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RE: Blackberry Pomegranate


Well played, sirs and ma'ams. Well. played.
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[livejournal.com profile] irrel! [livejournal.com profile] yanocchi! Look at this awesome post I got from [livejournal.com profile] fadingembers. For potential SD Comic Con reasons, of course!

Now, I could not afford to buy all of those ingredients, but if you gals/guys (and who else we're hanging with) wanted to try at least one or two of the "nation" drinks, we could each bring something and by our spirits combined... ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED AVATAR STATE!

Yes, I find this idea way too amusing.

P.S. anyone on my flist who's going and wants to meet up, send me an email or sign below. No promises, but I'd love to meet more fans of any shared fandom, whether I'm active in it now or the past.
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I bought a small bottle of Frangelico so that I can practice making a chocolate cake shot, aka the tastiest shot ever according to yours truly.

*youtube videos aren't playing on my computer at the moment so I can't actually watch this but going by the comments they're correct.
** the "nuts and berries" shot is pretty good too.
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For Christmas I received a one-pound box of See's Chocolates, Assorted Dark. I've only got two pieces left in my box, and it's only been a week since Christmas, on top of all the other cookies and various candies around to snack on. God, Sees chocolate should be illegal. Can anything taste so good? I mean, I've had a LOT of chocolate from a lot of different famous companies, but I always go back to Sees. It's... it's goddamn Sees chocolate. If Rygel of Farscape had discovered Sees on his brief sojourn to 1980s Earth, instead of just trashy halloween candy, he wouldn't have just become an addict, he probably would have expired in a chocolate feeding frenzy.

I've never really had any Sees candy that wasn't chocolate or peanut brittle (or chocolate lollipops). I suppose they must make other forms of candy, but I would never know if they did. Because I always go into a Sees store knowing precisely what I want. Hint: it ends in "ocolate".
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Rashaka: "Someday when I really want one, you'll give me one of the cold Diet Cokes in the fridge with your name on it. Maybe not this week, maybe not next week. But someday."
ShakaDad: *looking dubious* "Better ask first. You have a long history of abuses with the cold Cokes."
Rashaka: "Don't worry, I'll ask! Think of it this way: I'm Rumplestiltskin, and you owe me your firstborn Coke."
ShakaDad: "Anytime you want to tally up favors, we can sit down and..."
Rashaka: "Whoa, whoa...cold Coke is in it's own special category, I think."
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Like many things ingestible, Red Bull gets slightly less disgusting with every can. The taste of liquid Smarties can be tolerated if you get it cold enough before hand, and if you drink it very fast you can almost convince yourself that it's actually going to do its revolting work to keep you awake, thereby justifying its revoltingly expensive purchase.
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[Poll #716583]

EDIT: I am tired and must sleep now. There's an ongoing Avatar mini-fic in the comments, y'all are free to throw your two cents.
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The other day I was in Albertsons standing at the deli counter with my iPod headphones hanging off my neck in a tell-tale manner. The 20-something guy behind the deli counter asked me what I was listening to today, remembering me (surprisingly) from a conversation we'd had at this same counter about three months ago, at which point the song on my iPod was "Doctors of Deliverance" by Crooked Fingers, which he remembered three months later because he's a big Crooked Fingers fan, apparently a rare condition.

This time I replied I was listening to the Veronica Mars soundtrack, and then sensing he was a carrier of the fandom potentiality gene, I tried pimping my show. The conversation went [very] roughly, like this:

"It's great."
"It's like....okay... think of The O.C. Only with better writing, and people die."
"What's it about?"
"Blahblahblah... and her dad's was the sherriff at one point so she goes around solving small cases and occasionally big ones. And she goes to school with rich kids of celebrities and stuff, and she gets her rich classmates to pay her wads of money to find out crap like how to blackmail their own parents."
"Anyway, there's usually a complex season-long mystery that gets solved along with the individual episode mysteries. It's pretty cool. If you know Kevin Smith movies, he loves this show. Um, that is, assuming that's a rec that has any meaning for you."
"Actually, that's pretty weighty."
"It's totally true. He has an online blog, you know, and he wrote an entire entry babbling about how much he loved it."
"You should watch it, trust me."
"I might."


Mar. 17th, 2006 11:08 pm
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[Poll #693282]

My shows, my shows!

When's the new Doctor Who airing on BBC, anyway?
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Running commentary via commercials (and alcohol):

Read more... )

Overall: quite the awesome season premier. Like, seriously awesome. Better than I expected from the promo. I'm going to love Azula's character, I can tell. She's everything Zuko is but better, then subtract a soul. "You lied to me!" / "Like I've never done that before." BWAHAHWHAA.

Total alcohol consumed in the last hour and a half:
-1 shot vodka lemondrop (yummy! finally, a way that makes vodka actually taste good.)
-1.5 shot Southern Comfort and diet coke (like vodka but sweeter)
-1.75 shots combined vodka and Southern Comfort + grenadine + lemon juice + orange-cranberry juice (Ugh! Too much grenadine!)
EDIT: + 1 shot vodka and cranberry juice
...all of which amounts to the most alcohol I've consumed in a single evening since my 21st birthday last March 26th. (doesn't beat it though-- I was so drunk that night.)


[livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk, stop putting it off and watch this goddamn show!

EDIT: Okay, I know I'm drunk when I start singing along to "Tainted Love" as its used in the Doctor Who series (episode 2, year 5 billion). And oh god, I've got to call my mom too... better do that now...hope I don't sound as drunk as I am... ::1 minute later:: SUCCESS! I totally did not sound drunk at all.
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I'm bored, and by myself.

The new episode of Avatar doesn't premier for two more hours. The first episode of Doctor Who doesn't air on SciFi for three more hours. I have no immediate homework and don't work till 11am tomorrow. It's Saint Patrick's Day.

I'm going to get smashed. I've got several bottles of alcoholic substances in the cupboard, including Southern Comfort (I've never even tried this yet). Here's what I have:

-bottle of White Zin wine
-2 berry-flavored wine coolers
-Southern Comfort

For things to add, I have:

-cranberry-orange fruit juice
-pineapple juice
-ice cream
-chocolate syrup
-instant coffe mix
-Diet Coke
-club soda
-lemon juice
-frozen and canned fruits (mostly strawberries and mandarin orange slices)

Look at that list! Tell me what pops into your mind.

I want to get smashed and watch Doctor Who and then some anime. Possibly the anime version of Count of Monte Cristo, which ought to look REALLY trippy while I'm drunk.

(except mudslide, I have those all the time)
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Alcohol consumed:

margarita (1)


sandwhich (1) half turkey, half egg salad

Currently cooking:

cranberry bareque sauce from recipe
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Thanksgiving has begun.

At my parent's house.

Relatives arrived last night.

We had mustard pork chops, cauliflower and rice for dinner. Aslo consumed: cranberry nut bread, margaritas.

Lost at pool, both in singles and pairs.

Hot tub is a godsend.

Stayed up late again because I'm a vampire and I just can't sleep if there's a computer nearby. I'm not really a vampire, but I told my housemates I was, to explain my bizarre sleeping habits. Which at the moment keep leaving me with like 4-5 hours of sleep. What's wrong with me that I just can't make myself lie down? Once I lie down I sleep fine. But I never get there.

This morning, woke up earlier than is sane for a 21 year old student, because People had invaded the kitchen at Insane Hour and I happened to be sleeping in the Livingroom, so Their Conversation woke me up.

2 eggs on half bagel, slice of banana bread.

There's SIX pies in our oven waiting. That's mad.

SIX! pecan, apple, pumpkin.
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I cannot stand the taste of coffee, but I've recently discovered that I adore Kahlúa. With milk. With ice cream. Whatever.

What's up with that?

Also, it tastes kind of like chocolate to me. Not like coffee at all.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 10:02 pm
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Since after the fiftieth time of trying I am still unable to get either Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegas Video to play anything but a blank black screen for avi files, I've decided to try Windows Movie Maker.

So far I find the clip cutting system simple and clear enough, but the audio song I imported sounds really garbled.

Also, pairing clips with music is already proving a dauting prospect in practical application.

On a different note...

List of recipes I need to get from my mom:

Swiss steak
turkey a la king
beef stew
split pea soup
potato soup
vegetable beef soup
beef stroganaff
pork gravy
chicken gravy
turkey gravy
baked fish
chicken stir fry
cowboy eggs
roast beef
Christmas cookies
rum cake
jello-pretzel desert
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I am the budding goddess of smoothies.

See, back when I lived in San Jose, I would go to Vallco Shopping Mall. It's kinda dying out, but hey, it's got an ice rink. It's also got a kiosk in the middle of the mall that makes the best smoothies I've ever had. Jamba Juice is a pale imitation. PALE.

In an effort to figure out how to make good smoothies on my own (because driving all the way to the mall for a smoothie is way lame), I've been teaching myself over the last two or three years.

This week i hit the jackpot. I made two important discoveries:

1. use an entire yoplait yogurt. it makes it smoother.
2. use more fruit. a 3:1 ratio of fruit to ice seems to work well.

I was using too much ice before in an effort to achieve a fruit smoothie instead of fruit juice with pulp. But too much ice makes it icy, not smooth. So the key is frozen or semi-frozen fruit. Also, if you make ice cubes with fruit juice or a mixture of fruit juice and water, the smoothie gets even more flavor with the ice you do use.

Sometimes you want to sweeten your smoothie, though usually the fruit is sweet enough. If you do, DO NOT use sugar. It's too much.

Sweeteners that work instead of sugar:
1. honey
2. jam or jelly (it's full of sugar and it's more fruit flavor)

For Juices as a thinner I reccomend:

1. orange juice
2. canned pineapple juice (USE SPARINGLY!--very potent)
3. cranberry/other mixed juice
4. if you're desperate, stuff like Sobe or Snapple might work too
5. milk or half-&-half

Don't be afraid to use milk as another liquid thinner. Like the yogurt it helps cut the intensity of the sweetness. Especially if you use too many strawberries. I usually just pour a little in for kicks.

Fruit suggestions:

1. strawberries (fresh or frozen)
2. banana (fresh or frozen, great for counter-acting the intense sweetness of the strawberries)
3. oranges (fresh or canned)
4. peaches/nectarines (fresh or canned)
5. pineapple (fresh or canned, USE SPARINGLY!)
6. other berries (can be expensive, but if you have them fresh go for it)

failed fruit experiments:
- plums (too weak)
- grapefruit (too strong)
- apricot (too weak)
- watermelon (too watery and weak)

CANNED FRUIT IS YOUR FRIEND. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with using it in a smoothie. It tastes perfectly fine, and the leftover juice from the canned fruit (what you decide not to use) can be mixed with water and frozen into ice cubes for use as flavor in your next smoothie. I recently used canned Mandarin oranges in a pinch because I was short on the amount required for other fruits, and it worked very well.

YOGURT IS YOUR FRIEND. Yogurt helps cut the intensity of the fruit flavor. You might be thinking "Hey, I *want* the intensity of the extreme fruit flavor." To which I tell you to try the smoothie I made last week when we were out of yogurt and out of bananas. It was like drinking liquid strawberries. Not of the good. Ice and juices/liquids help tone down the intensity of strawberries and of citris fruit. However, yogurt is the miracle of smoothiedom. It cuts sweetness, it smooths out the consistancy, and it goes with any fruit you use. It also comes in many flavors of its own. Right now I'm very attached to Yoplait yogurt cups, especially using Orange/Pineapple or Orange Creme for smoothies.

Other things you can add to jazz up a smoothie:
- ice cream
- Sprite, 7-Up, or ginger ale
- tequila


Dec. 16th, 2002 12:48 pm
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Lesson learned recently: you can make a very good burrito from leftovers.

What I used this time. I pulled one of those old cartons of gravey out of the freezer, and thawed it. We had some leftover already-cooked steak pieces, so I chopped that up, and cooked it with the gravy. I dumped in a whole bunch of chopped up green chilis froma little can, and added green slasa. I opened a can of beans an dumped some of those in to. cooked it all together, made some white rice, dumped ti all onto a tortilla, added a slice of american cheese, and called it lunch. very good.
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Carol Weir’s
Super Duper
Don’t You Wish You were This Cool
Mustard Pork Chops

Brought to you by Sara Weir (we feed you good!)

Cook on the side:
Standard white rice
Vegetable of choice

You need:

Vegetable oil (approx 1-1½ tablespoon-whatever’s enough to fry/brown meat in)
Boneless pork chops (3-6)
1 can chicken rice soup (we recommend Campbell’s) or chicken broth
mustard (we do NOT recommend Dijon)


1.pour small amount vegetable oil into a large pan, leave sitting on the side

2. on a workspace, squirt a fair amount of mustard onto a plate (don’t be stingy, you’ll need more than you think)

3. on a paper towel, dump out a large amount of flour-at least two to three scoops; spread out somewhat, but not much

3b. turn on stove and start heating pan.

4. take a pork chop (with clean hands!) and with fingers smear mustard on both sides, and edges. Get them fingers messy!

5. take pork chop and set it in the flour pile, and scoop the rest of the flour around it, until its floured completely. Flour should stick to the mustard, but some will come off.

6. pick up floured/mustardy pork chop and place it in the frying pan. Repeat process with other chops.

7. brown the pork chops on medium/high on both sides (temp’s so important as the fact that it gets browned); be aware that a lot of the mustard/flour will flake off into the pan. That’s fine, don’t worry about it. Just leave it there and brown the damn meat already.

8. when meat is browned, dump in the can of chicken rice soup, and settles it around the meat. You can add ¼ to ½ cup water as well, if you feel there’s not enough liquid. S’up to you.

9. turn burner to the low side of medium low, and cover. Check periodically, stirring occasionally to see meat doesn’t burn on bottom (it shouldn’t), or to add a little water if necessary.

10. let simmer for at least 45 minutes, at max an hour

11. serve with white rice & a vegetable, making sure to spread gravy/broth over the rice.

E.N.J.O.Y. W.H.A.T. C.O.U.L.D. B.E. T.H.E. L.A.S.T. M.E.A.L. O.F. Y.O.U.R. L.I.F.E., S.H.O.U.L.D. Y.O.U. B.Y. S.O.M.E. S.I.C.K. T.W.I.S.T. O.F. F.A.T.E. G.E.T. S.T.R.U.C.K. B.Y. L.I.G.H.T.N.I.N.G. O.R. I.N.F.E.C.T.E.D. W.I.T.H. A.N.T.H.R.A.X. B.E.F.O.R.E. B.R.E.A.K.F.A.S.T.
Have a nice day. :)
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I'm afaid I might have been a bit of a bitch to the guy at the ice cream place.

But really, it wasn't unjustified. I had damn good reason to snap.

So it happens like this:

I get coerced by my mother into going out to by ice cream before we settle down to watch Panic Room. Which-- if you pardon the momentary tangent--- was good. Not as wicked as Fight Club, but still intelligent and interesting, with a strong, capable female protagonist.

So I enter the Baskin Robbins, feeling somewhat optimisitc at the concept of ice cream. I've got a whole list of orders floatign around in my brain, too.

I walk over to the side and start perusing those fridges they always have out with the pre-packed quarts of ice cream. It's half empty. There's chocolate, but no mint chip, no chocolate chip, and no Jamoca. This annoys me. I close the glass door, open it up to examine it all again, then close it, taking the chocolate out.

There's a guy there, probably my age. He looks all sweaty and tired-gross. He gives me a blank look with a slight hint of the retail perkiness he's supposed to be pouring out, and ays "What would you like?"

I look over at fridge, then just to emphasize it, point. "So you have any ice cream besides what's in there?"

Another blank look, and this time the perkiness is totally gone. "No."

I frown a little, and say, "Since you're obviously out, can you pack me a quart without charign the extra dollar-fifty?"


I nod, and preserve my disappointment. I ask him about the size differences between pints and quarts for a minute, and have him bring me the emtpy quart to compare to the one I had out because it looked smaller. I dither between them for a moment (whihc I dont' normally do, but this was bugging me), then say "Alright, when you pre-pack this stuff, you do push it down, don't you? You don't just dump three scoops in and call it good, right?"

His dead response: "No, we pack it."

I straighten my shoulders. "Good, I want a quart of Mint chocolate chip. None of that fat-free thin mint stuff I saw over there either."

He says: "We're out of mint."

"You're out of mint."


Ok, now I was getting irritated. My mom wanted mint. I wanted mint. The only reason I went to Baskin Robbins at all was because they had good Mint.

"Is there another Baskin Robbins around here that actually has ice cream?"

He looks at a sheet and tells me there's one in Los Gatos. Right. Like I was going drive fifteen minutes all the way to Los Gatos, buy ice cream there, then come another twenty back. I had a new movie to be watching right then.

:deep breath:: "Ok. Ok. I'll have, um... That--over there. Jamoca. Pint." He does that, and I go back to the semi-empty fridge and get a pre-packed thing of cookies & cream, frowning. Then I have him pack me a quart of regular, standard, how-dare-they-be-out-of-it-too Chocolate Chip. My head is just growling over the stupidity of them charging extra for individually packed cups.

A couple comes in, and murmers quietly looking over teh selection. The man is standing next to me, and I lean over and say cool-as-calm, "They're out of mint."

"They are?" the man says in a kind of "oh, ok, whatever" voice.

"They are?" the woman repeats, in a "they can't be out of mint!" voice. I like her; she understands my pain I can tell.

The man points out the Thin Mint, but the woman scolds him and says its not the same. They settle for something else. After another few moments of deliberation I jot bakc to the frridge and trade teh cookies-n-cream for a quart of chocolate chip cookie dough. I set it down on the counter with a dissapointed bang. It's not mint.

I turn back to my server-- he's almost done. I ask him if they sell fudge in a jar. They don't. This does not make me anymore satisfied. He rings them up, and I pay him. He hands me back the reciept (with a significantly more cheerful demeanor.) "Here you go. Have a nice evening."

I look at my four packs of ice cream of various sizes spread along the counter, and then back at him. After a beat he adds, "Would you like a bag?"

I give him one of those smiles. You know, the I'm-sure-as-hell-glad-I-didn't-hire-you-but-let's-be-polite smile. "Yes, I would."

He packs the bag, and I take it and turn around and flounce out, pony tail swinging deliberately.

On my way out I move forward to hold the door open for this cute guy with crutches and soemthing seriously bad-complicated caged around one leg. He gives me a large, grateful smile, and says thank you.

I'm not a bitch to everyone, you see. Just to those who deserve it.

I still want my damn Mint Chocolate Chip.


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