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Just watched Holes. I'd seen the first half hour once before on a botched couch date (my memory of the evening is more "I should finish that movie someday" than "I should call that guy", funny enough), and so when I had the opportunity and the whim hit me, I bumped it to the top of my Netflix list. I'd heard good things about the cast and the story.

Overall, I give it an A! An excellent YA film, one that fits in with classics like The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks, The Goonies, and Adventures In Babysitting. It's a touch dark, like Stand By Me, but has the same whimsical, almost fantasy storytelling of The Sandlot. I liked the variety of characters presented in the boys and in the adults, and I really appreciated how all the storylines tied together in the end. It was only as the final scenes were happening did I realize the scope of the various relationships within this community--from the past to the present, from neighbor to nemesis to descendant. Absolutely delicious use of storytelling devices and anecdotes to advance plot and link people together.

The way that various adult members of the cast chewed the scenery was a hoot too--perfect performances from the main three camp-keepers, just the right level of caricature for this kind of film. Sigourney Weaver's character could have been the seventh member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad , except without the ninja skills. Just with supreme nastiness. The cast of kids was great; they all did splendid jobs and I'm curious if I'll recognize any of them in current movies beyond the obvious protagonist. And Dule Hill can feed me onions any day.
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Brief interview with the screenwriter for the upcoming live action Cowboy Bebop film.

Reading the comments from the novelist-turned-screenwriter who's assigned the job of adapting the series to movie status, I'm feeling hopeful. He certainly sounds like he appreciates the spirit of the work, though I haven't read Peter Craig's books so I don't know if his actual writing is something to get crazy over. But enthusiasm is a good start. It also sounds like Watanabe and Studio Sunrise are involved with the development of the film--so far, at least--and that's also a positive sign.

Side note: I'm still ragingly skeptical about Reeves as a casting choice, because even though I actually like the guy he's not how I picture a live action Spike at all. He's ten years too old (movie Spike should be mid-30s, while anime Spike was jaded at 27), and he doesn't project the irreverent charm. Spike's a huge asshole for much of the series, but the reason we love him is that he's got this sarcastic slacker charm to balance it. Something to brighten the shadows and soften the edges of a mob-employed street thug turned self-employed space thug. Reeves is so deadpan serious in most of his movies that it's hard for me to imagine him bitching about bell-peppers-and-beef-without-the-beef one minute and getting into a name-calling exchange with Cowboy Andy the next. That being said, I do appreciate that KR is apparently driving the project with an eye that includes the original production studio, even if its only in consulting. Casting will matter a lot for this movie, because the only way it will ever 'succeed' as a part of CB media canon rather than as any generic spaceship action movie is if the characters have the right chemistry. Bebop was just as much about the pathetic daily lives of its crew as it was about catching bounties and shooting stuff (hence my unshakeable secret belief that CB and Firefly are literally part of the same verse.)

Casting poential blunders aside, I've always thought that Bebop was one of the most--if not still THE most--easily translateable anime series for Western audiences. And deliberately so, thematically and visually. More to the point, the bounty-of-the-week format makes it easily translatable to film, or a franchise of films. The could not have found a better source anime with which to make an Americanized/Westernized live action adaptation. However, Bebop was not without its problems. Pacing is the biggest flaw of the series, and underdeveloped supporting characters is another. A live action film could smooth these problems out, or exacerbate them. In that sense, I think it's better if the original studio is brought on for style choices more than for the actual storywriting.
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My brain is sometimes filled with very peculiar things. For instance, my recent fun times debating boys-only fanboy purists at [livejournal.com profile] startrek mixed with my cautious delight of the Last Airbender teaser led my brain toward imagining one of those large, ensemble fanarts where you see all the characters at their various corners of the picture doing crazy things.

In the form of a Star Trek / Avatar fusion!

Kirk = Sokka (actiony spaceslut)

Spock = Katara (prone to extremes)

Uhura = Suki (the professional)

McCoy = Zuko (McGrumpyFace)

Sulu = Aang (flyboy forever)

Chekov = Teo (prodigy)

Scotty = Toph (cause if Toph were European, she'd be a Scot stereotype)

((Maybe with Azula in a bubble in the corner of the image as a Romulan, and Mai & Ty Lee as time-travelling Data and Wesley, respectively.))

This is totally disregarding my ship preferences, but that's just how I can see it playing out. Katara cross-dressed as 'Spock' makes me giggle the most.

p.s. I love the updated Water Tribe logo.
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If you move past the fact that the only female character with speaking lines disappears 15 minutes into a 97 minute movie (and that includes the short that opened it) and that it creates a world entirely devoid of women or girls except as backdrops or objects of loss (not even the frelling dogs)--and I'm sure we'll all move past that because it's a familiar hurdle with Pixar--then I can report that this is a beautiful, moving film.

It's a little darker than WALL-E, and a little sadder. I cried at two separate points; not a lot, but my eyes were significantly wet and I had to wipe them. It's still an uplifting film, still full of wonder and adventure and grace, but there's no denying that the emotion of loss permeates this story.

There's something reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki's work when you watch it: gorgeous vistas, brilliant colors, and sky. So much sky! Balloons, dirigibles, airplanes! And old person and a young person on an adventure together, experiencing the wonder of flight. It's not quite as funny or cute as WALL-E, but I'm not sure it's supposed to be.

There's no doubt that the Pixar studio has some of the finest writers and storytellers in the film industry today. Now they only need to live up to that potential, and open their magical world to the rest of us. It looks, as always, like a beautiful place to play.

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Spock is Jim Kirk's best friend. Jim is Spock's really good friend.

This is a distinction that will cause Kirk some anxiety in upcoming sequels, I can tell. He will cling too hard to the captain's chair arm-rest and monopolize the comm to whine about it to Bones (his really good friend), who will in turn complain to Spock, who will calmly inform Kirk that having a friend be arbitrarily set above other friends in a rank of personal value is illogical, and if he'd be hard pressed to do so, he certain that the communications lieutenant's ranking would render the exercise moot by creating a positive outlier that disrupts the entire scale, but Jim Kirk doesn't believe in no-win scenarios.
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In case you think I've suddenly had a brain tumor and foresaken all my other fandoms, take a gander and balk alongside me at this bit of movie remake news.

I don't know what the goal is of such an undertaking, because it seems nothing but a step backward to me. I'm not against the idea of a film remake, but that'd be, like, ten years from now. Fifteen even. Craps, some of the actors of the tv show are still in their 20s! I'd much rather see a new original story set in the same universe: a different Slayer with a new tale to tell.

ETA: Actually, that's exactly what they should do! A new Slayer, a new movie. And then after three new Slayers, we can have a Vampire Slayer team superhero movie! And Buffy, who has arthritis at 36, can preside over them and conquer the first four levels of the Hell dimension and, on the side, acquire her firefighter's certification.

ETA2: I'm kind of surprised that "sleeping on a bed of bones" [Restless, "I don't sleep on a bed of bones."] hasn't been made into an episode of Bones yet!

Just imagine it: they find a mattress stuffed with human bones! Tucked into the springs, waiting like a revolting parody of The Princess & The Pea. It seems like exactly the kind of job for Booth and Brennan.
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I've rewatched ST, and then rewatched little bits and pieces of it again, and I can tell you, in a tongue and cheek way, that although there are many reasons why I liked the film, there's only one reason (honestly) why I'm fangirlling it. I would love it either way, but for all the other reasons I'd simply enjoy it as any other movie, whereas it takes a particular kind of thing to make me go into fandom mode.

In fact, I think it can be best expressed with a quote from an entirely separate fandom! Because I love quotation crossovers.

Spoiler Alert! )

Yeah, I'm easy. This hits movie hits at least half a dozen of my fandom kinks in this regard.


Call up the captain we've got Krueger on the line
He's got a box of chocolates and a valentine
And MI5 have got a bone to pick with Moses
While Matthew and the big guy just play ring-around-the-roses

A pearl knit sweater and a gasoline rag
He's got a fistful of stars and an old dog tag
Get to Parchman Farm by a number 9 bus
And send the children to the gum tree to wake up Nicodemus

So blow the man down boys
Yeah blow the man down boys
And the tricks that he employs
Are buried in this St Luke's summer's noise
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Promo pics are up for the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

1. Wow, Aang looks young. And white. The staff looks kinda cool in that pose, though.

2. WTF)!(@!QA(@#&!!!#*()*()@!!!!!! ZUKO'S SCAR. WHERE IS IT?

3. ETA: I'm hoping I see a faint shadow line. I'm hoping.

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The new plan is to see Star Trek on Friday. I am v. excited and can't wait to find out what the fuss is about.

Now I wish I'd made a list of all the posts on my flist of people who saw and reviewed it. I don't think I can go 300 entries back to last week to find them...

Is anyone making a list of fandomy ST reviews from people in our shared fandoms? Can we start one RIGHT HERE?

If you reviewed / squeed over Star Trek, link to it below! Or just put your name and I'll find it. =)
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The live action Blood: The Last Vampire movie looks pretty cool! I was delighted by all the female characters, and the multinational cast. I watched 3/4 of the tv anime series and enjoyed it, although this looks more like the 40 minute movie pilot than the tv show. I didn't see any Chevalier hanging around, that's for sure.

The clip of the badass Japanese schoolgirl holding hands with and protecting the frightened European girl in the middle of a mob of bloodsucking vampires was kind of an amusing visual trope reversal. I do love the way Asian movies embrace female action heroes as a solid and reliable way to sell movie tickets. If only that were more embraced over here.

On a separate note, I'm trying to get excited about the new Pixar film Up, but my issues with Pixar and gender keep getting in the way. A buddy adventure with a little boy scout and an old man exploring the planet from a floating house, discovering new scenery and having fun adventure? Whatever. I feel distinctly disinvited, which is a shame, because I wanted all that adventure as a little girl scout. And then, if you see the trailers...There's only three speaking characters introduced in any of these trailers: boy, old man, talking dog.

The dog's voice is heard, and what do you think? Male. We don't even get the freaking pet this time. Not too mention how white they all look.

Anyway, blah blah, yes for the twentieth time this issue is still bothering me. I just hope that when it eventually comes out on video, I'll have moved onto other frustrations and be able to enjoy it. I'm getting really tired of saying "Pixar is so good, but..."

And switching topics again: I can't wait for The Brothers Bloom. After I see ST this weekend, that will be the movie I'm anticipating for the summer! Three actors I love, one new actress who looks fun to watch, and it's an adventure caper movie. I do <3 caper movies!
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I've been reading reviews of the new Star Trek movie and from what I understand the film right off the bat establishes itself as an AU timeline from the original series. I don't know if I'd have gotten that from watching it, because I've only seen a few scattered episodes of the TOS, and have no idea how the crew met or what their various backstories are.

I'm amused a little at this, because it feels so... Gundam. In fact, it's rather like Gundam Wing, where you wanted to reboot the franchise by simply inventing an entire alternate universe storyline and going with it. Except the GW timeline never actually connected to the other Gundam timelines, just existed entirely separate yet part of the franchise. I think there's actually 3 or 4 Gundam continuities.

I don't know if I've ever said this, but people who read my LJ probably know it: I adore Alternate Universes, Alternate Dimensions, and Alternate Continuities in canon. Simply adore them. FMA? Loved it to pieces. Stargate: SG1? Always a good time. Farscape? OH YEAH. Whether it's repeating the same events ad nauseum until you get it right, or living the not-quite-a-trope-yet "lost year" (Voyager, Sailor Moon) that characters are only too happy to forget, I love them.
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Well, now it's confirmed that elegant, pale brunettes are so Logan's type. That's not at all helping me get over my residual Rogue/Wolverine UST from the first three movies.

Explosions! Young people, old people, new people--but not blue people. Also, a bit of feminist sidebar discussion! )

By the way, potential viewers: THERE ARE TWO END-CREDIT SCENE TAGS! So definitely stick around. The first one is very quick, but the second doesn't play until after the final credits roll. You'll want to stay and see it.


Apr. 26th, 2009 01:41 am
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Where the Wild Things Are, Star Trek, Wolverine, and The Brothers Bloom are the movies I'm the most excited to see this year. I think they're all going to be fantastic.

This trailer has reminded me how much I enjoy The Arcade Fire. I think the version of "Wake Up" used in the trailer is a new recording, because it doesn't match the album version I already have.

Also, where the song lyric is "You better look out below", when I'm watching the trailer I hear "You better look out for love." I don't know what that means, but I think I like hearing it.

Somethin' filled up my heart with nothin', someone told me not to cry.
But now that I'm older, my heart's colder, and I can see that it's a lie.
Children wake up, hold your mistake up, before they turn the summer into dust.

If the children don't grow up, our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.
We're just a million little god's causin rain storms, turnin' every good thing to rust.
I guess we'll just have to adjust.

With my lighnin' bolts a glowin' I can see where I am goin' to be
when the reaper he reaches and touches my hand.

With my lighnin' bolts a glowin' I can see where I am goin'
You better look out below!
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I just realized that the only Jonas Brothers song I've ever heard is their cover of Disney's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid.*

my face at realizing this: >P

a. I hate their cover because they take one of Disney canon's most creepy, sly, and wickedly sung villain ballads... and make it bland.** Not too mention overpowering the melody with over the top drums and guitar. I thought everyone loved these kids for being so awesome?? They have no voice talent! None! I feel kinda let down. Talent: some people have it. Other people don't and should not sing songs that require it.

b. they change the Disney lyrics in the first verse but keep the lyrics in the second. It's pretty uncomfortable to listen to, actually, because the second verse is incredibly sexist, and the argument can be made that because it's being sung by an evil, murderous sea witch in the movie, you know it's words and lies coming from a Bad Person.

Coming from the Jonas Brothers...um, not so much. It just sounds even worse, especially since the thirteen year old fangirls are going to hear words like "It's she who holds her tongue who gets a man" from the famous teen boys they idolize... and not from an evil, murderous sea witch in the context of a movie. Am I wrong in feeling there's a significant difference there?

c. I hereby declare that no one is allowed to professionally remake songs from musicals unless they have a singing voice of equivalent talent levels. BARACK OBAMA, PLEASE MAKE THIS YOUR NEXT PRESIDENTIAL EDICT. THANKS, RASHAKA.

*Since I'm on an FMA kick recently: Dante and her 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'! (major anime spoilers.) Actually, this ATLA video is a much better watch.

**What the hell does the pool music video have to do with the song? And how are "secrets" supposed to help the people who want to lose weight and attract the opposite sex? Magic (and exercise) make a lot more sense. That's the problem with changing the lyrics of a musical without appropriate context update.

***I just realized that Lyra of FMA reminds me a lot of Mai of ATLA. Must be the bangs.
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"The movie people are here!" yells one boy, and a bunch of excited 11-year-olds lines up to fill out cards and look sternly at the camera.

"What does 'ethnicity' mean?" asks another boy.

"Asian," says Bold.

"If you're Mongolian, put 'Mongolian,' " Ricketts says.

I think I'm going to be ill.

ETA: A good industry timeline of casting events, news-based not fandom-based.
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Personally, Queen Latifah was my favorite part. But the thing in my subject line was pretty damn funny too.

ooh, music!

Feb. 6th, 2009 12:56 pm
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I'm ridiculously addicted to the song Paper Planes from Slumdog Millionaire, but I think it's kind of messed up that some of the regular sounds in the chorus are pistol shots, a gun being cocked, and a cash register. Creative, but disturbing.

*note: the movie's official music video is mildly spoilery, along the lines of a movie trailer, but if you haven't seen the movie then none of it would make sense to you anyway.

Edit: This would make a killer Firefly/Serenity video. Especially if you cut it down to about two minutes instead of four. Or maybe Baccano.


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