kiss a shoujo series? For some reason I want to label it something else.

The article says this on goals in Shoujo manga:
Shoujo is usually less about the goal and more about the "getting there," so, while a shounen manga may have a very desirable ambition and a very specific route the characters must follow to succeed, shoujo titles usually stay away from that formula and focus more on the varying things that happen to the lead throughout her life.

That made me think of The Twelve Kingdoms, where lack of focus is never a problem for the heroine's plotline, and the story is all about the adventure. This was then followed by the thought "You know, 12K has a lot of the elements of a shonen series." Why? Because it's a cool adventure story about action and fighting and war and battles and politics. Its main character just happens to be female instead of male. And I don't mean she embodies traditionally "masculine" traits, because she doesn't-- she just happens to be set on an adventure where she learns to kick ass and take names and save the kingdom from destruction.

I'd love to have more series like that. I can name the few that I've watched that are like that on one hand: (12K, SM, Read Or Die OVA, Princess Tutu)

I'd love to see more anime or manga where you can have battles and adventure and drama... and the hero is female. I want more Buffy's and more Beatrix Kiddo's in my anime, please.

(Also, when is Adult Swim going to grab 12K, anyway? That show would work so well for them.)
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Nightwach is the coolest vampire/occult movie I've ever seen to have such absurdly uncool main characters. Seriously. The protagonists of this show are. not. cool. They are not the supermodel bodies of Underworld. They're... they're the Firefly to Underworld's Star Trek. That's the best way I can explain it. The grit to the gloss. Only more sad than funny.

Yeah, they do have cool superpowers...

But mostly they have flashlights.

The flashlights end up being a lot more useful than the superpowers at times.

You know how you watch Dead Like Me and think "Wow, it sucks being a grim reaper." ? You see Nightwatch and you're like "Wow, it sucks being an immortal superhero with magical powers."

The movie wasn't quite what I expected but it ended up being completely fascinating to me.

There's a chance you might not like it as much as I did. It was very dark, bloody at times, and the fights were rather disorienting (there's an actual characterization/plot reason for the battles to be so visually disorienting, but I don't want to go into detail about it), and the people weren't very sexy or very huggable. However, if you like monsters, fantasy, magic, vampires, psychics, spaceships, The X Files, or any other of a hundred sci-fi related things I expect everyone on my friends list likes.... YOU WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE.

It's Underworld, but smarter. It's Constantine, but grittier. Keanu's morose and world-weary John Constantine's got nothing on Anton. On the litmus test of moral ambiguity, Constantine's a choir boy in comparison. Not cause Anton's evil or anything, but... you just have to watch it.

Also? The subtitles were cool. I don't know how else to describe them except cool. They really utilized computer graphics to make the subtitles a part of the film. There's this one scene very early where a kid is swimming under water and bleeding out his nose. A voice calls to him and the subtitles are red, then they twist up like blood into the water near his face. COOL. And never so much that it got annoying.

And now, for the spoilery parts: They had me at the Buffy gag )

FINAL VERDICT: A-. Top quality fantasy/horror film, one of the best I've seen in a long time (probably the best I've seen since LOTR). It's weird, it's dark, it's visually arresting and it's foreign. It's creepy and I want the sequel very badly. I also want fanfic. I'm regretting not taking Russian in college because I'm not going to find much fanfic, I can tell.

((This movie also reminded me a bit of the original Highlander film. The very first one. With all the romanticism sucked out.))

watch the trailer
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If this thread amused the heck out of me, you can imagine the fit of giggles I collapsed into over the comments in this thread, with almost a complete new version of "I've Got A Theory."

Dear Joss Whedon: Thank you thank you, thank you so much for creating shows where dancing demon and puppet vampire jokes never, ever get old.
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I think I need to buy Season 6 of Buffy on DVD. Seriously. Because I was just thinking about "Once More With Feeling", and "Tabula Rasa", and how much I'd like to see those episodes again. Cause damn, they were pretty and romantic and happy and sad.

And then I'll have to buy Season 7 so that I'll feel okay again after I finish Season 6, which will no doubt leave me depressed. Plus Season 7 ends with the burning hands, which is still my choice for most purely romantic tv moment of any show I've loved.
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Housemate on the phone w/ her mom: What, so it's like a musical? *sings loudly* "I am a vampire, I suck people's BLOOOOOOOD!"

Me, singing in my head: "And I'm in love with the SLAAAAAYER!"


Oct. 16th, 2005 10:56 pm
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Skimmed the post episode 31 FMA discussion on the Adult Swim board, and people were oohing and ahhing over the stuff revealed with Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Sloth all in the same place at the same time. All the stuff about Wrath's history. They kept talking about how exactly a homunculus is made from a failed transmutation.

And that got me thinking about Buffy. Because, you know, a part of me is always in Jossverse at any given moment. And this is what I was thinking about:

EDWARD: I think I figured it out. This homunculous, it's not a homunculous we let out. It's a homunculus that we made.

ALPHONSE: We made a homunculus? Bad us.

EDWARD: Thaumogenesis is when doing a spell actually creates a being. In this case it was like, a side-effect, I guess. Like a price.

WINRY: What?

EDWARD: Think of it like, the world doesn't like you getting something for free, and we asked for this huge gift. Mom. A-and so the Gate said, 'fine, but if you have that, you have to take this too.' And it made the homunculus.

WINRY: Well, technically, that's not a price. That's a gift with purchase.

::tiny giggle fit:: Anya. Love. Always.
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Read a very interesting analysis/critique of gender roles and social/culture trends (as seen from a comparative literary standpoint) of the Star Wars films, with a focus on the prequel trilogy.

Mostly it left me in agreement: "Yeah, the Jedi are physically the most badass and fantastic warriors(glowy swords!), but I never really bought the whole 'emotion=danger' bit either."

Why? Long babbling discussion of science fiction genre approaches to the question of emotion and morality, stuff like that. References to Star Wars (obviously), Star Trek, Ender's Game, Serenity, Farscape, Naruto, Doctor Who, various others, and martial arts. )

Okay, I kind of lost track there so I'm going to stop now. I think I've babbled enough. I just wanted to comment on this aspect of Star Wars that I've never really liked. I've never liked religious-based celibacy as being celebrated as the mental/emotional ideal.

I didn't even go into the gender stuff like I had planned to. Oh well, I'll summarize: I hated Padme's storyline in general, especially in the third film. Eowyn of Rohan wouldn't have let herself become the vessel for an evil man's seed and then died for no apparent reason. Heck, Leia wouldn't even have let herself become that. But yeah I was going to stop and stuff. So this is me stopping.
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I know everyone and their sister knows about this by now, but... DUDE...




The absolute bestest best.

One fic writer has the stupidity and audacity to ask for payment for fanfiction... and all of tv ficdom jumps on her throat.

That's solidarity, my friends. Who knew this is what it would take to make us all agree on something?

Though we be different, though we have wars great and small, though we ridicule one another and make stupid icons about it, when one of us decides to leave the coven betray the pack turn away from the teachings of all fic traditions lose sight of the mission make money off illegal copywrited property...

...We are as one.

::sings:: WE! ARE! FAMILY!

And as they say in Gungrave and the Godfather films... you don't. betray. the. family.



Um. Ahem. I'll be over here. In the corner. Laughing for about FIVE years.

EDIT: on a more personal note-- well, acutally, I don't have a personal note. I didn't know cousinjean, though I do remember thinking her fic was pretty enjoyable and it's entirely probable I might have exchanged LJ comments with her at some point when I was more active in BTVS fandom. I don't think she's a bad person, but this is one instance where I am going to take all the pleasure possible and laugh at someone's pain. And fandom's pain. And all the pain. Because today I am just that shallow, and this is just that funny, and I thank my lucky stars I don't put that much emotional stock into much of ANYTHING I do online, because if I did, I'd have to take this all seriously.

In the end, we will all float on.

In the rain gutter. With Pennywise the Clown.

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Last night while trying to fall asleep I made a list in my head of my "most OTP OTPs"... i.e. the pairings I'm most emotionally invested in, and the ones I think are "even more meant for each other than your normal OTP." Televison and anime/manga. In order of true-est.

P.S.: I typed for two hours to write this stuff. It's like a mega-essay. So please, comment! Squee with me or disagree, I don't care. :) Let me know what you think. What your most-OTP OTPs are.

Anime (big spoilers for Princess Tutu, Escaflowne, Fruits Basket, and Gundam Wing, mild spoilers for Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2 )

Television (spoilers for Buffy, Farscape, The X Files )

What did you learn from this meme?

That just as often as Shaka's ships have happy endings, the other half of them ends in tragedy or bittersweet departure. I guess I come from the Casablanca / Gone With The Wind school of romance.



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