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I find it kind of amazing that there are fair number of professional animation / comics / design artists who have DeviantArt accounts, and not only do they have personal accounts, but they post professional, commissioned work on the same account that they post fan art or original artwork. It's so interesting! I can think of at least two off the top of my head from Avatar Fandom, which is the only cartoon fandom I participate in right now: NotThePornStar, and rufftoon, who both draw/ have drawn Avatar:The Last Airbender characters professionally, as official comics or press art. Then there's a person who got job offers after doing the Simpsons cast in an anime style.

It's just... kinda weird. A strange overlap of fandom and RL. I wonder what production companies and networks THINK of places like DeviantArt? Obviously some artists have permission to post the liscenced images that they created directly for the show/enterprise on their accounts, so that must mean at the minimum a tacit permission in some cases, maybe even embrace of fandom in other cases.


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