Mar. 10th, 2009

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Can you believe it? Four votes! That was the tensest fandom thing I've been part of in a long time. Weirdly.

I voted for Spike earlier because I love him and will forever, but I surprised myself and voted for Veronica against him this time. WE NEED MORE LADIES.

And I also voted for Jon Stewart against Barney. I love Barney...but I love Jon too, and Jon will love us back whereas Barney only loves Robin and that guy in the mirror so, so, choices had to be made!

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR THE DOCTOR over stupid Dean Winchester?

AND THIS, even though this video makes me kinda want to hate Ten, it still enthralls me.

Luckily Ten is a positive vote coming from me, as Mal would have been had he won, but even if I didn't love Doctor Who, I'd still vote against Dean-who-calls-people-a-bitch-Winchester.


ETA: I voted for Booth over House because, obviously, House is 98.6% ASSHOLE and Booth is, like, a really, really good guy who's also incredibly hot and shoots things and is tall and funny.
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Caught up on my Monday tv at lunch today since last night was all about the dancing in my house. I'd rather record the DwtS and watch HIMYM, but it's not my decision.

The Big Bang Theory was okay. Funny bits, but not very funny as a whole. I've found the last half-dozen episodes to be less amusing than earlier this season. spoilers inside for this ep only )

How I Met Your Mother, on the other hand, was hilarious. I giggled so much, and I chuckled, and I actually laughed. The whole thing was wonderfully executed. NPH was doing his over the top eccentric Barney giggle thing that only he can legitimately pull off. Everyone had funny lines, and I like how they carried the continuity of the "funny" story through the entire episode. That's what I love about HIMYM as a show--clever ways of delivering sitcom jokes so that they feel funny and meta even if they're a cliche when any other show does them. They've been really picking up in laughs for the last half-season and I love it.


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