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Can you believe it? Four votes! That was the tensest fandom thing I've been part of in a long time. Weirdly.

I voted for Spike earlier because I love him and will forever, but I surprised myself and voted for Veronica against him this time. WE NEED MORE LADIES.

And I also voted for Jon Stewart against Barney. I love Barney...but I love Jon too, and Jon will love us back whereas Barney only loves Robin and that guy in the mirror so, so, choices had to be made!

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR THE DOCTOR over stupid Dean Winchester?

AND THIS, even though this video makes me kinda want to hate Ten, it still enthralls me.

Luckily Ten is a positive vote coming from me, as Mal would have been had he won, but even if I didn't love Doctor Who, I'd still vote against Dean-who-calls-people-a-bitch-Winchester.


ETA: I voted for Booth over House because, obviously, House is 98.6% ASSHOLE and Booth is, like, a really, really good guy who's also incredibly hot and shoots things and is tall and funny.
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Watched Dollhouse 1x03. Was entertained for unexpected reasons and bored for the expected reasons. Still feeling amicable toward the show, still squicked in general, haven't made up my mind yet on the whole thing.

In which I go into extreme ranty detail about sexism on the series, the LJ criticisms I've read about its sexism, sexism in comparable movies, my own reactions to various elements, and why I'm still watching. NO EXPLICIT SPOILERS BEYOND EPISODE 01 and THE VERY FIRST PROMO TRAILER. )

E. Or, instead, let's talk about the lack of real funny. THAT IS THE WORST. Sexism? Not new for Joss. Lack of funny? NEW AND SO DISAPPOINTING.

...All that being said, I am oddly looking forward to next week. Messed up, I know. And I did giggle once in episode 3, though for the life of me I can't remember what scene it was.

ETA: this series *does* hit my conspiracy kink. Anyone could be a doll! Trust no one. Hot FBI agent. The truth is out there.
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Dear fandom at large and fandom wank and ATLA fandom in particular,

Stop comparing Zutarians to Harmonians. Please stop, for me. I never liked that pairing. And if we're going to be compared to rabid delusional fans, I'd much rather be compared to Spuffy fans. Or Doctor/Rose fans. Because I like those ships better, and I've been called nasty things as a member of those as well.

It's kind of a shallow request, I know, but humor me here. Hell, "SPUFFY" is shorter to type and easier to spell than "HARMONIAN" anyway.


P.S. And really, we Zutarians haven't earned it. Compared to the three fandoms above, we are tiny, and so is our wank. Which I'm okay with. Although we are apparently big enough to get a voice actor to make a little tribute video to us, which is still pretty freaking funny. See previous post.
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This is ridiculously amusing because I can't quite believe they did it.


Oh, my fandom. Oh, Dante Basco, you awesomely accommodating actor. You spoil us. You don't know the can of worms you've opened. I feel spoiled, and I thank you for being so cool with fans.
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What is this thing, [livejournal.com profile] who_anon? A vast box-shaped box of minuscule granulated pieces of ancient glass, where I can say everything bitchy and out there I've ever wanted to say?


...except, you know, that my only free time is the hours between 10:30pm and 12:30am, and it's vastly more important that I watch the HIMYM premier than gnaw on the knees of my fellow Whovians. Shucks. Damn my need to win an election! Did I mention that my crew of 3 registered 59 people today, and we've passed 1,300 total, with an office goal of 3,400 by Oct. 6th? New voters for the win!

On a somewhat related note, [livejournal.com profile] rusty_halo, hang tight and chin up. I don't agree with all of your opinions on each of our shared fandoms, but I don't see why you can't do exactly what everyone else does all the time with LJ: watch a show and talk about your reactions to it. I badmouth shows I like all the time, hand in hand with compliments. Ex: BSG? I hate more than half that shit. I haven't even watched season 4 yet. But I'll get around to it eventually because it IS pretty to look at and there are maybe 4 characters that don't totally annoy me. Also: spaceships! But I still hate a lot of it too. And yet, from an outsider's perspective I'd still qualify as a fan. I probably am one.

Aaaaaaaaacckkkkkkkk, HIMYM download, why won't you finish?
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Video: Handlebars
Spoilers: seasons 1-4
Fandom: Doctor Who
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] flummery

I'd like to join in on the chorus that says how amazing, sweeping, and disturbing this video is. It's a beautiful testament to four seasons of the Doctor's inner demons: pride, arrogance, righteousness, anger, and lack of any form of oversight... it's quite jarring to see it all gathered together so skillfully into a single three minutes. And the song! Such a perfect, perfect song for this. Eerie and slow, then exciting and threatening. It's everything fun and brilliant and beautiful mixed with everything cruel and merciless.

A minor rant to go along:

However, just because I can't leave well enough alone, I have to say that in comments and often in LJ discussions I feel like Ten gets a bad rap from fans. Sure, his god complex is much more visible than the Ninth Doctor's was, but Nine was by no means a saint. I mean...Cassandra? And other times too. And we know by the super magical powers of deduction that Eight was the one who pushed the button on the Time War, and we all know Eight was a sweetie in the movie but he still did it. And I've been assured that the arrogance, superiority, and willingness to just decide things for other people without asking was part of prior Doctors as well. We *all* know that the Doctor's true Gallifreyan name might as well be Doctor McJudge-Your-Ass.

Although it works for me to have the video just focus on Ten (best that way, since visual continuity and consistency is important in a video, and difficult when you've got multiple actors for the same part), this could have been made to encompass other incarnations as well without losing the central message. And sometimes I get tired of hearing how Ten is so much scarier than the others when, frankly, I think the Doctor in any incarnation is going to be this way. Especially now that he's the last. Nine wasn't shy about pulling his authority as The Last of the Time Lords. And just as he tried to negotiate with the Nestene in "Rose", Ten tried to negotiate with the monster in "Midnight". They're the same character in the bad AND the good.

warning: may be spoilers in comments
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[livejournal.com profile] trinityofone is hosting her second contest of Worst Opening Sentence You Can Imagine For A Fic. (I submitted twice already) It lasts until Thursday morning, then there's a vote.

Fly, my little pretties! Go represent some of the anime fandoms or ATLA or Doctor Who!

side bar 1: I'm enjoying this tangent conversation listing Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's greatest fears.

side bar 2: I didn't know this before, but apparently I was a [Dis]Honorable Mention in the last contest! With this one, which it hurts to even remember having typed:

Ronon thought John Shepard's nipples were the prettiest rosebuds he'd ever seen.
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Sometimes you reach a point of madness and absurdity where you think, "Okay, after this, nothing crazier can happen. Surely we have finally reached the plateau of crazy. It can't get any moreso." And then you realize that what you thought was a plateau was really just a step landing, or something, and there's even more crazy yet to come.

Remember when a while ago I complained about the ATLA series finale DVD being released before the finale aired? And you thought, "Shit, how crazy can this network be?"

Well, it turns out that won't happen. And why not? Because Nickelodeon is doing THE ONE POSSIBLE THING to prevent it, short of holding back the DVD's release:

They're airing the final ten episodes in a SIX DAY MARATHON.

And these will be brand new episodes, never aired in the US! Four of them are out on DVD, but still... never aired! So after 4 months of no episodes, we're getting ten new episodes aired every night for a week, culminating on a Saturday.

There's a definite desperation lingering in the background of this story. I can practically feel it. The scheduling people at Nick must be the worst planners in the tv production industry.

My feelings on this subject are more amazement than anything else. I'll be happy the episodes are aired before the finale comes out on DVD, but I'm unhappy that due to my sibling moving in, I'll have to fight for the tv and defend the fact that 10 episodes of a cartoon are suddenly crowding the DVR cue. And I refuse to watch ATLA with anyone else in my house, like I refuse to watch anime with anyone else (I tried to get the sibling to watch FMA, it hasn't worked.)

I might just have to skip the internet for a week, and buy the finale DVD instead. But I really *do* want to be able to participate in the discussions of everyone on a nightly basis. At the least, this will marathon of new episodes will be an entirely new fandom experience--something rare for me.

I put Book 3: Volume 3 on my Netflix list so I'll finally be watching the Boiling Rock episodes. Might as well, I figure.
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Wow. My 2004 Naruto parody "Most Dramatic Gut-Wrenchingly Tragic Rape Fic Ever to Grace FF.Net" is on the 'rape fic' page at Fan History Wiki. Weird, the places where fandom stuff shows up that you never find out about later.

Just when I think people have forgotten that fic I get a random review from someone who either hated or loved it. The ratio so far has been about 70/30 in the positive. Of the people who didn't like it, a lot of them complained that I put it in the Tragedy/Drama category instead of Humor, and others seemed actually annoyed that it's rated M but only actually deserves a PG. I guess people really expected to read a rape fic, though how anyone could take the title seriously I've no idea.

Some examples:
* I'm going two ways aboout this. I think it's something you have to hate or love (as evidenced by the reviews) and yet I find myself in a giggly, dissapointed 'WTF?' mood. Either way, I think I kinda like it!
* Jesus Crist! How old are you? That wasn't even close to a rape either. And you'd actually think Itachi would be much smarter than that. I give this a -5 out of 5 stars for wasting my 5 minutes reading this. Ugh!
-From a skilled reader/reviewer- Prio
* Only three words:
My sides hurt.
*...wasted my life on that
* I feel violated as a reader.
Absolutely (if delightfully) disgusting.
* Holy hell. Are you serious? Are you ** serious? That was hilarious. And I enjoyed it. Kudos to you and your crazed up mind.
* what a trojan horse...[sigh]
* Sorry to tell you but your Most Dramatic Gut-Wrenchingly Tragic Rape Fic wasn't that gut-wrenching or tragic at all. it was even kind of stupid and made a mockery of Itachi's character. I suggest you read more into the characters and TRY to keep them within their limits. I seriously doubt Itachi would waste his time going to her house and trying to rape her and then from his own stupidity let her get away and stab him in the eye with a Kunai. it wont happen. Maybe try thinking if you were in their situation and try to imagine how they would handle it. It also wouldn't hurt to get a little more descriptive about what is happening. I know I am not that great of a writer myself, and I'm not trying to insult you. It is a nice plot, a little over-used but a nice plot. It also might help if you dont try to make things out to be different then they are.
Ja Ne,
Sukoshi No Koinu

I went back into the doc for it and fixed the title to be "...Fic Ever To Grace The Pit Of Voles", since now FF.net erases any indication of the side, like "ffnet" or "ff.net" or "fanfiction.net" and it left my title hanging after "Grace". I also fixed two grammar errors when I replaced the text.

I thought about rewriting it, because it's pretty bad even for a parody fic and I wouldn't mind "improving" it. But I decided that I should leave it as the original since it's been "complete" for four years now, and that's what people have commented on.
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[livejournal.com profile] katara_zuko is calling on all its members for a community-wide vote on its spoiler policy:


If anyone on my flist is a member but doesn't normally track the community, I would still encourage you to stop by and vote, so we can get as much representation as possible. This has been a dicey issue for the comm over the last month and a half, and I'm hoping after this we'll finally have it settled.

In the mean time, you can feel free to gripe about the network's horrendous scheduling and how they manage to take an award-winning series and let it's final events be leaked onto a book 4 months before the show's end, then again to have the final episodes be released on a DVD 2 months before the series finale airs on television.

I'm considering buying the Boiling Rock episodes on DVD (out already, again, they have not aired anywhere yet).

I'll be standing in line like Christian in Moulin Rouge, thrusting out my money to the cash register and the metaphorical spectre of Nickelodeon, while tears stream down my face, crying "Here! I'VE PAID MY WHORE."

Or I might just buy a volume of Fruits Basket.
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::browsing Discworld stuff at DevArt::

People...ship...Sunsan/Teatime? From Hogfather?

That's... weird. I wouldn't have guessed that pairing. I would think Susan's character might find the whole idea rather...repulsive and unflattering to her intelligence.
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They're about whose club is better.

So if you're in a fandom where one pairing's following regularly gets called "immature babies" while another pairing's fans get called "annoying pests" and both those groups call members of a third pairing "empty-headed sqealing idiots"...

...just remember that it's not about what pairing you like drawing art or writing fic about. It's not about which characters are most suited to be in a romantic relationship.

It's about who has the better club. Whose members are more mature, more talented, more "correct" in interpreting canon, more fun, more intelligent, more reasonable, or simply, more popular.

And who gives a fuck about that?
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So Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom went a little crazy today.

First, two episodes that weren't due out until July got leaked via DVD.

Second, some jerk visited at least 20 ATLA communities and spammed them with an open spoiler post that lists everything you don't want to hear.

Third, the episodes are available online and it's going to make spoiler-avoidance and spoiler-management into a new kind of hellish dance. It also gives me a headache because I really wish I could see them on tv instead, and avoiding full episodes for 2 months is going to be heinously difficult. Not in terms of temptation... I'm pretty resistant and can ignore stuff for a long time. ::coughFurubacough:: But it'll be hard to avoid other people's discussions and icons and so forth. I don't even know how I'm going to avoid the icons for two months, short of never visiting anything anywhere.

I was planning to enjoy that NYComicCon trailer for months... now I can't even speculate properly.

However, I did read [livejournal.com profile] fandomme's little Z/K future AU married smut fic and that somehow cheered me up.

Time to go to bed, I think. Good night all! Maybe this will all go away in the morning.

EDIT: Shit, I can't even look at my DevArt alerts without being spoiled! HOW DO PEOPLE DRAW LINE-ART SO FAST?
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...unfortunately I'm a member of [livejournal.com profile] capslock_atla, too. Bummer. And [livejournal.com profile] capslock_zutara [read that response: how did this not happen to US? we must be slipping]. And [livejournal.com profile] capslock_naruto... when it comes to fandom crazy I have no high ground whatsoever. ::hugs the capslock communities::

I would love to write this Avatar/RealPerson kerfluffle up for Fandom Wank, but... I don't have the heart. The guy isn't even a writer for the show, he's a martial arts consultant, and picking on him even more would seem... I dunno...unfair? Like, I don't mind running writers and tv producers through the fandom ridicule machine, but doing it to a kung-fu guy who innocently wanders onto the internet to browse for the show he's consulting for...

Anyway, I am a coward and can't do it. But I don't mind letting you guys know, in case any of you want to report it.
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I spent an embarrassing amount of time last night and today reading epic Draco/Hermione fics from this fan awards list. "Valentine Encounter" (scroll down) was pretty good, and now I'm in the middle of a DISTURBINGLY LONG epic fic "Draco: Phoenix Rising." For the record, my weakness for Draco/Hermione fic is purely fanon-based, and completely separate from my canon character interpretations.

Sometimes I look at the fandom popularity of Harry Potter, and I want to cry. It's just not fair. When every other fandom has been overrun by the drabble trend for the last 5 years, HP fandom chugs along at a happy pace with an absolutely revolting amount of epic chapter fics. Seriously! Do you KNOW how many epic Draco/Hermione fics are out there? A LOT. And that's for an unconventional and non-canon pairing. That's not even looking at the epic fics for canon het pairings, or the amount written for slash pairings.

All that talent! It makes me want to weep, because what I wouldn't give to read a 150,000 word, 40 chapter epic written for Princess Tutu, or Fruits Basket, or The Twelve Kingdoms, or any other quality series, tv or flm or anime. There are some very popular fandoms, like ATLA or Doctor Who, that have a fair number of long fics....but still NOTHING like what you get for HP fandom. Honestly, the only fandoms I'm familiar with right now that come even close to matching the number of long fics in HP are LOTR and Naruto. This didn't used to be the case... when I originally got into fandom, with 90s anime and then with Jossverse and Highlander and X Files, epics weren't just a special luxury, they were outright common.

I've never been able to complete an epic fic, always being stuck with short fics, one-shots, and ficlets. But now I'm sad that other people aren't even trying, because drabbles are so popular and easy.
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Zutara fandom, you know I love you. So why do make me smack my forehead? WHY?

I can't believe that so many people are a) wrapped up in the idea that every on-screen relationship is written to be an epic saga in the making, and b) having been denied Zutara so far, are now actually blaming the Mai/Zuko ship as being "badly written" because it's not epic so far.

OF COURSE IT'S NOT. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. It's supposed to be awkward, and annoying, and frustrating, and cutesy, and involve lots of macking.

Which means its being written fine, you just want so badly to hate it that you're trying to read too deeply into it.
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Wait a minute... you mean my little bratty fandom FINALLY got put on fandom_wank?


Now they're going to expect people to take the "crazy" label after their name seriously.
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[livejournal.com profile] katara_zuko, I could kick you. Why do you guys insist on spoiling me? Is it so very hard to contain all your squeeing and ranting to a single very well-advertised spoiler post? Which BTW, is a spoiler-discussion system you all VOTED on with 86.5% in favor. How come I keep telling you all not to post spoiler discussion AND YOU ALL KEEP DOING IT ANYWAY? Even people I lectured about spoilers just like two weeks ago?! ARGH.

Of course, every time I have to delete a spoiler post I pretty much end up being forced to read it. WHICH IS NOT FUN FOR ME.

I am also, and I can't really believe this, but I'm also considering staying away from the comm for the next two weeks. Which would be remiss of me as an active mod, I know. But I just don't want spoilers for the finale-- someone already gave me a rumor I didn't want to hear, and that was more than enough. Of course I'm spoiled for tomorrow's episode just because people keep POSTING about it.

I mean, come on! If I'm really going to be running around all next year not paying attention to fandom and missing all of season 3 then I'd like to MAYBE, JUST MAYBE watch the season 2 finale without being accidentally spoiled up to my ears. Is that so much to ask for? Is it really?

Argh. ::kicks the comm:: Stop trying to ruin my tv experience! Fandom is my friggin' hobby, let me enjoy it!

P.S. I'm so over feeling guilty about deleting people's posts because they break the rules. I'd go delete two or three right now if I wasn't irked by the whole situation.
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Like others I'm sure, I've been irritated this year with the prevalent overuse of the term "emo", especially when applied to each and every male character in the fandom multiverse who looks even remotely unhappy. Not every sad person is emo. Not every angry person is emo. Not every grieving or depressed person is emo. If we're going to throw stereotypes at fictional characters (who are, let's face it, really easy to "type"), at least let's pick the right one, shall we? In that vein, I give you another angry letter to the A:TLAB fandom. Well, "angry" is probably an overstatement-- I mean, it's not like I'm going to weep for a week about it and cry over my internet guitar like the real emo rockers do.

Dear Avatar fandom,

Zuko is not now, has never been, and never will be emo. Zuko is not the Emo Kid, he's an Angry Young Man. Respect the stereotype! If Zuko were to hole up in his tiny metal room on his ship after a long day of failing to capture the Avatar and brooding over his estranged relationship with his abusive deadbeat father, he would not listen to Dashboard Confessional or A Simple Plan or AFI or Bright Eyes, he would listen to System Of A Down. And maybe throw in some Disturbed and a few tracks by KoRn. That's what Angry Young Men do. ...When they're not screaming at the world from a mountaintop in the rain, kicking random objects, shouting at people who only try to help, sulking silently for hours (possibly days) on end, picking violent fights, plotting revenge, avoiding confrontations with loved ones, or running away from home. Zuko doesn't want to slit his wrists and then write bad poetry in his own lifeblood. Zuko wants to go somewhere that he can eat real Fire Nation food, beat up his overachieving sibling, have it out with Daddy Dearest, and rule his own country again.


A Mildly Irked Zuko Fan


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