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In an effort to convert [livejournal.com profile] irrel to all my favorite shows, she and I have embarked on a massive and intense Farscape viewing project. For her it's the first time, for me it's a rewatch. I originally saw all of FS when it aired--I think I even recorded the miniseries on a VHS tape, as we didn't have DVR at that house. While I've seen a few odd episodes here and there (I've seen "Crackers Don't Matter" about four times), most of the show I've only seen once, and sometimes out of order. I remember season 4 very clearly, but seasons 1-3 are more muddled in my recollection. Nevertheless, it remains probably my favorite tv show after Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fullmetal Alchemist. It has one of my dearest and truest OTPs of all television history, and it broke my heart a thousand times over only to patch it up again with clay hands, booming laughter, and tentative smiles.

When I've pitched Farscape to people before, I've warned them that the first season isn't the strongest. However, having finished season 1 tonight, for the first time in complete sequential order and in a relatively short viewing period of a month, I have to eat those words. Yeah, the first half of season 1 is weak. But the second half starts to kick major, major ass. And the season as a whole is better than its disparate parts. It's full of little gems like "The Flax" and "A Human Reaction", as well as the epic, emotional rollercoaster of the final four episodes that I watched today. Man are they great! I'm noticing tiny details of characterization that either skipped my mind entirely on tv, or faded in memory. And the acting--oh, the acting. John Crichton and Aeryn Sun are stunning, together and apart. D'Argo is unrecognizable as a human actor under all that make up, but his emotions seep through. Especially in the second half of the season, once he's made his peace with Crichton and Aeryn as companions. Zhaan has almost as difficult a role of being a mystic archetype while still being multilayered character: she's not quite as subtle as D'Argo, but she's getting close. Rygel and Pilot are wonderfully orchestrated with talented voice actors giving them expression.

With season 1 of Farscape, I rediscovered the little things... Read more... )

I can't babble about my show anymore because I have to go to bed, but I'm planning a massive season 2 marathon with [livejournal.com profile] irrel this weekend, so I wanted to write down all these squishy, squealy fangirl feelings before the new season started. My love is back on, baby. I never did fandom for this show, never felt the need to because every crazy thing I could possibly imagine the show eventually did. But after I finish this rewatching journey, I might just dive into some rec lists. Because this is good eatin' my friends.

When new Doctor Who first aired, I thought it reminded me a bit of Farscape, if FS lost all its sex and its violence, if it cut out the intense moral issues and the gray-area decisions the characters make (the entire galaxy for a single person, the Doctor would never do that), if the black leather and the excessive use of explosions were traded for cleaner, clearer moral choices with deus ex machina devises that made the culpability dwindle to negligable. I love new Who like a beloved thing, but it was only ever the romance that made me actually cry. Farscape is so ambitious...it has its flaws like any show, but it just reached higher and that paid off. I will always compare DW to Farscape, not the other way around. And it wouldn't be a stretch to compare Battlestar Galactica to it too, because BSG was not the first misery-laden, wonderfully acted, heartbreaking I-can't-believe-how-angsty-and-how-great-this-show-is epic subtle insane adventure space opera I ever saw. It was #2.
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Super Spoilers for, like, a ton of fandoms: (Doctor Who, Farscape, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, How I Met Your Mother, etc.)

Top Ten TV Kisses )
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*pepper spray
*a Sonic Screwdriver with black light, "invisible ink", and psychic paper (Doctor Who)
*Penny Arcade collection # 5: The Case of the Mummy's Gold, signed
*Lone Wolf & Cub #1
*a nasty pretzel, two cookies, soda, sandwiches, a beer, ice cream, chips
*a print of that fantastic "companion" group photo from the 4th season of Doctor Who, signed "Barrowman ...Captain Jack"

Panels attended:
Joss Whedon & Dr. Horrible Crew
Stargate: Continuum
Stargate: Worlds
Stargate: Atlantis
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
Hamlet 2 (the second half, anyway)

Panels I meant to attend but blew off:
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Finale
Fraggle Rock 25th Anniversary (I was giving blood at the time, and that took a while)
Ray Bradbury

Stargate: Atlantis
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Celebrities I met, or at least shook hands/hugged:
John Barrowman
Felicia Day

John Barroman
Penny Arcade

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Watched BSG 3x19. Blegh.

Re-watched Farscape 4x17, A Constellation of Doubt, and the last 4 minutes of the finale miniseries, The Peacekeeper Wars. I almost cried. God, I love that show so much. There' nothing to clarify your feelings on mediocre tv like rewatching tv that you absolutely adore, then and currently.
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Title: "Eight Crazy Pilots Serenity Didn't Keep"

Author: [livejournal.com profile] tassosss

Rating: PG

Fandoms: Firefly, Farscape, SGA, SG1, Star Wars, BSG

Spoilers: a lot

Why you should read it: It builds up my heart and breaks it with every drabble. I love Serenity/Firefly fics that crossover with other space shows, and this doesn't disappoint. The two Farscape drabbles twisted my heart.

Link: River found John Crichton making pictures in the clouds from a rooftop. He had pretty drawings on his arms that danced in five dimensions and talked to the creature in his head who wore funny memories. He was surprised when she talked back to them both.
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Fandom Music Videos

A mass list of fan videos by series/show:
http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=vidding (the community "memories" page of the "vidding" community on Livejournal-- everything from tv shows like BSG to movies like Equilibrium or shows like Band of Brothers)

reference list of vidding communities for sci-fi shows )

Is there an LJ comm for Lord of the Rings videos?
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You know what makes Farscape a funny series? I mean, there's a million things, but certain things just stand out. It's the kind of wackiness that everyone can (secretly or openly) get behind. For example, they're the only show I've seen where the body-switching episode (of course there was one) involves everyone using each other's bodies not to impersonate each other or play schoolyard pranks but to masturbate. Or at least feel themselves up in between moments of fighting off alien ships and yelling at one another.

Come on. You switch bodies with someone of the opposite gender. Or an alien. What would you do? I mean really?


"The say you have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes to really understand them."
"I know what you were doing in my shoes."
"Come on..."
"No, no. It's all right. Really. You were in my shoes... I was in your pants..."


May. 5th, 2006 10:55 am
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I ended up being linked to the the TWOP recap of Farscape's "A Human Reaction", and was reading it for kicks. This quote struck me as oddly apt:

"How is it that every episode of this show is a fucking monster cryfest of emotional horror -- or a ridiculous display of adolescent fart humor -- and yet never really seems all that overwrought? "

I thought: "Hmm...yeah. That's my emotional experience with this show, summed up."

I also enjoyed this comment: "John laughs in that crazy way he laughs in every single episode, because in every single episode, there will be a point at which John goes insane and starts laughing." Very true.
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1. All it takes to make me go from liking something to loving it is to add Ben Browder.

2. Ben Browder doesn't age, yo. He actually looks younger here than he did in season 4 of Farscape.

3. Ben Browder and Claudia Black are just as awesome as snarky co-travellers as they are as as angsty snarky leatherwearing soulmates.

4. That "gene pool" comment was fucking AWESOME. The delivery. The look. I was laughing out loud which I've never done for Stargate SG1 before.

5. Teal'c is totally messing with Mitchell just because he can, huh? Sucks to be the new guy.

6. The new guy is a fanboy. That just cracks my shit up in whole new and undiscovered ways.

7. I kind of like Valla and Daniel. Was she on any episodes before, or are we to simply assume they met during some off-screen mission?

8. Mitchell, I think you need a hug for the whole first half of the episode. I would be proud to serve my country in this duty.

9. I think I have an Atlantis OTP now. And I want fanfic. Can I just say, I loved how the actors played that scene? And I only watched it 4...5 times. That's it. And they weren't even on my ship radar before. Fanfic, fanfic? Anyone?

10. Ford just became an interesting character to me, which he never was before. There must be a Buffy/Jossverse rule in there somewhere... episode spoiler )

11. I like the tech woman who's interacting with the tech Azgard dude. They can be Rozencrants & Guildenstern. Tiny and way off to the side of the plot, but funny.

12. McKay, you and I are obviously on the same wavelength when it comes to sandwhiches. You and I and Arthur Dent.
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Last night while trying to fall asleep I made a list in my head of my "most OTP OTPs"... i.e. the pairings I'm most emotionally invested in, and the ones I think are "even more meant for each other than your normal OTP." Televison and anime/manga. In order of true-est.

P.S.: I typed for two hours to write this stuff. It's like a mega-essay. So please, comment! Squee with me or disagree, I don't care. :) Let me know what you think. What your most-OTP OTPs are.

Anime (big spoilers for Princess Tutu, Escaflowne, Fruits Basket, and Gundam Wing, mild spoilers for Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2 )

Television (spoilers for Buffy, Farscape, The X Files )

What did you learn from this meme?

That just as often as Shaka's ships have happy endings, the other half of them ends in tragedy or bittersweet departure. I guess I come from the Casablanca / Gone With The Wind school of romance.



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