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Title: Breathe That Fire Again . . . (mirror)
Spoilers: Season 2 finale
Rating: G, friendship
Time: 4:10 min
Text: read it @ FF.Net

Summary: [Theme: Homecoming] The hour is late and Dr. Sheldon Cooper cannot sleep.

Comments: This one is up on youtube for easy consumption! This is the first time I'm putting out a podfic that I've recorded and wrote. Not surprisingly, it's easier to record your own stuff! I think it's because I know exactly how a sentence should sound in my head, and I'm not trying to guess like I am with fic by other authors. I'm particularly pleased with this ficlet anyway; I'd say its my favorite one-shot I've done for S/P.

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Sarah Haskin's latest Target: Women comedy segment about Michelle Obama is pretty funny, especially the last parts. I have to say, watching TW tonight and giggling made me really annoyed that there aren't more female comedians on The Daily Show. The new correspondent they introduced on Thursday? He wasn't funny. His bit went on too long, his ironically racist impression of illegal Latino immigrants was too racist to be ironic or funny, and I just wasn't feeling' it.

TDS should hire Sarah Haskins. They really, really should! She's hilarious, she's likable, and she delivers smart jokes (that I assume she writes or co-writes) with style and amusing video graphic support. I can just picture her in my head, saying "Yes, Jon. I do take my Cheeze Whiz over lobster. With a side of neo-religious angst," or something. =)

Does anyone else think this would be, like, completely awesome? A match made in Rashaka's brain and in heaven and on your tv!
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Male YouTube-User Question: "How do I get nerd girls to like me?"

Full answer: Vlog Brothers explain.

Part that I appreciated:

"I have this theory that girls, at least girls not named Bella, have this warning system inside their heads. And whenever we get too obsessed with them and focused on them, it's like BEEP BEEP BEEP! Back away, back away! BEEP BEEP BEEP! Back away!

Which, by the way, is a totally helpful warning system because no girl, or person for that matter, will ever fill up the holes inside of you. It's like chinese finger-cuffs. The way to get them off your fingers is instead of being panicked and over-eager, just relax.

Oh, and one other thing guys. It would be really helpful if you can see girls as, like, people, instead of pathways to kissing and/or salvation. One of the things I've noticed over the years is that if you treat girls like people, admittedly people who like fart jokes somewhat less than the rest of your friends, they are much more likely to like you."

I've had that warning system go off more than once.

See also: "How to Make Guys Like You", which isn't quite as direct or useful, but is still funny.
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[livejournal.com profile] wisteria_ pointed her flist to this video of street theater and this Salon article about it, which just brightened my heart. I can't wait to show my mom tomorrow.

from Salon.com, on why people love watching it:

"What they are presenting to the people in that station (and the rest of us, of course) is the ideal of human co-operation. They're showing us the possibility that a bunch of unrelated, unconnected people could spontaneously burst into a song and dance routine in a train station because that's what they all wanted to do and that's what we could do too, if we set our minds to it."

Plus, look how much fun they had preparing for it.

Outside of city parades--which are planned--I've only ever been part of one moment of spontaneous public dancing. Read more... )
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CBS presents: Barney + Robin = BRo Love

OMG LOVE LOVE LUFF LOVEY LOOOOOOOOOVE. Thank you CBS promo editing department.

It's so...sappy! And that's the most LOLtastic thing. They didn't just make a video... they made a FULL video, with vid-style end credits, with a sad romantic love song (doubly ironic for this anti-romance pairing), with "BRo Love" as a fan reference to the pairing, with dialogue quotes, with cheesy contrast-heavy effects, and with that last little awesome audio tag at the end. I LOVE CBS's PROMO DEPARTMENT SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

They clearly know their audience. ^___^

Edit 1: I don't know how to do a youtube proxy for non-US folks, sorry! Someone did recommend this to me, but I can't vouch.

Edit 2: On rewatching, this just reminds me how sad it is that no one has yet done a video for the TRUEST of true HIMYM ships: Barney/alcohol. Or whole!cast/alcohol. Seriously, how much do these people drink?


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