Dec. 3rd, 2007

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First off, I'd just like to say.... I TOTALLY CALLED THIS, NOVEMBER 2006!! YEAH! click here to see the VERY SPOILERY thing which I TOTALLY CALLED BACK IN NOVEMBER 2006.

Actually, I was a bit off, but 15% is a perfectly acceptable margin of error! If you round, I TOTALLY CALLED IT. To be fair, the actual number of people to exactly call it was 3% of the total, which just goes to show how bad our fandom is at guessing games.

But anyway, back to the good stuff. WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE #$(*#&%*$&@!@@!!!#(!! I HAVE NO WORDS.


YES I DO. BUT THEY MUST BE CAPPED FOR CLEAR AND PRESENT EMOTIONAL REASONS. AAHHH!!! I think this all counts as one episode, don't you? Just a really long one... which means we get 21 episodes this season, doesn't it? HAH! We'll work backwards for this, since the end just happened and I naturally must talk about that first. )

I'm so excited for the rest of the season now! I think, with this awesomeness, I will survive until February. I love this show so much.
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Fanartists with cool avatar stuff, shippy and gen: - Zutara Theater: Pride and Prejudice - blue spirit x painted lady freedom fighters! - pretty half-burning tree manip - Avatar Theater: My Little Pony - Haha - that's some damn good CG painting

Looking back on this fabulous image, I was reminded of the character designs of Roku and Sozin, as compared to Iroh, Ozai, Zuko, and Azula. Sozin looked to be shorter, like Iroh. Azulon was too old to tell, but Ozai appears to be tall, as does Ursa. We don't know what Iroh's son looked like in full. But isn't that interesting? The grandson most agaisnt war, Iroh, most closely resembles Sozin. But Ozai got the tall & pretty genes, and then he married Ursa who has Avatar Roku's tall & pretty genes, and the result is Zuko and Azula... Zuko isn't super-tall but he's gotten taller since the series began, and both he and Azula seem to take more physically from their mother than from Ozai. Zuko's face is very long and narrow, very oval, in comparison to Iroh's, as is Azula's (seriously, their chins could cut glass, those siblings.) Have I mentioned I love Zuko's new rebel outfit? It's very FN+Adventure. Everyone gets new clothes with this episode!


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