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I am trying to write a fanfic where it involves an epic make-out moment, and... I don't know what to listen to!

Music is VITAL to my writing process. And all I can seem to find to listen to on my comp is break-up songs! ARGH!

I need some quick recs. Something sweeping. Romantic. Swooning. Swooping. Other cleaning & vertical movement metaphors, I don't know. I'm not asking for links, just names I can play from youtube or something. Anything to jolt my brain into the right sphere of sappy romantic thinking! They can be totally mainstream, too. I don't discriminate in my pop.


ETA: The pairing I'm trying to write for is Uhura/Spock, if that helps.

ETA 3: 1. You guys are so thoughtful for responding! 2. I don't think my romantic vernacular matches everyone else's, apparently. I should figure out how to fix that. To clarify my confusing and incomprehensible request above: Not slow songs, because slow songs tend to be sad even if they are romantic and my brain thinks sweeping/swooning/epic = big music and energy. Seventy-six bloody trombones.
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For everyone who hasn't yet, if you love funny fanfics and you even mildly enjoyed the Star Trek movie, you really need to read "Four Consequences of the Unexpected and Unlikely Friendship Between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura", by [livejournal.com profile] trisfic.

Why is it awesome? There are so many reasons, but mainly, uh, it's a fic all about Kirk and Uhura as teenage girls. I mean "Bros." But more like sisters. With little bits of Spock and Scotty and Chekov in little moments of hilarious awesomeness that I can't quote back because I'd be quoting the entire fanfic. Which you should read. Promptly. Yesterday. THERE IS POETRY. And, um, a silent conversation scene that is just too funny to convey below.

"It's really not that different," Nyota said, prim voice and prim hands laid flat on her knees.
"Are you kidding me? Listen, Betazoid women when they're forty, they have this thing. It's called the Phase. Now, I'm not saying I have or I haven't, but oh my god. Alien life is beautiful. I hear." Jim slurped at his coffee.
"Jim, did you crash a PTA meeting when we were on Betazed?"
"Look, for your information, it was Ambassador Hwxeira herself. I mean, she told me about it. I don't know."


May. 29th, 2009 01:29 am
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Free for the sharing. =)

ETA: And, no, this isn't actually spoilery. If anyone was worried.

ETA 2: OFF-TOPIC, but, READ THIS. XI movie spoilers, gen fic, Spock-focused, multiple characters, it almost made me cry.
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I'm keeping track of my favorite Star Trex XI fanfics as I read, for a future rec list, but in the mean time, I'd like to point y'all [livejournal.com profile] mrstater's short but powerful ficlet.

Link: The Cheat
Rating & Warnings: G, post-movie
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 1466 words
Summary: Vulcans do not indulge in what humans term "what-if" scenarios, but Spock is only half-Vulcan, and the aftermath of battle reminds him of how much more he could have lost.

Why you should read it: This is positively my favorite ship ficlet from the movie so far. It's so fitting for the character reactions, so plausible and so right. Captures just the perfect balance in Spock's language between formality and more, and in the other character's as well. Whereas most ship-centric fanfics I've read seek to expand on what wasn't shown, this ficlet seems incredibly close to the tone and presentation of the given relationship in the film.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 12:07 pm
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I keep trying to read this author's stories on the Wolverine & Rogue Fanfiction Archive, but I can't find the goddamn text!

Every time I click on the title, I get taken to a page with author's notes. Where is the actual story?

I'm not being obtuse here--I really can't find it.

EDIT: Apparently it's an archive-wide server problem. And not just my imagination. That's good.

EDIT 2: That story's still not working, but I did spend a while on this story by Yahtzee instead. I admit I skipped all the flashbacks and most of everything that wasn't Logan/Marie porn or Bobby-and-X-Brats-infiltrate-Magneto's-camp. What can I say? The damn movies gave me ship goggles, and I have a soft spot for misguided espionage attempts.
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[livejournal.com profile] wisteria_ pointed her flist to this video of street theater and this Salon article about it, which just brightened my heart. I can't wait to show my mom tomorrow.

from Salon.com, on why people love watching it:

"What they are presenting to the people in that station (and the rest of us, of course) is the ideal of human co-operation. They're showing us the possibility that a bunch of unrelated, unconnected people could spontaneously burst into a song and dance routine in a train station because that's what they all wanted to do and that's what we could do too, if we set our minds to it."

Plus, look how much fun they had preparing for it.

Outside of city parades--which are planned--I've only ever been part of one moment of spontaneous public dancing. Read more... )
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If anyone on my flist is sharing in my burgeoning affection for Big Bang Theory fanfic, I heartily recommend "Through Quartz, Sand, and Cellulose", one of the best fics I've read from this fandom. It's a long one-shot, with characterization that makes me gush.

Triple extra points for making Penny and Sheldon feel like real people beyond the cartoonish characterization of the show. Enjoy it!

He took a deep breath and slid the paper into the long, elbow-to-hand length glass before quickly corking it up. He gave a discriminating look over the neck where it had been pushed in slightly and seemed to come to the most basic solution that there could be, to make sure it’d stay in.

He gave it a swift couple of knocks with the heel of his palm.

It was strange, then, to see Sheldon Cooper—Man of Science—using the oldest (okay, probably not oldest, since bottles and corks took a while to figure out, as he’d described in depth earlier, but whatever, you can get the picture) kind of reasoning that there was.
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My favorite Yuletide fics so far

Sixty Years in a Water Tower, Animaniacs fandom.
Why? This is the first Animaniacs fic I've ever read, and I declare it the BEST ANIMANIACS FIC EVER. It's a series of glimpses into what the Warner Bros. (and the Warner Sister Dot) did while locked in the studio's watertower. Very clever, like the show, and it has fun tracking the decades through showbiz.

"I hear ya, kiddo," Slappy said. "We'd spring ya if we could, but they're watchin' us like Betty Grable watches her dye job. Anything I can get for ya?"
"A hacksaw?" Dot suggested.
"Nice try, but no," Slappy said with a chuckle.
"I'd like an atlas," Wakko said. "I'm trying to get all the state capitals down."
"What good would that possibly do ya?" Slappy said with a shrug. "You really want to visit Juneau?"
"You never know," he said. "It could come in handy some day."

The Failure of Einstein's Universe, The Big Bang Theory fandom.
Why? [livejournal.com profile] irrel got me into this show, which had a dull pilot ep but has turned into an entertaining little charmer. This story ships the highly implausible--but ridiculously entertaining--ship of Sheldon/Penny; it's sweet, heartfelt, funny, and manages to get some angst in too. Even now, various bribes are being prepared for the author once he/she is revealed, in the hopes of seducing a sequel.

"I've hypothesized that sexual frustration is the primary cause of your fixation on online multiplayer gaming, and that by satisfying this frustration, I could minimize any continuing interest you might have in becoming a level 50 warrior princess. Though, as you know, I do not enjoy physical contact, at this point I'm willing to do anything conceivable to prevent you from being in my bedroom. Penny, people can't be in my bedroom."

I think you'll manage better this time, Enchanted movie fandom.
Why? Because it's sweet and genuine, and because Nancy deserves some love too for being "the girl in the way of the love story" who gets her own happy ending. And because this ficcer's version of Edward is hilarious and sweet and awkward.

Nancy twisted her mouth and let the letter fall onto the pile again. "I just wanted to change something," she said, unhappily. "But they don't even know most of the time what I'm talking about."

I should really try to do yuletide next year, I think. Side note: On a road trip a friend and I tried to memorize the lyrics to Yakko's World, but we only got as far as And French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam, which is only the end of the first verse.
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Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] buffyx, for pointing me to this hilariousness. It made my evening.

"And to Jerry, the Kim Jong-il of this nefarious culinary cabal: you must step down, for in this process you have lost not just half your body weight, but two thirds of your soul."

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Two short one-shots for Katara/Zuko that I liked. One is post-finale, one is post-Southern Raiders.
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This fic is exactly how I want Barney to be in season 4 of How I Met Your Mother.
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[livejournal.com profile] redbrunhja has been sucked into the quicksand that is Naruto, and I've been plying her with fic recs and so forth. I thought now would be a good time to consolidate a list of all my favorite Naruto fanarts from various places. Naruto fandom has some truly talented fan artists.

Pretty / General / multiple ships / all characters:

http://sandfreak.deviantart.com/art/Temari-11897109 (this is probably my favorite of all naruto fanarts, even though she's not one of my fav characters)
http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c138/Psylocke83/Naruto/Sasuke/What_I_Truly_Want_by_doxnbox.jpg (removed from deviant art, artist "doxnbox")
the other half of this list )

Funny: Read more... )

Kakasaku: Read more... )

BONUS: A gorgeous non-Naruto fanart from my childhood's favorite movie!
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Does anyone have Fruits Basket fanfic recs?

note: I'm spoiled for up to volume 17 or so (I can't remember exactly... I stopped reading at Chapter 108). I know volume 19 is out, and 20 will be out in July, but I am still behind I think. I will probaby go tomorrow to the book store and catch up to volume 19.

Because of my fierce desire to keep myself pure from spoilers I haven't visited the FB section of ff.net for like two years. Terrible, I know. But I can afford to wait for this series. What I wanted to ask you folks on my flist, though, is if you have any fanfic recommendations. Long fics, short fics, doesn't matter. I'd love to hear about them, and I trust you guys to be forthright about the spoiler warnings.

I would have read fanfic at ffnet except I didn't trust people not to spoil me in summaries, like what happened with a major thing in Trigun and also happened with the end of season 6 for BTVS.

But... I miss it. I miss furuba fanfic. I miss the deranged and tragic Sohma family. And I figure it's safe to ask you, my flist! So... help?

EDIT: Let me quote, also, a warning I said about Fruits Basket back in 2006 when I swore off scanlations:

If anyone reading this mentions anything about FB to me beyond chapter 108, you will become as a pancake: flat and mushy and bleeding syrup, an abused piece of pan-fried pastry that no one wants to touch because you've been beaten to a whitish pulp and left wasted on the kitchen floor for three days.

I mean, seriously folks. There's few things that I love like I love the FB manga. You can spoil me for Battlestar Galactica and I'll whine a bit and feel some irritation, but that's it. You spoil me about Avatar and I'll cry in the corner for a few minutes, probably talk in CAPS. You spoil me for Fruits Basket and YOU HURT MY SOUL. MY SOUL. I will gladly taken the label of paranoid and over-reacting and bitchy if it means people won't spoil me.
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[livejournal.com profile] redbrunja has opinions on the very, very specific circumstances when using the term "pepperony" for ship purposes is acceptable... very nearly almost never.

Category: Humor
Rating: PG-est thing that ever flirted with G

La Pepper-ony Pizzaz

Tony Stark clicked his heels together, more than once, in a way that was not at all like Dorothy Gale because obscenely affluent grown men did not in any way seek to embody the traits of a meteorologically-challenged pig-tailed child, despite the fact that an obscenely affluent grown man could absolutely do so, if he should choose to, and no one would say anything because he was, after all, Tony Stark. In response, little white and red text blinked on the board above him, beside garish photos and an excess of dollar signs.

Read more... )


Does she call him Sir? I can't remember.

When you write fic for a pairing you've only seen once in a two hour movie a week ago and otherwise know nothing about, things happen. Such as the curious fact that Tony Stark becomes a direct psychic conduit for Tamaki of Ouran when he's drunk. And also, has a head so full of math and explosive chemical equations that he is completely incapable of making small life decisions without consulting his trusty and responsible personal assistant. Who absolutely does not talk like Riza Hawkeye, how dare you suggest such a thing.

Edit: I kind of want someone to write an epic fic about why Tony Stark hates all Denny's, everywhere, everywhen.
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I was browsing this old Mega Rec List for Cowboy Bebop fanfiction and idly skimmed some old fics, and it reminded me of how much I miss certain fandoms that I'm not active in anymore. I miss CB fanfic in particular, which I was seriously into in my senior year of high school and first two years of college. I adored [livejournal.com profile] fayeandspike, which barely gets any activity now. Just like I used to be seriously into the Vash/Meryl segment of Trigun fandom.

Anyway, while browsing all this great old CB fic with its massive epic chapter fics and its insane resurrection storylines and the incredible talent base of Bebop fandom and the Spike/Faye faction in particular, I had a terrible, gasping moment of regretful nostalgia. And I know exactly what it is.

I miss being in an adult fandom.

It happens, just because things do, that the fandom I'm most active in right now is a youth-based fandom. It's not my first (I spent quite a lot of time in HP fandom, and various anime series), but it's the one I'm into now that I've been involved in for the past two years. It's been longer-lasting for me than even Doctor Who, which suffers because you only get 13 episodes a year.

It's not the fact that ATLA fans are young that's particularly the issue I'm brooding over tonight (many of them are my age or older)... it's that the characters are young. For the last two years I've been writing fic about teenagers, be it ATLA or Harry Potter or Naruto or FMA or Veronica Mars or even DW's Rose Tyler who is, for all her wisdom, only twenty at best.

Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Buffy... these were shows about adult characters and thus allowed for adult situations. I don't just mean sexualized stuff, I mean adult on all levels and in a variety of contexts. I haven't been "into" a fandom with a full adult cast in a long time, be it television or anime. Even in series like HP, Naruto, or Fruits Basket the adult characters are secondary and often less-developed supporting characters rather than a driving force in the story.

I need something new to get into, something that inspires me to fangirl it like crazy and also something that puts out mature, elegant, quality fanfic on a huge level. While there's good and bad fic in every fandom, the range *does* differ, and the styles or modes each fandom culture puts out differ as well. ATLA fandom, for all that I love it, doesn't have as much high-quality fic as I would like to read, or as I've found in other fandoms before it, even reading multiple pairings.

Also, I want to have a cool, fun series that makes me love it AND makes me fic it (I don't fic every show I love) that isn't about teenagers.

The only problem is that all the good and really popular anime I've come across in the last two years is about teenagers, and most of the live-action tv shows from America or the UK just don't inspire serious fangirlism in me. I may watch Robin Hood or BSG or Sarah Connor Chronicles but I'm not, if you care to notice, particularly fannish crazy for them. And I've zero desire to fic them.

Ah, woe is me! Whining about a lack of well-written serious fanfic is always a good way to end your day.... because tomorrow or next week you just MIGHT discover a previously unread epic drama that takes your breath away with its style, sophistication, and panache. It could happen!
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I got all the books from the entires from my LJ "books" tag and compiled them into a single reading list. It's big.

Books to Read - close your eyes and pick one

72 in no order, pulled from my journal's ''books'' tag )

Also, the correct order of the Steven Brust series:


That's for reference later.
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FANFIC: Chronology by [livejournal.com profile] hellesque

Five gorgeous little drabbles about Toph and Zuko interacting. ALL MY HEART for these two as an OTF.
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When it comes to shipping, I'm usually very straight-up canon-going (Veronica Mars, Doctor Who, MulderScully), and when I'm not, it usually follows an obvious and particular pattern, for example Tasuki/Miaka, Zuko/Katara, Spike/Buffy before Spike/Buffy became so awesomely canon. In the case of Ouran High School Host Club, an anime series I finished about two months ago but haven't gotten to read fic for until recently, I felt the pull of multiple ships but eventually settled on Tamaki/Haruhi as my favorite, though it's not that the others don't have their appeal.

Although I like the pairing, its one that I like watching as opposed to identifying with on a personal level. I mean, Haruhi is very good with Tamaki, but if I were in her place I would KILL him. I would murder him for the good of world silence. But I like watching them onscreen and in theory, I ought to enjoy fic about them.

Unfortunately, almost all the fic I found when I went scouring last night was plagued by a consistent, recurring problem: very few fic authors can actually write Tamaki-- more precisely few can accurately write him as he appears on screen. Tamaki's character jumps wildly from drama to melodrama to obtuse stupidity to compassionate insight to painful heartfelt honesty to sly scheming wit, all wrapped in a package of over-emotional ridiculousness. Few of the fics I read could capture his speech style and verbosity right, and even fewer managed to insert any real depth beyond the typical character exclamations. Tamaki is meant to be simultaneously funny, pathetic, and inspired. The only fic I've read yet that really captured his thought process and wrote him in a believable manner was this one:

Sweeter Than Chocolate by Chosuki

It's a bit Tamaki/Haruhi, but almost in a one-sided way (because the fic is entirely in Tamaki's strange little brainview and thus we have no idea what Haruhi feels), and even if you're not into the ship I recommend the fic on a purely character and friendship basis as well. There's also a one-line comment related to Haruhi's father that I loved, and a very good use of chocolate as a continuous metaphor and thematic device.
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How come no one told me about this fic?

Akavertigo? Jakia? Irrel? Seriously, Zutara fandom: you totally fail at your reccing responsibilities! I had no idea this existed! And it's awesome! Why is no one up at 3:39 am to squee with me about how fun this fic is?! It has believable Iroh dialogue, even...

Guess it is getting late.


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