May. 1st, 2009

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I don't have any invite codes for DWth to hand out yet, but I read that anyone with an OpenID should be getting one, and there will be others dispersed. I'm over there as starboard, and if I add you, you'll know it's me! =D
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Well, now it's confirmed that elegant, pale brunettes are so Logan's type. That's not at all helping me get over my residual Rogue/Wolverine UST from the first three movies.

Explosions! Young people, old people, new people--but not blue people. Also, a bit of feminist sidebar discussion! )

By the way, potential viewers: THERE ARE TWO END-CREDIT SCENE TAGS! So definitely stick around. The first one is very quick, but the second doesn't play until after the final credits roll. You'll want to stay and see it.


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