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Television Streaming Sites

1. http://www.Hulu.com - If you've never heard of Hulu, you a) didn't watch Doctor Horrible online last year, or b) haven't seen the laughable Alien Alec Baldwin commercial from the superbowl. Hulu is great, though you may be asked to watch the same car commercial six times in one episode. Unfortunately, it's difficult to predict what episodes or seasons will be available, and what won't. Note: only available in the U.S.

2. http://www.surfthechannel.com/ - SurfTheChannel doesn't host episodes; it lists shows and, by individual episode, links you to an array of different streaming websites. I watched the entire first three seasons of How I Met Your Mother on this website, linked to funky Japanese and Korean servers that sometimes had Chinese subs, but I was a happy cat.

Websites with Direct Download Resources/Archives


1. http://www.cyber12.com/ - [Anime Download Resource Archive] - TONS! mostly linked via MegaUpload and similar file sending websites, and you don't need to register for it. Mostly recent stuff and some old stuff.

2. http://www.narutoengdub.co.nr/ - [JustDubs] - download complete dubbed series!

3. http://www.anime-eden.com/ - [Anime Eden] - huge archive of many series, usually complete, download from servers two at a time, also music, free registration necessary. They have a lot of older series as well as new ones, and anime movies.

4. http://www.boontan.net/ - [Boontan] - several series, download from servers, free registration necessary, lots of recent obscure series.

6. http://mesmerisz.livejournal.com/3570.html - a livejournal masterpost list with a few hundred series linked through megaupload, well organized. Only recent stuff from the last two years.

[from [livejournal.com profile] hakeber]
7. http://www.anikat.com - Large archive, linked via MegaUpload and similar sites, no registration necessary.

8. http://www.lolipower.org/


1. http://www.onemanga.com/directory/ - [OneManga] - This is where I get my Naruto updates; there's a huge database, no sign-up necessary. I view online.

2. http://stoptazmo.com/ - [StopTazmo] - Another large database, direct downloading of zip files. This site was created as a hate-letter to another download site [NarutFan], apparently.

Here's the updated list. If it weren't for these websites, I'd probably have more friends. They will corrupt your fannish soul...
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anime websites with direct download resources/archives

1. http://www.cyber12.com/ - TONS! mostly linked via megaupload and similar file sending websites, and I don't think you need to register for it.

2. http://www.anime-eden.com/ - huge archive of many series, usually complete, download from servers two at a time, also music, free registration necessary. They have a lot of older series as well as new ones.

3. http://www.boontan.net/ - several series, download from servers, free registration necessary, lots of recent series.

4. http://chauthanh.info/animeDownload/?ami - several series, a lot of the more obscure ones that other sites miss, download from servers, no registration necessary, but a limited number of downloads per 24 hours.

5. http://mesmerisz.livejournal.com/3570.html - a livejournal masterpost list with a few hundred series linked through megaupload, well organized.

For newer fansubbed anime, this has become the preferred way of distribution. Bittorrent is becoming a thing of the past. I hesitate to wonder what would happen to all of the anime fans (and all of the television fans too) if one day all the file sending sites on the internet collapsed and vanished?
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I was browsing this old Mega Rec List for Cowboy Bebop fanfiction and idly skimmed some old fics, and it reminded me of how much I miss certain fandoms that I'm not active in anymore. I miss CB fanfic in particular, which I was seriously into in my senior year of high school and first two years of college. I adored [livejournal.com profile] fayeandspike, which barely gets any activity now. Just like I used to be seriously into the Vash/Meryl segment of Trigun fandom.

Anyway, while browsing all this great old CB fic with its massive epic chapter fics and its insane resurrection storylines and the incredible talent base of Bebop fandom and the Spike/Faye faction in particular, I had a terrible, gasping moment of regretful nostalgia. And I know exactly what it is.

I miss being in an adult fandom.

It happens, just because things do, that the fandom I'm most active in right now is a youth-based fandom. It's not my first (I spent quite a lot of time in HP fandom, and various anime series), but it's the one I'm into now that I've been involved in for the past two years. It's been longer-lasting for me than even Doctor Who, which suffers because you only get 13 episodes a year.

It's not the fact that ATLA fans are young that's particularly the issue I'm brooding over tonight (many of them are my age or older)... it's that the characters are young. For the last two years I've been writing fic about teenagers, be it ATLA or Harry Potter or Naruto or FMA or Veronica Mars or even DW's Rose Tyler who is, for all her wisdom, only twenty at best.

Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Buffy... these were shows about adult characters and thus allowed for adult situations. I don't just mean sexualized stuff, I mean adult on all levels and in a variety of contexts. I haven't been "into" a fandom with a full adult cast in a long time, be it television or anime. Even in series like HP, Naruto, or Fruits Basket the adult characters are secondary and often less-developed supporting characters rather than a driving force in the story.

I need something new to get into, something that inspires me to fangirl it like crazy and also something that puts out mature, elegant, quality fanfic on a huge level. While there's good and bad fic in every fandom, the range *does* differ, and the styles or modes each fandom culture puts out differ as well. ATLA fandom, for all that I love it, doesn't have as much high-quality fic as I would like to read, or as I've found in other fandoms before it, even reading multiple pairings.

Also, I want to have a cool, fun series that makes me love it AND makes me fic it (I don't fic every show I love) that isn't about teenagers.

The only problem is that all the good and really popular anime I've come across in the last two years is about teenagers, and most of the live-action tv shows from America or the UK just don't inspire serious fangirlism in me. I may watch Robin Hood or BSG or Sarah Connor Chronicles but I'm not, if you care to notice, particularly fannish crazy for them. And I've zero desire to fic them.

Ah, woe is me! Whining about a lack of well-written serious fanfic is always a good way to end your day.... because tomorrow or next week you just MIGHT discover a previously unread epic drama that takes your breath away with its style, sophistication, and panache. It could happen!
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Things I Forget (Until I Remember Them)

Folding clothes is really not that bad.

When all other ficdoms fail, go back to Doctor Who or Buffy, because there's always stuff I haven't read yet.

Audiobooks are the way to enliven all manner of chore-like activities.

Any fic can be spontaneously ruined because one character tries to commit suicide because another character doesn't love them enough, and sometimes this can happen even in a fic that you thought up till then was reliably decent.

Exercise is fun sometimes.

Always carry lip balm in your purse, your car, and your pocket if you live in Southern California.

To Do List

Nov. 28th, 2007 12:37 pm
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Things to do this afternoon:

-shower (I think I smell!)
-shop for groceries
-go to used bookstore
-go to library (damn I owe 15 dollars...)
-install computer and stop using my parent's laptop
-unpack everything else
-stop being a lazy bum
-do laundry
-make dinner
-send resume online

And why am I now obsessed with the song "Take Your Momma Out" by the Scissor Sisters? I don't even LIKE the Scissor Sisters, really.

I think it's because I came back from AmeriCorps with one of my teammate's mixed CDs being left in my car, and that's the first song on the mix. Now it just reminds me of my teammates and of New Orleans and of AmeriCorps NCCC's insane party culture underneath all the do-gooding. Combine the idealistic children of hippies, the threat of random drug testing, no supervisors over 25, and living just outside New Orleans... and you get this nifty catchphrase: "AmeriCorps turns potheads into alcoholics." It also shows people the awesomeness of volunteer and nonprofit work, of course, and creates young leaders, blah blah blah, and all that shiny stuff. I had a great year.
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I'm going to be in the Gulf region for my next project, starting in about 3 weeks. I don't yet know which city, but there's 3/5 probability it will be with a Habitat For Humanity project, though not Musician's Village again.

However, in two weeks I get my first vacation-- 9 days of bliss in Denver, where my car is, and my PC. HUZZAH!

Just so you know how much they crammed into my brain in 2 months, I can do:

floor systems
floor decking
roof decking
exterior trim
interior trim
dead wood
door knobs

...and other stuff.

It rained again today-- my teammate Alex and I had a picnic after work in front of the building, under the huge eaves. We ate cookies and played mancala and watched the rain. I love the rain in this place.

Incidentally, thanks to the generous folks at [livejournal.com profile] teh_music, I now have about 90 songs about rain on my Zen player.
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Characters I'd Like To See Get Eaten By A Bear, Or Just Otherwise Disappear

Derek Shepherd [Grey's Anatomy]
Sasuke Uchiha [Naruto]
Lee "Apollo" Adama [Battlestar Galactica]
Nathon Petrelli [Heroes]
Kikyo [Inu Yasha]
Kisa Sohma [Fruits Basket]
Angel [Angel: the Series] ...(but puppet!Angel can stay.)
Anotsu [Blade of the Immortal]
Folken de Fanelia [The Vision of Escaflowne]
Treize Khushrenada [Gundam Wing]
the entire cast [The Phantom of the Opera, the movie]
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Comment with the name/title of a fandom I'd know, no matter how obvious you think the answers will be, and I'll reply to you with the relationships (canon or not) from it I 'ship. Also, you're free to reply in sub threads and ask me why I ship or don't ship something.
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I've had my Fruits Basket mood theme for about two years.

Time for a change, yeah?

new mood theme ideas:

Jim Halpert [The Office:] http://community.livejournal.com/toxic_cloud/5017.html?style=mine

[Penny Arcade]: http://casirafics.livejournal.com/293369.html

Sam Tyler [Life On Mars]: ?

[Princess Tutu]: ?

Yomiko Readman [Read or Die]: ?

Rose/Ten [Doctor Who]:

Avatar gen: http://community.livejournal.com/whoresque/11800.html

I will be adding to this list as the week goes by. If you saw any neat ones recently, send them my way! Movies, tv, manga, funky comics, anything. Got to have options.
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I reread Another Wolf, which is so good but OMFGWRONG at the same time. Because really, teenagers with older men is usually a squick for me. On account of it being illegal and gross (which is why I still haven't read Lolita yet). But here I got sucked into the OMFGWRONG of it, and what do you know. Still as good a fanfic as it was when I read it a year ago. I blame it on really quality writing and expert use of tension in a scene. (FYI, this fic is only PG-13, and is pretty subtle, more about anticipation than event. )

I am painfully aware that most KakaSaku fic is probably not of such high quality, and most of it will probably make me want to roll my eyes or barf. But it hit a kink for me, today. And it is the first one I've read for this pairing-- the only other one I read had them both as adults. But it hit a nerve. So I browsed some of the reviews and picked out people who wrote intelligent responses, then I trolled their favorites lists. This is usually how I browse Fanfiction.net.











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I spent a couple hours sorting through paperwork tonight, and I just found 3 outlines printed out that I thought had been lost forever:

The Mindwalker Ninja (Naruto) - A story for Yamanaka Ino: number one kunoichi in her class, leader of Team 10, and proud shinobi of the Leaf people.
(My multi-ship, multi-arc epic that would folllow Ino into her twenties and cover such things as the death of Orochimaru, the three year time gap, an ongoing relationship with Shikamaru and a dark and confusing [but hot] affair with recovering-from-evil Sasuke.)

Mon Autre Vie (Fruits Basket) - On graduation night, a horrific tragedy struck the Sohma family. A year and a half later, Tohru must solve the mystery of the dreams that plague her, while the youngest Sohma prince starts to investigate what happened, and why.
(My dark and angsty Furuba fic with Tohru/Yuki and Tohru/Kyo and corruption, abuse, murder most foul, magic, and lots of Hiro trying to be a grown up.)

Orpheus Child (Cowboy Bebop) - A coma has changed the galaxy little but changed Spike's universe in spades. Not fluff, because life is never that easy.
(A.K.A my excruciatingly plotted-out, 16 chapter, nursery-rhyme-and-classical-mythology-allegory post-series Spike fic, of which only the prologue has been posted.)

Now I'm looking at these and thinking "They're back! I can write them again! The outlines survived because in my brilliance of yesteryears' fannishness I once printed them out and dragged them 500 miles to Southern California with me!"

And then I look at the ficverses I'm supposed to be doing, like Vampverse or [livejournal.com profile] rain_tealeaves, and I want to cry. CRY, YO. CRY!

Because it's a fucking candy story of giant fic bunnies, and I'm the candy and they all want to eat me, but there's not enough to go around.

And then there's that tiny matter of the Life On Mars/Tenth Doctor Who fic that was hopping on lil furry feet all around my brain today...
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Okay, so the other day I made a prompt list. It's a set of 64 prompts for multiple fandoms, and I'm going to make a community for it which I will then pimp out everywhere I can. The prompts tend toward more actiony or tangible things rather than a lot of the more abstract stuff I've seen in a lot of prompt lists-- and a few song lyrics, because I love them. Also, I thought maybe some of you guys would like a new list to work with. So here they are.

Now, I need your help with naming the list. I'm kind of fond of "64damn_prompts", if only because I'm damned tired of trying to think up a name. There was also the suggestion to have it indicate its multifandom applicability in the name, or the fact that 64 = 8 squared (I couldn't figure out a way to make that work well, but suggestions would be great.)

Please fill out the poll below, and choose your top 3 choices. Or less if you don't like 3.

[Poll #757726]

I've never really done this before, so if you have any suggestions or thoughts in general, shoot!
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If I can think of some way to make this an official multi-fandom challenge somewhere, I'd like to. But I'm not sure how one gets something like that started.

Do you think people would be interested in a community for it? I know there's lots of prompts lists out there, but a lot of people must have done the big ones by now and might be looking for new prompts...

64 Prompts

1. 2 a.m.
2. metaphor
3. sky
4. lost scene
5. degrees
6. seize the day
7. opposite
8. passions run
9. connection
10. lull and storm
11. animal
12. children
13. we all float on
14. chess
15. duty
16. rip
17. missing time
18. crest
19. itch
20. explode
21. rise
22. crumble
23. range
24. fight/flight
25. acid
26. color
27. give
28. needle
29. locks
30. slope
31. correspondence
32. linger
33. charm
34. roads
35. hunger
36. reciprocity
37. kind
38. fruity
39. half-life
40. comedy of errors
41. tragedy
42. hope is the thing with feathers
43. empire
44. turpentine kisses and mistaken blows
45. rings
46. dust
47. every you, every me
48. project
49. adore
50. murmur
51. above
52. below
53. incalculable
54. wire
55. landslide
56. the beginning is the end is the beginning
57. door
58. enemy gate
59. stone
60. bright
61. stories
62. chime
63. laugh
64. hold

Current idea list for a multi-fandom comm name:

- 64random_prompts
-Read more... )
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I've been meaning to make a large A:TLAB rec list for a while, and since [livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk is getting into the show, I thought I'd go all the way and make a Fandom Guide. It's as extensive as I could think to make it with regards to links and communities, with some of my personal commentary on the fandom as a whole, and a fic rec list at the end.

*NOTE: If a listed link lacks commentary, it simply means I'm not familiar enough with it.


A Crash Course In

Avatar:TLAB Fandom

+ Recs

Fandom Trends, Habits, and Pros & Cons Read more... )

Resource Sites Read more... )

Communities Read more... )

Ship Communities (alphabetically) Read more... )

Media Read more... )


Places Read more... )

Some General Recs, no particular order Read more... )

EDIT: More fanfiction recs have been provided in the comments below! Enjoy. :)
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I only plan on owning dogs or cats, so that's all I listed below.

(But I did once name one of my brother's little yellow fish Binky after Death's horse in the Terry Pratchett books. He was miffed at the name "Binky", but he hadn't named it before, and once it's named it's named, so what can you do?)

Fandom Names I'd Give My Future Pets (or have already given my current ones)

Dog - female
Scully (XF)
Sen (Spirited Away)
Izumi (FMA)

Dog - male
Vash (Trigun)
Shigure (Fruits Basket), if he was black-colored
Mulder (XF)
Maes (FMA)
Ryoga (Ranma 1/2)
Bracca (Farscape)
Roland (The Dark Tower)

Cat - female
Kuroneko (Trigun), if she was black-colored
Buffy (BtVS)
River Tam (Firefly/Serenity), yes both first and last name
Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)

Cat - male
Kyo (Fruits Basket), if he was orange- or tan-colored
Spike (BtVS)
Zuko (A:tLA)
Crichton (Farscape)
Picard (ST:tNG), if he was gray-colored
Sasuke (Naruto), if he was black-colored and bitchy


Sadly, I've never had the opportunity to name a new pet (except the goldfish that died by the next morning), so these are all hypothetical future names.
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from [livejournal.com profile] fadingembers and [livejournal.com profile] arafel

Bold what you've seen all the way through; italicize what you've seen part of; underline what you own; add three of your own.

(I added like 30 to the end instead)

197 and counting... )

...Dear god, I've seen a shitload of anime. And I've seen more that's not even on the list.
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Last night while trying to fall asleep I made a list in my head of my "most OTP OTPs"... i.e. the pairings I'm most emotionally invested in, and the ones I think are "even more meant for each other than your normal OTP." Televison and anime/manga. In order of true-est.

P.S.: I typed for two hours to write this stuff. It's like a mega-essay. So please, comment! Squee with me or disagree, I don't care. :) Let me know what you think. What your most-OTP OTPs are.

Anime (big spoilers for Princess Tutu, Escaflowne, Fruits Basket, and Gundam Wing, mild spoilers for Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2 )

Television (spoilers for Buffy, Farscape, The X Files )

What did you learn from this meme?

That just as often as Shaka's ships have happy endings, the other half of them ends in tragedy or bittersweet departure. I guess I come from the Casablanca / Gone With The Wind school of romance.

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For the people on my flist newly converted to Princess Tutu fans, I've now got a little soundtrack building in my head for Princess Tutu.

This is it so far:

Mytho or Mytho/Ahiru - "Tender" by Blur ([livejournal.com profile] riddering's suggestion!)

Ahiru/Fakir, season 1 - "Human" by the Pretenders

Ahiru/Fakir, season 2 - "I'll Fly Tonight" by Echo & the Bunnymen

Rue - "Doctors of Deliverance" by Crooked Fingers

Fakir - "Let Go" by Frou Frou

All - Blue States - "Season Song"

All - "Existentialism On Prom Night" by Straylight Run

What do you think? Suggestions? I still need a Rue/Mytho song, and a Fakir/Mytho song. And an Ahiru theme song. And an Edel and/or Uzura theme song.

I'm also not certain about my choice for Fakir. I think it covers one aspect of him, but there's still more that needs a different kind of song to encapsulate.
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"True Faith" by New Order came on the car radio today, and I decided it was my new Naruto-Sasuke character song. My previous Naruto-Sasuke song was "A and B Song" by Tom McRae, and now I have two! This one being more Naruto and Sasuke at the same time, whereas the other one was more Naruto v. Sasuke. And this song being more for the later manga stuff than where the anime is at:

When I was a very small boy,
Very small boys talked to me
Now that we’ve grown up together
They’re afraid of what they see
That’s the price that we all pay
Our valued destiny comes to nothing
I can’t tell you where we’re going
I guess there was just no way of knowing
I used to think that the day would never come
That my life would depend on the morning sun


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