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My brain is sometimes filled with very peculiar things. For instance, my recent fun times debating boys-only fanboy purists at [livejournal.com profile] startrek mixed with my cautious delight of the Last Airbender teaser led my brain toward imagining one of those large, ensemble fanarts where you see all the characters at their various corners of the picture doing crazy things.

In the form of a Star Trek / Avatar fusion!

Kirk = Sokka (actiony spaceslut)

Spock = Katara (prone to extremes)

Uhura = Suki (the professional)

McCoy = Zuko (McGrumpyFace)

Sulu = Aang (flyboy forever)

Chekov = Teo (prodigy)

Scotty = Toph (cause if Toph were European, she'd be a Scot stereotype)

((Maybe with Azula in a bubble in the corner of the image as a Romulan, and Mai & Ty Lee as time-travelling Data and Wesley, respectively.))

This is totally disregarding my ship preferences, but that's just how I can see it playing out. Katara cross-dressed as 'Spock' makes me giggle the most.

p.s. I love the updated Water Tribe logo.
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So, la la la! Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] irrel drew and posted a gen Kirk + Spock BFF comic strip for me. It's the most LOLtastic present I've gotten in ages, inspired from HIMYM dialogue and illustrated with ridiculously amusing expressions. Totally movie spoilery.

Go check it out and have a giggle!
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1. http://nkjemisin.com/2009/04/ways-to-describe-characters-of-color/ [note: read comments for diverse examples/opinions]

This is a link I am posting for myself, so I can add it to my LJ memories. I have started a memories section specifically for posts that focus on writing/describing Characters of Color. I've read many of them this year, and probably should have started bookmarking them ages ago.

If anyone has more recs along this topic, I always appreciate new information. Book recs too! Particularly since this applies to two of my current OTPs: Katara/Zuko and Spock/Uhura. With K/Z fandom I've had my first experience of writing about CoCs in a world where the CoC's point of view is predominant and the palest characters are still CoCs by white viewing standards. I've been mostly able to skate by on the whole description thing because a) you generally don't have to describe characters much in fanfic, and b) the ethnic baseline is Asian, not White/European like I'm used to, so I more described the differences between the Asian cultures represented than the difference between White and Asian. Also, the darker half of my OTP--Katara--- is visually presented as South Asian / Inuit, not Black, and I'm just realizing now that until Uhura/Spock, I've never had an OTP with a Black female character before, at least not one that I've written fic for. It's always been White, Asian, or Latina...mostly because I watch a lot of anime. I've also tried to convey culture through clothes and food and objects more than physical indicators, which basically means that I've never really forced myself to look into that aspect of description.

I'm not only interested in the nitty gritty details of description because of my new love for Star Trek's rockin' communications officer, but because I have started outlining a novel. A big, scary, superhero novel which I text [livejournal.com profile] irrel about at odd moments of complete terror. Brief outline of the ethnicities of my characters and how I feel about writing them and why the idea of writing a book at all terrifies me, and a bit about the ethnic make-up of where I was raised. )

I may add to this post as I find more blogs/sites that are not LJ-based and wish to include them. I know there are already several lists out regarding the cultural/philosophical/moral wank of RaceFail and how to avoid it; for my own purposes I'm trying to collect some links that deal specifically with writing fiction rather than the larger communication-between-fans kerfluffle of FAIL, which multiple people have already covered nicely.
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I am trying to write a fanfic where it involves an epic make-out moment, and... I don't know what to listen to!

Music is VITAL to my writing process. And all I can seem to find to listen to on my comp is break-up songs! ARGH!

I need some quick recs. Something sweeping. Romantic. Swooning. Swooping. Other cleaning & vertical movement metaphors, I don't know. I'm not asking for links, just names I can play from youtube or something. Anything to jolt my brain into the right sphere of sappy romantic thinking! They can be totally mainstream, too. I don't discriminate in my pop.


ETA: The pairing I'm trying to write for is Uhura/Spock, if that helps.

ETA 3: 1. You guys are so thoughtful for responding! 2. I don't think my romantic vernacular matches everyone else's, apparently. I should figure out how to fix that. To clarify my confusing and incomprehensible request above: Not slow songs, because slow songs tend to be sad even if they are romantic and my brain thinks sweeping/swooning/epic = big music and energy. Seventy-six bloody trombones.
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For everyone who hasn't yet, if you love funny fanfics and you even mildly enjoyed the Star Trek movie, you really need to read "Four Consequences of the Unexpected and Unlikely Friendship Between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura", by [livejournal.com profile] trisfic.

Why is it awesome? There are so many reasons, but mainly, uh, it's a fic all about Kirk and Uhura as teenage girls. I mean "Bros." But more like sisters. With little bits of Spock and Scotty and Chekov in little moments of hilarious awesomeness that I can't quote back because I'd be quoting the entire fanfic. Which you should read. Promptly. Yesterday. THERE IS POETRY. And, um, a silent conversation scene that is just too funny to convey below.

"It's really not that different," Nyota said, prim voice and prim hands laid flat on her knees.
"Are you kidding me? Listen, Betazoid women when they're forty, they have this thing. It's called the Phase. Now, I'm not saying I have or I haven't, but oh my god. Alien life is beautiful. I hear." Jim slurped at his coffee.
"Jim, did you crash a PTA meeting when we were on Betazed?"
"Look, for your information, it was Ambassador Hwxeira herself. I mean, she told me about it. I don't know."
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I feel like I can't write Spock's POV until I get this, and there's something fundamental about the whole thing that is escaping me.

The emotion thing. I've seen the movie more than twice, and I saw all the old movies as a kid, but I just...do not understand the whole emotion/ no emotion thing. Contains spoilers for ST 2009 and probably older canon too. A bit long and babbling. )

Did I miss the memo at the beginning of everything that said to all the fans, "This is what the Vulcan shit is all about?" My questions can be summarized thus:

1. What is this Vulcan shit about?
2. What does that mean for Old TOS Spock?
3. What does that mean for new AU Spock? [as of the end of the movie]
4. Are either Spocks striving to be more or less of this philosophy?

cross-linked to [livejournal.com profile] spock_uhura


May. 29th, 2009 01:29 am
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Free for the sharing. =)

ETA: And, no, this isn't actually spoilery. If anyone was worried.

ETA 2: OFF-TOPIC, but, READ THIS. XI movie spoilers, gen fic, Spock-focused, multiple characters, it almost made me cry.
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Spock is Jim Kirk's best friend. Jim is Spock's really good friend.

This is a distinction that will cause Kirk some anxiety in upcoming sequels, I can tell. He will cling too hard to the captain's chair arm-rest and monopolize the comm to whine about it to Bones (his really good friend), who will in turn complain to Spock, who will calmly inform Kirk that having a friend be arbitrarily set above other friends in a rank of personal value is illogical, and if he'd be hard pressed to do so, he certain that the communications lieutenant's ranking would render the exercise moot by creating a positive outlier that disrupts the entire scale, but Jim Kirk doesn't believe in no-win scenarios.
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I'm keeping track of my favorite Star Trex XI fanfics as I read, for a future rec list, but in the mean time, I'd like to point y'all [livejournal.com profile] mrstater's short but powerful ficlet.

Link: The Cheat
Rating & Warnings: G, post-movie
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 1466 words
Summary: Vulcans do not indulge in what humans term "what-if" scenarios, but Spock is only half-Vulcan, and the aftermath of battle reminds him of how much more he could have lost.

Why you should read it: This is positively my favorite ship ficlet from the movie so far. It's so fitting for the character reactions, so plausible and so right. Captures just the perfect balance in Spock's language between formality and more, and in the other character's as well. Whereas most ship-centric fanfics I've read seek to expand on what wasn't shown, this ficlet seems incredibly close to the tone and presentation of the given relationship in the film.
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The lame thing about liking ST is that it's emphasizing the lack of direction in my current life and making me feel a distinct absence of career. All these characters are so talented! I hate it.


May. 24th, 2009 03:19 pm
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Okay, ladies and gents!

Star Trek. Requests. Hit me, baby, one more time.

<3 Preferrably shippy!

ETA: I wrote one Chekov fic. That's enough until the next movie.
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It is my goal today to convince [livejournal.com profile] irrel to draw ST fanart with the characters as children

Look here for inspiration! )
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I've rewatched ST, and then rewatched little bits and pieces of it again, and I can tell you, in a tongue and cheek way, that although there are many reasons why I liked the film, there's only one reason (honestly) why I'm fangirlling it. I would love it either way, but for all the other reasons I'd simply enjoy it as any other movie, whereas it takes a particular kind of thing to make me go into fandom mode.

In fact, I think it can be best expressed with a quote from an entirely separate fandom! Because I love quotation crossovers.

Spoiler Alert! )

Yeah, I'm easy. This hits movie hits at least half a dozen of my fandom kinks in this regard.


Call up the captain we've got Krueger on the line
He's got a box of chocolates and a valentine
And MI5 have got a bone to pick with Moses
While Matthew and the big guy just play ring-around-the-roses

A pearl knit sweater and a gasoline rag
He's got a fistful of stars and an old dog tag
Get to Parchman Farm by a number 9 bus
And send the children to the gum tree to wake up Nicodemus

So blow the man down boys
Yeah blow the man down boys
And the tricks that he employs
Are buried in this St Luke's summer's noise
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I started the audiobook for the new Star Trek movie. I am about 7 tracks into the first disc and I am vastly amused by a few things:

1. "in an unremarkable corner of one galactic arm" ... Hitchhiker's Guide! I know it's not a direct quote, but something about this line just screamed out to me as a shout out to the opening lines of HHGttG.

2. uhh.... based on this, Alan Dean Foster isn't a great writer. I mean, he's okay, but he could be better. Cliches in dialogue, double use of the same word in the same sentence, characters who repeat the obvious way too often and too obviously, etc. Actually, this feels very much like an adaptation book. Which aren't usually that good anyway, even if the movie was good. But, anyway, it could be better. I roll my eyes a bit at the military dialogue, and keep listening. "The readings are off the charts, sir!"...."I've never seen anything like it before!" *blah blah* Also apparently addicted to unnecessary -ly adverbs. Ex: "he replied appropriately" and, my favorite: using the phrase "very pregnant" in a completely serious and not-at-all ironic or joking way. Because there are completely serious degrees of being pregnant.
---2b. I swear, disc 1 track 8, appx 1:10, I heard what had to be a type-o. or a sentence fragment? I don't know, but there was a missing conjunction, one required for that sentence to make grammatical sense. I'm a little amused that either Quinto read this literally to the text and skipped it, and that no one noticed how odd it sounded when read aloud, or that he made a mistake in his reading and no one noticed in the production.

3. Zachary Quinto makes an entertaining narrator. I like that he doesn't just change his voice for various characters, but--so far at least--actually adjusts his tone to reflect and cadence whether he's talking about Vulcan characters or human characters.

4. On the other hand, I can't stop giggling whenever I hear him doing a female voice or a Romulan voice, because I picture the actor in a booth, making weird faces to go along with that. Batting his eyes for the female voices, or for the Romulan voices, hunching his shoulders like Jon Stewart doing a George Bush impression.

I'll update again as I get further along.

eta: Oh my god, dude, alliteration is a special tool, not to be abused. With great alliterative power comes real responsibility! I am marking you down from "okay" to "not that good". You have 6 more discs to change my mind.
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(And I immediately spent two hours making ATLA icons, then downloading HIMYM icons. From 6 to 37 is quite the jump!)

So here's the sitch: The universe is lame--that's lame I say. After two weekends my 'rents are now canceling on me for the Star Trek viewing tomorrow. This makes the third time that people I know have either gone without me or flaked on going. I COULD HAVE SEEN IT BY MYSELF TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN IT FRELLING CAME OUT, IF I KNEW THE UNIVERSE WOULD SUCK SO MUCH.

So. I won't get to see it on Friday, but my couple-friends might be able to go on Saturday. If the universe doesn't continue to suck and I don't get a phone call telling me they went last night without me, or their kid has the flu, or something.

On a completely separate note, there's a cute 23-year-old on the Okcupid.com dating site that I've been talking to briefly for the last week. We exchanged phone numbers but haven't called one another yet.

[Poll #1403844]
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The new plan is to see Star Trek on Friday. I am v. excited and can't wait to find out what the fuss is about.

Now I wish I'd made a list of all the posts on my flist of people who saw and reviewed it. I don't think I can go 300 entries back to last week to find them...

Is anyone making a list of fandomy ST reviews from people in our shared fandoms? Can we start one RIGHT HERE?

If you reviewed / squeed over Star Trek, link to it below! Or just put your name and I'll find it. =)
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I've been reading reviews of the new Star Trek movie and from what I understand the film right off the bat establishes itself as an AU timeline from the original series. I don't know if I'd have gotten that from watching it, because I've only seen a few scattered episodes of the TOS, and have no idea how the crew met or what their various backstories are.

I'm amused a little at this, because it feels so... Gundam. In fact, it's rather like Gundam Wing, where you wanted to reboot the franchise by simply inventing an entire alternate universe storyline and going with it. Except the GW timeline never actually connected to the other Gundam timelines, just existed entirely separate yet part of the franchise. I think there's actually 3 or 4 Gundam continuities.

I don't know if I've ever said this, but people who read my LJ probably know it: I adore Alternate Universes, Alternate Dimensions, and Alternate Continuities in canon. Simply adore them. FMA? Loved it to pieces. Stargate: SG1? Always a good time. Farscape? OH YEAH. Whether it's repeating the same events ad nauseum until you get it right, or living the not-quite-a-trope-yet "lost year" (Voyager, Sailor Moon) that characters are only too happy to forget, I love them.


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