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(And I immediately spent two hours making ATLA icons, then downloading HIMYM icons. From 6 to 37 is quite the jump!)

So here's the sitch: The universe is lame--that's lame I say. After two weekends my 'rents are now canceling on me for the Star Trek viewing tomorrow. This makes the third time that people I know have either gone without me or flaked on going. I COULD HAVE SEEN IT BY MYSELF TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN IT FRELLING CAME OUT, IF I KNEW THE UNIVERSE WOULD SUCK SO MUCH.

So. I won't get to see it on Friday, but my couple-friends might be able to go on Saturday. If the universe doesn't continue to suck and I don't get a phone call telling me they went last night without me, or their kid has the flu, or something.

On a completely separate note, there's a cute 23-year-old on the Okcupid.com dating site that I've been talking to briefly for the last week. We exchanged phone numbers but haven't called one another yet.

[Poll #1403844]
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This is the most fun I've had with fandom in weeks.

I love reading people's campaign speeches and looking at all the eyecandy that people post. Persuasive videos and posters! Enthusiastic icons! SHINY THINGS.

I love my whole flist for making this so fun and participating with me, whoever you vote for. THANK YOU!
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Can you believe it? Four votes! That was the tensest fandom thing I've been part of in a long time. Weirdly.

I voted for Spike earlier because I love him and will forever, but I surprised myself and voted for Veronica against him this time. WE NEED MORE LADIES.

And I also voted for Jon Stewart against Barney. I love Barney...but I love Jon too, and Jon will love us back whereas Barney only loves Robin and that guy in the mirror so, so, choices had to be made!

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR THE DOCTOR over stupid Dean Winchester?

AND THIS, even though this video makes me kinda want to hate Ten, it still enthralls me.

Luckily Ten is a positive vote coming from me, as Mal would have been had he won, but even if I didn't love Doctor Who, I'd still vote against Dean-who-calls-people-a-bitch-Winchester.


ETA: I voted for Booth over House because, obviously, House is 98.6% ASSHOLE and Booth is, like, a really, really good guy who's also incredibly hot and shoots things and is tall and funny.
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[Poll #836446]

What was that Spanish song they danced to? I've heard it before, but I can't name it.
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Logging in from my new keyboard, whee! I like the shape of it, though the keys are a bit harder to press down than my last keyboard. And it's slightly more angled thanthat was, so I'm missing keystrokes every once in a while. Also, I keep hitting Page Down instead of End.

I also dropped by the library today to renew The Mapmakers by John Noble Wilord, which I checked out but haven't actually started yet. After all, I'm still at the last quarter of Stephen King's The Dark Tower, a third of the way through Phillip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass, and about twenty pages into Terry Pratchett's Night Watch. Not to mention the twenty or twenty five fiction books I started before I went to college and still haven't completed yet, even though I'm finished.

While I was at the library I was seduced by the open sign in their used book buy-back store, where the price of one's soul is measure in amounts ranging from 25c to $3.00. For 50c each I picked up four books, and donated an extra dollar out of the guilty sensation that they probably couldn't even afford the electric and cleaning bill for this room with the meager amounts they make from it.

Based on the first sentence of the excerpt/summary on the back of each of these books, which should I start after I finish the ones I mentioned above?

"Dog of a Saxon! Take up your lance and prepare for death!"

Laurence Sterne's Tristam Shandy is an epic of eighteenth-century Yorkshire life, and perhaps the most capriciously written classic of all time.
-Tristam Shandy

Selected in a readers' poll in 1975 as the greatest novel of imagination of all time, DUNE's creation of a richly detailed world utterly unlike our own is only the beginning of its achievement.
-Dune (my second reading of it, after 6 years)

Lyric and sensual, D. H. Lawrence's last novel is one of the major works of fiction of the twentieth century.
-Lady Chatterly's Lover

[Poll #830936]

Edit: Not having read either, my mom votes for Tristam Shandy and my father for Ivanhoe... the first because it looks fun and the latter because "it will give you something to move happily away from with your next book."
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I posted this poll nearly two years ago, and got 160+ votes. Since Naruto has aired in English for a while now and most of FMA is out on DVD with a movie coming out soon, I thought it time to bring it to attention again, and see if the numbers change with any new fans.

*WARNING: when discussing your comments, MARK WARNINGS FOR ALL MANGA SPOILERS, for both Naruto and FMA. I've still seen only the anime for FMA, and don't wish to be manga-spoiled.

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] chuunin and [livejournal.com profile] fm_alchemist.
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I've been reading some interesting stuff about fanfiction today. I read a great deal of stuff about the "Cassie Claire Is A Plaigarist" wank, and had to quit at part VIII of the timeline archive because it was just that long and messy. Right now I'm reading this article and its predecessor, and for the most part I'm finding them fair and enjoyable, if a bit on the shallow side information-wise.

In reading some of the CC wank stuff, which featured quotes about fanfic from various authors (particularly fantasy), I was left wondering if there was a giant list somewhere that maybe showed how a lot of the more famous authors feel about fanfic. I know the obvious ones like Anne Rice and JKR, but if the article I linked above is true and some professional authors are/have been fanfic writers themselves, I'd love to read various opinions present by them with regards to the issue.

The article I linked also says this about fanfic, which I admit applies to me as well:

"I was fifteen years old when I invented the genre of fan fiction, a form of writing where the author takes characters or universes created by someone else and writes stories about them. ... ... ... Fifteen was also the year I attended my first convention, where I learned that fan fiction had thrived for years before me."

Although for me it was more like 14 and I discovered fanfic through a Sailor Moon fan website and not a convention, the experience was basically identical: when I wrote my first fanfic I didn't even realize I was entering myself into a long-standing fandom tradition. I just had this mental image that I *had* to write down. That urge to write the next step after the credits closed. It wasn't until a while later that I stumbled upon internet fanfic and it clicked in my brain. In many ways I've never felt guilt about the "allure" of the internet and fandom because for me, fandom and fanfic was something, first and foremost, my own individual invention. Learning that there were thousands of others out there who made that same leap was, if anything, a massive rush.

So, I have a poll for you guys on my flist who write fanfic. And I'd like to ask you to link this poll to others if you want to, because I'd really love to see what a large sample will respond with. Most of my flist I've known originally from Jossverse fandom or anime fandom, so I'm sure it will be a far from legitimate sample of LJ fic writers. But I'd love to see, anyway.

[Poll #788168]
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Okay, so the other day I made a prompt list. It's a set of 64 prompts for multiple fandoms, and I'm going to make a community for it which I will then pimp out everywhere I can. The prompts tend toward more actiony or tangible things rather than a lot of the more abstract stuff I've seen in a lot of prompt lists-- and a few song lyrics, because I love them. Also, I thought maybe some of you guys would like a new list to work with. So here they are.

Now, I need your help with naming the list. I'm kind of fond of "64damn_prompts", if only because I'm damned tired of trying to think up a name. There was also the suggestion to have it indicate its multifandom applicability in the name, or the fact that 64 = 8 squared (I couldn't figure out a way to make that work well, but suggestions would be great.)

Please fill out the poll below, and choose your top 3 choices. Or less if you don't like 3.

[Poll #757726]

I've never really done this before, so if you have any suggestions or thoughts in general, shoot!
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[Poll #716583]

EDIT: I am tired and must sleep now. There's an ongoing Avatar mini-fic in the comments, y'all are free to throw your two cents.
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I want to read what you guys think about episodes of my favorite shows.

So please, if you write response-posts on semi-casual basis (as little as one every three or four episodes, or as often as every episode), please sign below! I want to create filters for my flist so I can go back and read all your reactions. :D This will help because sometimes I get the episode 3 days after it aired.

Just click below for the shows you watch.

[Poll #711113]

Avatar poll

Apr. 8th, 2006 03:08 am
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I made a poll for the new Avatar episode. It's spoilery for ep 2x3, and focuses mostly on the new characters.


Mar. 17th, 2006 11:08 pm
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[Poll #693282]

My shows, my shows!

When's the new Doctor Who airing on BBC, anyway?
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The last two days I hung out with my brother in San Diego, which is why there were no updates here. I learned some interesting things on my trip:

1) I am not allergic to bees.
2) an X-box can be customized in crazy ways
3) I'm no longer able to whip my brother at air hockey since he and his roommate bought their own table
4) I'm still clumsy enough to cut myself with a kitchen knife
5) bee stings itch and swell.

So, yup, can no longer say I've never been stung by a bee before. But in my defense I didn't even know it was there, didn't even realize it was a bee until a minute or so after I'd pull the stinger thing out and got the chance to have a good look at it. Anyway, it was painful and stuff. Also, felt kind of warm. Even now my finger (which was swollen up like a marshmellow for about 14 hours) feels hot and itchy.

Because I feel like ending on a more cheerful note, a poll!

[Poll #638326]
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[livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk, I just got your packages! ::bounces happily:: I'm going to watch them as soon as winter break begins in two weeks. After which I'll have to pick up a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo and read it for comparison.

Last night I bought a copy of Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. In a fit of fannishness and procrastination I called all the nearest bookstores to see if they were still open on Sunday night, and when I got it I read it in a few hours.


I'm not sure if I would have loved it with QUITE the extreme that I do if I hadn't watching the Miyazaki film version first, but I probably still would have really enjoyed it. Regardless, I'm glad I watched the movie first. They're quite a bit different, but watching the movie gave me a fantastic visual framework to apply when reading the book. Particularly with regards to the castle. Oddly, the more I read my mental image of Howl changed to accomodate for the book's details, while my mental image of Sophie stayed almost exactly the same. Especially older!Sophie. Calcifer too.

As a result today I went around smiling that "I have a new fandom" smile. My reaction to acquiring a new fandom tends to be kind of mouselike. Happy mouselike. I start browsing fansites and fanfiction, and I get really excitable and really shy all at once. I'm like a mouse who found a large piece of cheese, and now I'm sneaking the cheese across the floor, looking about furtively to see if anyone else knows how decidedly happy and squeeful I'm behaving. There's this secret element to the shyness, which will fade in a day or two (once I start to gush at high volume to anyone nearby), but for now, if someone were to come up and ask me "Why are you smiling and clinging to that cheese so tightly? Tell us, what's your happy news?" I'd let out a squeak and rush into the hole in the wall deskchair, gathering and hording my bits of fanfiction and book and AMVs cheese around me and smiling and chattering my teeth at the air, like Gus Gus on crack.

This is only the second book of hers I've read, I think. Well, probably the third. I read So You Want To Be A Wizard in either elementry or middle school. I'm pretty sure I read a fantasy young adult book called "Seven League Boots" that's about the same sort of thing as the boots mentioned in HMC, but amazon.com doesn't list a book of that title under Jones's name.

Anyway, it's poll day!

[Poll #622062]
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Thanks to the generosity and time of [livejournal.com profile] mswyrr, I've been able to start watching the BBC miniseries Pride & Prejudice, the one from the 90s with Colin Firth.

A few days ago I was able to see the new movie (LOVE! LOVE!), so it's pretty cool to be able to compare them. (Never read the book. Yet.)

However, I have decided not to post commentary on the miniseries until I finish watching it (which will take a few days), as it would be wrong to pass judgement on the incomplete miniseries in comparison with a completed film.

However, I have begun to realize that my comments might be long, and gushy, and skip from point to point, and most of you probably won't care. I don't feel like writing it all out if that's the case.

So, a poll! Because any excuse will do for a poll. When I finish the miniseries, does my friends list want to read a long and gushy and spoilery comparison of the tv series and the film? Or would you like a much shorter version along the lines of "Well, did you like it?"

[Poll #612617]


Nov. 7th, 2005 01:52 pm
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Sometimes, you get a present that you don't really want. Maybe it's not your tastes. Maybe you would never use it. Maybe it just doesn't fit your size.

Maybe you think "I bet Mary Sue would love this a lot more than I ever did." And voila! Christmas present solved.

Or is it...?

[Poll #607334]

If you have strong feelings on the subject, feel free to fight it out debate below.
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New poll! I'm feeling awfully critical of JKR's books today. Dunoo why. I'll be fangirling again next week or something. But until then... new poll!

"Jump the shark" = a term used to describe the exact moment when a series hits the highest point it can or the last truely great point before the long slow demise. It's the point in the series where you know it's all downhill from here. Either because the moment was so good nothing could beat it and all that follows is never quite as cool as it used to be, or because it was so bad you know the series will never recover.

[Poll #588413]
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[Poll #560506]

If you want to discuss why below, I'd love to hear from you!

I have spoken to some people who pronounce "Naruto" like "Na-ROO-toh", whereas I've always pronounced it "NAR-oo-toh", with the emphasis (& the r ) on the first sound. I wondered why, but then I realized that I got it from the show. When I watched it, I hear "NAR-oo-toh", not "Na-ROO-toh". So I've wondered how others pronounce it, and if so, are they watching the anime or just reading the manga?


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