Aug. 30th, 2006

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This tutorial makes line art and photoshop cell-style colorizing look so damn easy. It's making me want to make fanart right now. Since figuring out line art from sketches has always been overwhelmingly intimidating to me every time I've tried, and no one's ever explained it to me... I have to say I'm really twigged on this tutorial. I want to draw something and try all these steps.

Oh, and funniest Naruto thing I've seen in forever. It's a flash animation video, and it's worth watching all two minutes of. I can't decide which I like more: Gaara singing along with "My hump, my hump" or the dancing chibis at the end (especially Sasuke... and you'll see what I mean if you watch it.)
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My first post at [ profile] fanficrants. About Zutara fic, of course. It's what I rant about when I have nothing else to do.

Edit: thinking about the subject further, I kind of wish that when I read a fic about Zuko running around as the Blue Spirit, that someone would actually be injured with those swords of his. I mean, that will never really happen on the show because of the network, but come on. Sword fights are scary, bloody affairs. People lose arms and legs and heads. People get disemboweled and impaled. People get their hamstrings cut. How come I read this fics where Zuko gets into a swordfight and miraculously no one loses any body parts, even when the swordfighter wins? Did we not remember our lessons from Kill Bill? Especially if Zuko ever got into a fight with Ty Lee or Mei, who use neither bending nor long-reach weapons. As sad as it is, if Zuko were fighting them for real (such as defending Iroh from them) then all it would take is one moment where Ty Lee dodges right when she should have dodged left and oops, pressure-point contortionist girl is no longer a problem for our heroes.
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Look at this mini-movie icon: here.

Is that Yondaime? The 4th Hokage? Shit, that looks like the 4th. I haven't watched the Naruto anime in a while (not since about 160-ish), or any movies past the first... are they animating the 4th Hokage now? In what episode? Where can I watch it?


::flails:: If they're over the fillers, I have to start watching again! Gah!


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