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I read both of them last night, which kept me up till an UNGODLY hour since it was already late when I started. But I couldn't stop! So many things happened. Like, HOLY SHIT DID THINGS HAPPEN.

You have to understand how Furuba works to get why "things happened" is worth of capitalization. Furuba has a plot, but the whole plot is the relationships between the characters. Due to the nature of the curse, how the various characters interact is literally the plot progression. So that means that it's a far cry from action/adventure, and when fundamental changes to a situation--as opposed to changes in personal relationships--occur, they have lasting dramatic effect on everyone. FB is somewhere between a sitcom, a romance, and a family drama. Emotions were running high in these two volumes, even more so than the previous volume (19), and I still can't quite believe what rapidly went down in front of us. Or why these things happened now, and how.

SPOILERS for volume 21, also chapter 125 )
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Ooh, this is so good! I love these last few volumes, and #19 is particularly tasty with the drama and the revelations and the WTF factor. You can't see my face right now but I'm smiling like a madwoman.

random squee about volume 19 )
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I just finished reading Vol. 18 (chapter 107), which brings me to nearly where I left off the scans. I am still confused about some chronology stuff-- spoilers for 107 )

I am hopeful that the final volumes of FB won't take too terribly long. At this rate they should be out by the end of the year. Which seems a criminally long time, but at least its happening. Onto volume 19, which has FIVE whole new chapters I've never even seen the scans for. Huzzah!
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Is Shigure actually Kureno's older brother? Kureno calls him nii-san but that might just be an informality. ETA: Yes, it is an informality, they aren't directly related.

This conversation stood out to me as one of the most important speeches from Shigure the whole series:

Discussion of Volume 17 of Furuba, specifically all the surprises in chapter 101, with text quotes and stuff. Am I following these events correctly? )
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Does anyone have Fruits Basket fanfic recs?

note: I'm spoiled for up to volume 17 or so (I can't remember exactly... I stopped reading at Chapter 108). I know volume 19 is out, and 20 will be out in July, but I am still behind I think. I will probaby go tomorrow to the book store and catch up to volume 19.

Because of my fierce desire to keep myself pure from spoilers I haven't visited the FB section of ff.net for like two years. Terrible, I know. But I can afford to wait for this series. What I wanted to ask you folks on my flist, though, is if you have any fanfic recommendations. Long fics, short fics, doesn't matter. I'd love to hear about them, and I trust you guys to be forthright about the spoiler warnings.

I would have read fanfic at ffnet except I didn't trust people not to spoil me in summaries, like what happened with a major thing in Trigun and also happened with the end of season 6 for BTVS.

But... I miss it. I miss furuba fanfic. I miss the deranged and tragic Sohma family. And I figure it's safe to ask you, my flist! So... help?

EDIT: Let me quote, also, a warning I said about Fruits Basket back in 2006 when I swore off scanlations:

If anyone reading this mentions anything about FB to me beyond chapter 108, you will become as a pancake: flat and mushy and bleeding syrup, an abused piece of pan-fried pastry that no one wants to touch because you've been beaten to a whitish pulp and left wasted on the kitchen floor for three days.

I mean, seriously folks. There's few things that I love like I love the FB manga. You can spoil me for Battlestar Galactica and I'll whine a bit and feel some irritation, but that's it. You spoil me about Avatar and I'll cry in the corner for a few minutes, probably talk in CAPS. You spoil me for Fruits Basket and YOU HURT MY SOUL. MY SOUL. I will gladly taken the label of paranoid and over-reacting and bitchy if it means people won't spoil me.
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Potential Epic Fics I've Yet To Finish

Our Cartography: [Avatar: The Last Airbender] My post-first season AU epic friendship/UST/adventure fic for Katara and Zuko, that got derailed after the season 2 premier stole one of my climax ideas and sent me into a crushing spiral of envy-angst. As [livejournal.com profile] akavertigo said, most writers are jealous, maniacal, and possessive about our ideas. Having them stolen by canon is almost worse than having plaigarized by another fan, cause I've nobody to be properly mad at. I'm still getting over this, and there are very strong chances I'll get back to this fic.

Salience & Synergy: [Avatar: The Last Airbender] My season 1 AU fic, with Iroh teaching Aang to firebend while he sits in Zuko's ship on the way to the Fire Nation capital. I still have hopes of finishing this one, actually. I love the idea of writing something trancendental, something that has nothing to do with romance and everything to do with philosophy and spirituality. Aang and Zuko have such a heavy dynamic, as do Iroh and Zuko.

The Mindwalker Ninja: [Naruto] My epic Ino Yamanaka life-fic, an AU that would span 20 years and see her through relationships with Shikamaru and Sasuke. This one has a lot of outlining done, particularly with regards to Ino's part in the final battle with Orochimaru, and with Sasuke's future. I stopped writing it because Naruto came off haiatus after the age jump, and I began to lose interest in the fandom, and the Ino that came out of more manga began to differ from my idea of Ino, who was half OC anyway given that we knew so little about her. Still, there's a lot of potential for writing more with this.

Mon Autre Vie: [Fruits Basket] My would-be epic Tohru Honda / Sohma family drama fic, which was based on a damn cool premise, if I do say so myself. Again, I began to grow distant from the fandom, particularly when I stopped reading the manga scanlatioons and subsequently had to give up on fanfic for fear of being spoiled. I had a good deal outlined for this fic, though not as much as the two above, and I wish I could write more even though I somehow doubt I'll get back to it.

Dane: [Harry Potter] A result of my Shakespeare crush, a massive epic based on fusing Harry Potter and Hamlet, a post-book 5 AU that would have had the students of Hogwarts unwittingly play out the entire play all the way to its tragic ending. It would have been really fucking cool, if I hadn't lost the massive outline I did for it. A full break down of character roles and plotlines, incredible amounts of detail... all gone. I was pretty upset about it, trust me.

Orpheus Child: [Cowboy Bebop] The closest thing I've done to outlining a complete novel, and it would have been one of the best fics I'd written. A post-series fic about Spike rediscovering his life, about family ties and blood and love and friendship, about the horrors of adulthood and childhood. Somewhere I have an outline for this SOMEWHERE I DO. I just don't know where it is right now. But it was a great outline, plotting the major events of each chapter, the emotional arcs of each character, the themes, allusions, and metaphors of the story, the thrilling climax, and even chapter titles pulled exclusively from poems by e. e. cummings and Shel Silverstein, as part of the mythology/children's story motif. And now it's been so very long since I watched CB... I wouldn't even remember how to write Spike's dialogue, or Jet's or Ed's dialogue.

51 Ways To Draw A Perfect Circle : [Fullmetal Alchemist] My once grand idea to do a drabble for every episode of FMA, each in a different character (50 total). I only got so far as 10, but I selected the main characters for all 51. Next time I sit down to watch an FMA marathon, I might take it up again and finish.

It's kind of depressing that "I lost the outline" the major reason for most of these fics dying, isn't it? And for the rest, it's lost interest. My interest wanders too easily, I'm sad to say, when it comes to fiction writing. Hopefully I'll get over that one day. You'll notice that neither of my two ATLA long drabble series, Night Has Come or Culture Clash, are up here. That's because they're too skimpy in word count to be called epic, and also because I plan on writing more for them, beyond all doubt.
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I...I...just got spoiled for Fruits Basket.


It was a one-word mood spoiler, really. Barely even constitutes a spoiler. But at the same time, it's a huge spoiler, depending on how the reader views mood spoilers. For me, sometimes, mood spoilers are much worse than plot spoilers.


Oh damn, it's been far too long since I read Fruits Basket. I think I stopped somewhere around volume 16... I gave up on scanlations because the translations were becoming unintelligable. I wonder how many volumes are officially in print in the US by now? How many there are total? I should go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow and just read them in the aisles. Graphic novels are great for that; you can finish one in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

OH MY GOD, IT'S BEEN AGES, HASN'T IT? Since I got a furuba fix. Okay, I'm definitely going tomorrow. I'd go right now but they're closed cause it's way late.
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Characters I'd Like To See Get Eaten By A Bear, Or Just Otherwise Disappear

Derek Shepherd [Grey's Anatomy]
Sasuke Uchiha [Naruto]
Lee "Apollo" Adama [Battlestar Galactica]
Nathon Petrelli [Heroes]
Kikyo [Inu Yasha]
Kisa Sohma [Fruits Basket]
Angel [Angel: the Series] ...(but puppet!Angel can stay.)
Anotsu [Blade of the Immortal]
Folken de Fanelia [The Vision of Escaflowne]
Treize Khushrenada [Gundam Wing]
the entire cast [The Phantom of the Opera, the movie]
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I spent a couple hours sorting through paperwork tonight, and I just found 3 outlines printed out that I thought had been lost forever:

The Mindwalker Ninja (Naruto) - A story for Yamanaka Ino: number one kunoichi in her class, leader of Team 10, and proud shinobi of the Leaf people.
(My multi-ship, multi-arc epic that would folllow Ino into her twenties and cover such things as the death of Orochimaru, the three year time gap, an ongoing relationship with Shikamaru and a dark and confusing [but hot] affair with recovering-from-evil Sasuke.)

Mon Autre Vie (Fruits Basket) - On graduation night, a horrific tragedy struck the Sohma family. A year and a half later, Tohru must solve the mystery of the dreams that plague her, while the youngest Sohma prince starts to investigate what happened, and why.
(My dark and angsty Furuba fic with Tohru/Yuki and Tohru/Kyo and corruption, abuse, murder most foul, magic, and lots of Hiro trying to be a grown up.)

Orpheus Child (Cowboy Bebop) - A coma has changed the galaxy little but changed Spike's universe in spades. Not fluff, because life is never that easy.
(A.K.A my excruciatingly plotted-out, 16 chapter, nursery-rhyme-and-classical-mythology-allegory post-series Spike fic, of which only the prologue has been posted.)

Now I'm looking at these and thinking "They're back! I can write them again! The outlines survived because in my brilliance of yesteryears' fannishness I once printed them out and dragged them 500 miles to Southern California with me!"

And then I look at the ficverses I'm supposed to be doing, like Vampverse or [livejournal.com profile] rain_tealeaves, and I want to cry. CRY, YO. CRY!

Because it's a fucking candy story of giant fic bunnies, and I'm the candy and they all want to eat me, but there's not enough to go around.

And then there's that tiny matter of the Life On Mars/Tenth Doctor Who fic that was hopping on lil furry feet all around my brain today...
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I'm rereading volume 12 of Fruits Basket, and volume 13 is waiting. It's so much better in the official translation! The dialogue...makes sense! The conversations follow a logical line of discussion and I can comprehend what the fucking point is!

It's so much nicer. I missed a lot of stuff back when I was reading scanlations. Like the whole Kagura & Kyo conversation thing-- my impression of that conversation was muddled and confused, but reading this time it was very clear and actually very moving. I also missed out on the crucial point of Kagura's confession the first time; I actually get it now. And Kyo! I love Kyo so much.

Shigure and the teacher's conversation was even funnier now that their sentences made sense. I'm so glad I swore off the scanlations for Furuba. I can wait. I can be patient and buy the official TokyoPop manga volumes. If ever there was a series I'd gladly spend money on for manga, it's Furuba. I just...gah. This is my favorite manga, no question. I enjoy Naruto but Naruto ain't got nothin' on the operatic-scale tragedy of Tohru Honda and the Sohma family. The level of character development and foreshadowing and detailed continuity just makes me swoon. (And there's the fact that I'm in fangirl love with half the Sohma boys--specifically Kyo, Shigure, and Haru.)

BTW, I'm still, in my heart, kind of a Kagura/Yuki shipper. I'd love to see them together in a few years, as comfortable adults. This is because I watched the anime first, I think.

EDIT - If anyone reading this mentions anything about FB to me beyond chapter 108, you will become as a pancake: flat and mushy and bleeding syrup, an abused piece of pan-fried pastry that no one wants to touch because you've been beaten to a whitish pulp and left wasted on the kitchen floor for three days.

I mean, seriously folks. There's few things that I love like I love the FB manga. You can spoil me for Battlestar Galactica and I'll whine a bit and feel some irritation, but that's it. You spoil me for Fruits Basket and YOU HURT MY SOUL. MY SOUL. I will gladly taken the label of paranoid and over-reacting and bitchy if it means people won't spoil me.
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Missed my doctor's appointment. Will have to wait until ass-early Thursday morning to find out if I'm clinically sad or not.

To make up for the missed appointment, I went shopping with all my shiny graduation money:

The Body Shop was having a sale of 3 make-up items for $15, on account of them changing their packaging. That was too good to pass up, so I got 3 eyeshadow colors, 1 lipstick, 1 lip stain thingy, and 1 mascara. I also got a mandarin-flavored body scrub.

I got a hat and a shirt at Torrid. I tried on several shirts but only fit one, and in their smallest size. I'm really too small for that store, but at the same time I often have difficulty fitting into a large in normal stores. And most of the time THAT comes down to my having wide shoulders and a C cup. They just make the shirts so damn small-- even if I lost 30 pounds and went from a size 12-13 to a size 8-9 or something, I *still* wouldn't be able to wear that shit because I don't have dainty shoulders. I'm 5'7". But I like the shirt I did get, and my hat is cute. I'm still wearing it right now. I look good in hats, if I do say so myself. I also got two other shirts from different stores.

I got a soap dish and matching small ceramic cup for my bathroom. It's white with pink and gold in a sort of bird design. Which sounds gaudy, but really it's not.

I also hit the Barnes and Noble. Picked up:

Fruits Basket 12
Fruits Basket 13 --- I meant it when I said "fuck you" to the current scanlations.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris --- This came recommended to me a long time ago, and I've heard excerpts of his writing before. Always amusing.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E. B. White. --- recommended by Stephen King in his book On Writing. It's a little, little text. 85 pages and a glossary.

Nightwatch by Terry Pratchett --- Because Terry Pratchett is love. Even though I still have to finish The Light Fantastic.

Issola by Stephen Brust --- I'm about two books behind in reading what I own now, but that's okay. I really enjoy this series; it's fun and yeah, it's fantasy, but mostly its all about inner-city crime and mob life. And sometimes political movements. There's a whole lot of stuff I like better when it's put into a fantasy world instead of the real world. The guys at Penny Arcade did a comic about the books recently.

Overall it was a good shopping trip. I want very badly to wear make-up and cute shirts tomorrow.
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Curse you [livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk, for pointing me toward the Doctor Who Multifandom "Choose Your Own Companion" Ficathon.

Now I want to write a fic about Nine inadvertantly travelling with Tohru Honda.

Tohru Honda.

The brain, it boggles. Tohru would drive him absolutely bonkers, but she'd be so earnestly sincere that he wouldn't be able to hate her.

I'd need a prompt though. A situation/place/time/idea... something for them to react to.

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] octopedingenue? Where are you? ::booming voice:: I have a task for you. (see comments below!)
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Chapter 108 of Furuba is up at stoptazmo.com.

I liked it, but reading highlighted one of the things that's been bugging me about the last few volumes in scanlations-- they're hard to understand. I can barely ever tell who's saying which thought bubble, and the sentences often aren't complete sentences or whole thoughts. Nearly every sentence is fragmented or jumps around. It's getting so bad that I'm almost certain it's a translation problem, not a writing problem. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be this bad if read in native Japanese.

It's making me consider going back to the purchased volumes again, because at least the translators would attempt to use complete English statements. Although I've mostly read the scanlations for the last five volumes because of timeliness, it takes so long for a chapter to come out these days, and I already avoid ff.net spoilers like the plague, so what do I care? While there might be infintessimal differences in how dialogue makes a scene read in English or Japanese, I have no guarantee that the scanlation gives any more accurate a translation than the professional translation done by Tokyopop.

I've put up with the fragmentation of dialogue for a long time now, but this chapter is almost breaking point for me. I think there was one statement from Shigure's speech bubbles that was a complete sentence in the conversation with Tohru. I reread it a few times and it still doesn't make sense to me. I get the gist of the conversation, but if I wanted to settle for "the gist" of what's going on I'd read the fucking chapter summaries. The only reason I wait so dilligently for the chapter scanlations is the promise of details. But it's getting downright annoying and I'm about ready to throw my hands in the air and say "fuck it" and buy them.

If the kind of grammar used in these scanlations were to be in a fanfic, I would've pitched that fic in the trash bin four volumes ago.
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OMG! StopTazmo has been updated with up to chapter 107 of Fruits Basket!

When did THAT happen? And why didn't anyone TELL me? I thought we were still at chapter 102 or something...

::downloads newest madly::

spoilers for chapter 107 )

Sometimes I look back at Furuba as it started and think, "How did we get here?" I used to think of it as a comedy, but it hasn't been that since like volume 10...

I just wish it were safe to browse ff.net. I'm afraid of spoilers beyond the current scanlations, so I haven't gone in months. But I'd like some Furuba fanfic...
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[livejournal.com profile] octopedingenue, I did not look at your Fruits Basket picture of doom. I did not! And I will not.

I just hope to god no one uses an icon around me. Because I don't want to know what "picture of doom" means for Furuba. I'm a spoiler virgin, a spoiler virgin! I have precious few series that I actually care about to not only not read spoilers, but actively avoid them at all costs.
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Fruits Basekt chapter 101


There's a fabulous sort of sordid joy about reading Fruits Basket. The manga-ka lays these hints and I think ''Wouldn't it be crazy if...'' and then it goes and HAPPENS! And I guessed it might but I never believed it really WOULD! And it's all so fucked up but I love it! )

Now I need to listen to that Garbage song "Sex Is Not the Enemy" a few dozen times.

EDIT: Waahhhh. I just realized my mp3s of the Bleed Like Me album are all gone from my last computer crash. ::sob::


chapter 102


Yuki/girl-whose-name-I-can't-remember are so cute. And the best-friend=whose-name-I-can't-remember is adorable too.
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I'm listening to The Muse while reading chapter 98 of Fruits Basket.

Given all the scary crazyness of this chapter, it's awfully appropriate.

You will squeeze the life out of me...

EDIT 1: Unfortunately, reading chapter 98 just invalidated the canon of the ficlet I wrote last night after reading chapter 97. Curses, foiled again!

EDIT 2: Jesus I can't even begin to talk about how fucked up the Sohmas are. With every chapter comes a new level of complex badness that makes me think they ALL need therapy, and time away from each other.

Actually, if they could all separate and live their own lives, they would stop the cycle of fucked-up-ed-ness.

Now, just to be sure I got this whole discussion right... )
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Fruits Basket, chapter 91:

Read more... )
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This was really funny.

Then it became this, and it made my night.

(Although I doubt anyone who hasn't seen Trigun will really understand why the last part is so goddamn funny)
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All right, I want some. Give it to me.

I want non-sucky Remus/Tonks fic.

I want non-sucky Remus/Tonks/Sirius OT3 fic.

I want non-sucky Sheppard/Weir fic.

I want non-sucky Fruits Basket fic.

I want non-sucky Samurai Champloo fic.

If you have any, give it to me. I want some.


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