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I had a dream last night and this morning that was pretty weird. I went to a night club and in one of the back rooms there was less music and more people, and my best friend's husband was there (for some reason, the proud new owner of a 10" tall pet mermaid), and he was the only person I knew. But as I was floating around the room, I started talking to this guy who, it turns out, was Keith Olbermann of MSNBC News! And there were all other news and tv production people there, though I don't remember other names or faces

A group of us watched a commercial (or read the script for a commercial, I'm not sure) that Keith Olbermann was producing. Some generic product. For some reason my friend, who IRL is an engineer for a water management company, was fed the commercial job by Olbermann and was in charge of it as head of Art Direction. This is funny because he's an engineer. But when I saw the commercial there was a bit in it that was sexist and insulting to women. I was naturally upset about this, so I started telling my woes to the guy standing next to me--who mid-way into my rant told me he was Keith Olbermann and was producing the commercial. Mind you, he only sort of looked like Olbermann. He looked more like Olbermann at age 30, and I wasn't entirely convinced it was him. I actually pulled over my friend and point-blank asked "Can you identify the person standing beside me?"

My friend said, "Yeah, that's Keith Olbermann," and I was convinced enough for the dream. So I rambled on to him about my problems with his still-in-production commercial, and he wanted me to list them (he was very sincere), but we didn't have any paper. So he handed me his phone: a sort of hybrid that looked like an iPhone but had a keyboard like a Blackberry. He told me to type my review/thoughts onto that. I was having trouble concentrating, almost like I was drunk except I wasn't, so he left the phone with me at the table and went back to wandering around the room socializing.

I spent a while typing my opinion of the exact errors structurally and in terms of script and why the whole thing offended me, which took a while because, as I said, my head was pretty fuzzy. But eventually I was done, and I realized I had lost Keith Olbermann.

Then I realized, aloud, "I have Keith Olbermann's phone."

I had Keith Olbermann's phone! He trusted me with his actual cellphone, the sweet man. And he wanted my opinion on his commercial so it wouldn't alienate female viewers.

I didn't know what to do with the thing. I felt like I was the poor couple in The Pearl who didn't know how to profit from the treasure they had, because it was too big for them to deal with. I knew that a more exciting person, like Veronica Mars, would be snooping around in it, looking up phone numbers of famous people and matching call dates to deduce secret information. Not being a teen sleuth or espionage master, I just stood in the room full of people, in a full body freeze panic, while a voice in my head screamed, I have Keith Olbermann's phone! I HAVE KEITH OLBERMANN'S PHONE!

Such power at my fingertips! But my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to find him and give it back; I suppose this means my parents raised me to have better morals than Veronica Mars. Eventually I located him in the crowd and handed him the iPhone. He thanked me graciously, promised to read my comments, and went back to his conversation, while I tried to find my friend so we could go home.

I wasn't emotionally equipped to deal with overly-trusting famous people. I don't remember what happened after that.
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Pick up to 10 ships.
Describe them in less than 16 words.
Have your flist guess the ship.

1. In the end, we both get left behind, but I got your back no matter what. -- Kakashi/Sakura, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] flibbergibbet

2. I love you even if you're the evil sexy zombie of my sister in law. -- Lust/Scar, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] _nepthys_ and [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja

3. They rescue each other a lot, and they're the best MSR since MSR. -- Brennan/Booth, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] zebeckras

4. We've been friends, enemies, victims/abusers, drinking buddies, lovers, partners, and done courtly romance too. -- Buffy/Spike, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar and [livejournal.com profile] zebeckras

5. What happens when the villain accidentally ends up as the epic love interest, cue slow dancing. -- Veronica/Logan, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar

6. She's supposed to fall for quirky guy A, but she's around quirky guy B too much. Oops. -- Penny/Sheldon, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] tapas_girl

7. They work not because they're opposites, but because they're so similar underneath. And so hot. -- Katara/Zuko, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] misora

8. Role-reversal and fictional reincarnation has never had a sweeter love story. -- Ahiru/Fakir, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] zebeckras

9. They backed away from commitment so quickly they bumped into each other. -- Barney/Robin BroTP, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] tapas_girl

10. How long are you going to stay with me? Forever. -- Doctor/Rose guessed by [livejournal.com profile] goldy_dollar
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Super Spoilers for, like, a ton of fandoms: (Doctor Who, Farscape, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, How I Met Your Mother, etc.)

Top Ten TV Kisses )
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Avatar: The Last Airbender - I've basically dumped everyone for you. (except Scrubs) Are you happy? Cause I am.

Battlestar Galactica - I feel we're growing apart. It could have to do with the fact that I haven't seen you since you picked up the crazy pilot and tried to kill Adama. Again. AGAIN! Why does that man not have a bodyguard?

Veronica Mars - You're like my t.v. fuckbuddy. I tend to wait and see you in large bursts, but I will always come back in the end. Please don't kill off my ship!

Naruto - I've started reading you again, I've heard your animated twin will be laying off the filler someday soon, and my new non-canon ship is all I read of your fanfic now. Basically it's just like last year, except the guilty new ship.

House M.D.: I've sort of informally dumped you though you might not know it yet. How sad is it that right now one of my favorite shows on tv is a cable kids-to-teen fantasy series, and that said show has a better understanding of archetypes, parallels, symbolism, cross-season story arcs, character development, philosophy, and continuity than a big-budget, star-driven, hour-long network drama? It's a sick sad world.

Grey's Anatomy: I've seen most of season 2 and most of the current season, and for some reason I'm still watching you even though I never really liked you all that much, and even though Derek Sheppard still hasn't been eaten by a bear. Why is that? Oh well-- as soon as I'm not living with my parents anymore I won't be sucked into your twisted universe of irresponsible co-dependent whiners. P.S. Christina should go postal on the entire rest of the cast.

Scrubs: I'm working my way through your fourth season reruns, and you continue to be a joy in my life. You are weird and wacky and funny and I love you.

Doctor Who: I haven't seen your Christmas Special, but I'll probably watch it in the next two weeks. I'm still in mourning over how you lovingly reaffirmed my OTP, left dialogue clues for enough babyfics and alternate universe fics to fill a cookie jar, and then cruelly tore my OTP apart. I've forgiven you, but I'm still not sure if I've healed yet.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip: You and me were kinda killing time together because we're both madly crushing on Bradley Whitford. This doesn't make for a lasting relationship, but for now it's decent enough.

Lost: I'm like a season and a half behind, and I'm perfectly okay with that. Maybe I'll watch it four years from now when it ends. And after the entire audience bitches that it never made any sense or went anywhere, I will laugh at you. I will laugh loudly.

Heroes: The first half of season 1 didn't thrill me, but you're the kind of show that I think could be really good if only someone else were writing it. Your pacing sucks and you have no dramatic tension. But you have POTENTIAL. I wish you would use it! If only they'd invite Joss Whedon to pen a few episodes. Then it could be love.

The Office: You're that boyfriend whose socially embarassing but has the brilliance and charm of a warm, shiny, sparkly thing. I love you though sometimes I can't look directly at you.
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It's kind of funny that right now my favorite post-finale fic is about Dick. Dude, I don't even like Dick. Nobody really likes Dick, fun as he is to watch.

The way Dick Casablancas sees it, somebody has to have gotten something wrong, and that somebody sure as hell isn't him.
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Just because I don't think I've said it yet, and of course I must join in and due my part. Rewatching bits of 2x20 for the third time )

So...yeah... this is a rambling monologue about how pleased I am with my ship. Ignore any nonsensical jumps, please.

In other news, of all the people on this show, I wish I had Logan's silver tongue. They give him really articulate, clever lines. Not just funny lines, but lines with complex multiple meanings and quite an edge of wit. Even drunk he sounds so damn....smart. I have a weakness for a good turn of phrase, and Logan seems to spout a continuous stream of excellently turning words. And yet it doesn't annoy me; it just makes me kind of jealous. I can express my intelligence through my opinions, but I can't open my mouth and in 5 words convince people that I am both articulate and saavy by saying crude things in a really clever manner. On the spot. With no half hour in the bathroom thinking it up.

I'll be over here, feeling jealous over not having a team of writers in my head
at all times to make everything that pops out of my mouth brilliant.
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The other day I was in Albertsons standing at the deli counter with my iPod headphones hanging off my neck in a tell-tale manner. The 20-something guy behind the deli counter asked me what I was listening to today, remembering me (surprisingly) from a conversation we'd had at this same counter about three months ago, at which point the song on my iPod was "Doctors of Deliverance" by Crooked Fingers, which he remembered three months later because he's a big Crooked Fingers fan, apparently a rare condition.

This time I replied I was listening to the Veronica Mars soundtrack, and then sensing he was a carrier of the fandom potentiality gene, I tried pimping my show. The conversation went [very] roughly, like this:

"It's great."
"It's like....okay... think of The O.C. Only with better writing, and people die."
"What's it about?"
"Blahblahblah... and her dad's was the sherriff at one point so she goes around solving small cases and occasionally big ones. And she goes to school with rich kids of celebrities and stuff, and she gets her rich classmates to pay her wads of money to find out crap like how to blackmail their own parents."
"Anyway, there's usually a complex season-long mystery that gets solved along with the individual episode mysteries. It's pretty cool. If you know Kevin Smith movies, he loves this show. Um, that is, assuming that's a rec that has any meaning for you."
"Actually, that's pretty weighty."
"It's totally true. He has an online blog, you know, and he wrote an entire entry babbling about how much he loved it."
"You should watch it, trust me."
"I might."
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Veronica Mars

Weevil is love. )


You know, for all that I enjoy this show, I really want to smack the writers sometimes. A lot this season, actually. They can't seem to grasp the concept of character arcs.

Time to be honest with ourselves here.

House, while entertaining to watch, does not have a good grasp on character development.

It kind of saddens me that a kid's fantasy on Nickelodeon which I'm also watching has a clearer sense of how to build a multi-season character arc than a highly funded hour long drama series on a primetime network.

This problem crops up for House's character, but it's demonstrated the worst in his three ducklings: Cameron, Foreman, and Chase. From week to week I can't tell which one will be the asshole, which one will be compassionate, and which one will be the whipping boy/village idiot. How am I supposed to like any of the three as characters if they change every other episode? I used to like Foreman. I used to dislike Chase. I still mostly like Cameron, but they keep making her need to learn "life lessons" or some shit like that one week, then the next week having her be all "I'm more experienced than you give me credit for" the next.

Writers, make up your damn minds! Stop rotating character traits between the three of them like a hot potato! Write a frelling series bible for each character and stick with it! And in your down time watch Farscape for tips on how to make diverse and believably moving characters who each have distinct personalities that could never be confused.

Oh, and make up your mind about whether you want House to actually go anywhere this season or not. I thought from the first half of the season that there was an end-goal; now I think you're just meandering around aimlessly with him. But at least he's got a set personality, which is a start.
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I want to read what you guys think about episodes of my favorite shows.

So please, if you write response-posts on semi-casual basis (as little as one every three or four episodes, or as often as every episode), please sign below! I want to create filters for my flist so I can go back and read all your reactions. :D This will help because sometimes I get the episode 3 days after it aired.

Just click below for the shows you watch.

[Poll #711113]
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Just caught an episode of this show called Love Monkey over dinner. I know, I know... late dinner. Anyway, it had that guy. You know, that guy.... who....was in that...show...that I never watched...

I don't know know why I never watched it, but I think it has something to do with why I'm not going to watch another episode of Love Monkey. It's... cute. It's safe. It's feel-good tv with a guy who pulls off cute, safe, charming. In a funny-but-not-really-still-cute-anyway-so-I-forgive-your-not-being-funny kind of way.

Which means he's a guy I'd totally date (if I were ten years older), but not a guy who makes for thrilling tv.

I like watching him on tv. He's very watchable. Very leading-man romantic guy. I *want* to like him. But he keeps doing the cute, nice, romantic guy and no matter what show (or bad tv movie) he plays in, he's the same guy.

Maybe he needs to stop being him. I know! He could join the cast of some great dramatic show. Something on HBO, perhaps? Or, Showtime... he would've been a great addition to Dead Like Me, where he'd still get to be the cute nice guy, but he could have much better lines and a more complex character.

I'd suggest a show that's still on, except the only things I watch are Veronica Mars, Avatar, and House. Avatar's animated, Veronica Mars wouldn't be a good fit... oh wait! He could be on House! House has the right mix of humor and drama, and it's brightly colored visually (this guy looks good surrounded by bright colors), and every week Hugh Laurie could say something heart-crushingly mean to him. Yes, I like this plan.

Dear guy,

Ditch your VH1 show and join the cast of House. Or something on HBO.

A happenstance fan,

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I mean... whoa. That has to be one of the best episodes of the season. So many things happened! There was...and the... and then... gah!

Also, my ship meter is off the charts.... for like five different ships. There's Read more... )
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All of a sudden, my icon feels only too appropriate. )

The good thing about watching an episode this late is that presumably there's another one on tv in two days!

The sucky part is that I missed everyone else's episode commentary.
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The world of Veronica Mars is yellow and magenta and green. Which could be ugly, but ends up being bright and gorgeous to look at.

The world of House, M.D. is cyan, very cyan and white, with dabs of red and brown.

The new Doctor Who is a veritable rainbow, but also heavy with the magenta, yellow, and blue.

Damn, it's kinda sad that that's all I watch on tv these days. Three shows, and I've technically never even watched House on tv. (except The Daily Show, of course, which is red, white, and blue.)
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This episode's mystery was a little too pat for me (the short time-setting was a nice choice, though), but I take it all with a wink and a smile because it made possible the final snark exchange which was so very, very worth it.

I'm liking Jackie a lot more these days )
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Donut Run )

Next up: Wallace episode! Whee!
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Veronica Mars is on MSNBC's list of top ten shows of 2005 (so is Battlestar Galactica, which I actually watched a whole episode of last week). What must I do to get my brother and my roommates to watch this series?

You know the weirdest thing?

My brother won't watch it because he thinks it's a stupid sappy high school soap opera (this guy has watched The OC, btw) that only girls will like, kind of the way I like Buffy so much.

My roommates won't watch it for god knows what reason (I keep asking and they keep dodging the question), but it can't be the reason above because they all like Gilmore Girls (blegh, boring) and they all used to watch Buffy. I've tried telling them that Veronica Mars is the favorite show of Joss Whedon who created Buffy, but that doesn't stick either.

There's this weird prejudice conspiracy going on here that prevents anyone else in my life from watching and loving Veronica Mars with me. WHY?????!!!


Oh well. My one roommate did express an interest in trying Doctor Who (she's a recent Firefly convert), so I'll have that to comfort me.


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